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Just recently I came across this healing Techniques PaidoLajin by  Master Xiao Hong Chi In self-healing. Then there was a book sent to me by a very dear friend I would like to share with you, the letter I sent her. Then I will add a few words at the end to tie it all together. this all has to do with my journey to self-healing my family members. But in the end, it is all about finding helping.
always a better way

My dear friend,  you are a marvel I am so pleased that you brought back this therapy to my mind because I have known about it for a very long time. My brother is a very renowned acupuncturist in Costa Rica and he has given me this treatment many years ago but as per myself, I was not as of yet ready to apply it to my life instead I have been looking in all other directions.
Down over the years, I have had many therapies come into my life but like everything, it doesn’t sink in until you are ready for that knowledge. I have just recently written about this in my last post. I’m now on the road that has been meant for me from the beginning but I needed to go through a healing period of knowledge before I could grasp the concepts in modern medicine and what is happening in the world today. I have just recently come full circle and I am well blessed in getting the right answers. These answers have come through people that have been placed in my road people like you.
What I mean by the right answers they have been there all along but to be able to decipher through so much material that has been written and will still be written even as I speak. But to be able to find the right answers they come from above and what I mean by that is that there is a far superior force that is guiding us towards all that is right and good.
It has taken science years if not decades to penetrate and come up with the right answers. Science was with God from the beginning until man made it his instrument of knowledge over that of Gods. He let them do it but that doesn’t hinder the fact that all the answers will be available in one form or another. Truth cannot be held back when there are those that still seek truth for themselves. Seek and you shall find ask and it will be opened up to you.
Why have I, an insignificant Mother and Grandmother been given this road to follow when there are so many scientific masters of knowledge out there. I will not stand still and worry that about insignificance, I will keep going maybe somewhere along this road I will find the answers I seek.
There has been a great amount of knowledge that has fall from the sky just recently and know I have been given the task to bring it all together “man that is mind-boggling, just in this last fifteen days”. It all ties together and makes sense to me but to have it make sense to others it will be a bitter pill to swallow. I have to keep it simple that is where the secret lies.
Most people do not have a scientific mind much less myself but I do have the capability to simplify. I bombed through the book you sent me this morning because all that was there I already had the knowledge and I have already put it into action.
I use filtered water from a very renown company that filters water 99.9% things imaginable that are in our water it is 100% better than distilled water and it goes into 3-gallon water container that is suitable for water coolers. adding 7 drops  35% food grade peroxide a gallon of water is 21 drop per 3- gallon container of water will purify our drinking water and we can use this as much as we want. I have made 3% food grade peroxide for the use in our home I have a list that I can use this for and have placed it in the refrigerator door.
As for working with it as a cure, I need to apply other techniques that are a bit more aggressive to make a total recovery of my health first before I can use it on my daughter. I know there is a healing effect that the body needs to go through and my daughter will not be able to understand this. But I think I can work with her on another method first that to be less aggressive which is the Meridian Health Protocols.  Which works in the same way as PaidaLinji on the meridians in a slapping form and stretching.
Why am I telling you all this is because I have a great urgency to write all this down so that it stays in my head and you are my bouncing board ha! ha!
First and foremost I wrote a bit on my website this last week, as I am going into a total change of my work I have to return to the understanding of Acupuncture meridians this was the first thing that I was taught all those years ago. This is where I began to have an understanding that the body has it’s own capacity to heal itself and this is where I have found the common denominator to all health problems we are living in, in the modern world.
One of the things that stand out for me in this book you sent me is that if something works it has to stand the test of time and Acupuncture certainly has stud the test of time. One of the oldest cultures that have been around for century’s and works has been proven over and over again.
What is on my website is Techniques PaidaLajin by Master Xiao Hong Chi which works on the Meridians the same as Acupuncture with the difference that anybody can do this without needing to know where the Meridians are but you are working on them and clearing their health problems.
I needed something else and was praying about it when you sent me this book and it is something that my brother taught me years ago. So your actions were brought about through prayer. Know I have the tools that I need to get my work back on track, I have the right way know.
I had been wanting to write to you about my breakthrough but was held back, know I  know why The-One-Minute_Cure-The-Secret-to-Healing-Virtually-All-Diseases. The words are just flowing of my fingers. I will also document this on my computer to use at a later date on my site. In reality, I just wrote a whole blog post to you. (smile)
always a better way
This ebook says a million words about all that I already have on my site but most importantly it confirms my work and has given me what I needed to know on page 74. Please do download it. It is very valuable information that will give you more insight into why we get sick and why I have learned to Techniques PaidaLajin by Master Xiao Hong Chi

by Madison Cavanaugh

Economic Impact

Many avid users of hydrogen peroxide therapist that the mainstream so the medical community refuses to recognize its incredible ability to cure virtually all diseases will have an economic impact. The ability of the neural population to treat and cure all diseases and ailments on their own will make the jobs of medical doctors and researchers unnecessary. Pharmaceutical companies will become superfluous. In short, there is no money to be made from the widespread use of hydrogen peroxide therapy. We, as a society, are dependent on doctors and pharmaceutical drugs to control diseases and ailments, and the people who make them want to keep it this way. New treatments are generally laughed at when first discovered because they seem too preposterous to be true.

This is just a short comment on the contents of this book please do download it.

always a better way


8 Replies to “You are a marvel in Always a Better Way”

  1. Aloha Linda!
    I visited your website a few months ago and promised to come back and share my progress.
    Here I’m!
    First off, big, no, huge MAHALO for inspiring me to try two AWESOME healing techniques: The One-Minute-Cure with Hydrogen Peroxide and the PaidaLajin Self-Healing Technique!
    Thank you so much, Linda!!!!

    I did the detox-oxygen-cure. It took about seven weeks altogether to go up from 3 until 25 drops of 30% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. It was hard. But the result is AWESOME! I dragged my husband into it too 🙂 The cure raised the PH-level in my body that makes bad bacteria and viruses keep away from me. I feel energized, my mind is clearer, and I accomplish more – way more – than I did before. We maintain now with one or two drops in good drinking water.

    I also started with PaidaLajin. I did the slapping, and when I did it a second time, it wasn’t too hard to slap anymore. I will check it out and share later on.
    But what I really went into was the LAJIN! My husband built a beautiful PaidaLajin-Bench for me and I use it – if the weather allows, the bench stands outdoors under a little roof of my office – twice a day. I love it! Things are changing now rapidly!
    I thank you so much for this spark! It became a flame and it is burning high and steady!
    Keep up with your amazing work. Let us spread the word about these methods. The world needs to know and use them!!

    Sending much Love and Light on your way!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Thank you, Jenna, for this awesome feedback in your experience with Oxigin Peroxide and PaidaLejin. l am not surprised at your results but I am totally pleased that you took the time to come back here and share with us.

      May your journey with self-healing be ongoing with many blessings.

      Your friend at Always a Better Way Linda

  2. Dearest Linda!

    I recently visited your website and enjoyed the beautiful changes you made. Also, I found a new blog with two awesome information: a healing method learned in one minute and how to improve health using Hydrogen Peroxide!

    Truly two gems! I tried the first technique on my elbow and after slapping for maybe 1 minute – I’m very sensitive on my arms – I felt energized. I will try the healing stretch position and share my results with you!

    And the amazing e-book that discusses the Big Picture of how to maintain and improve health in our modern world – ONESELF.
    I found very interesting that you forgot about that method for years and now recover it with help from a friend who, I guess, is also my friend! When I was saving the free copy that is available on your site I was really surprised to see, the copy is already mine!! Can you imagine that?? I received that ebook in January and overall that was going on here, I completely forgot about it!!
    Very happy have recovered it in this way 😉 I scrolled through and found that fascinating information.
    Now I also see the reason why I didn’t know about the healing properties of Hydrogen Peroxide. A Meme. In my picture, it was linked to wound cleaning and a barber. 😉

    I will share my results with you soon!

    Thanks again for the awesome content!
    Many higs!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. My dear Jenna stay tuned for the next post because I have some amazing information to share. I will cover my healing that is taking place in just a short amount of time using the Lenjin stretch and Paida on my arms and how I was shown how to bring two worlds together with the western and eastern mythology it is so simple it is kind of crazy.

      To make the connection between healing through the meridians and reconnecting to Hydrogen peroxide was a brainstorm. You know when you first see something so many years ago and it is brought back into your life. I think what happened is that I saw it for the first time and was able to understand because of all the research I have been doing.

      Paidalejin can be taught to anybody and you don’t need a license to do so you can’t place a license on slapping and stretching and the most incredible is it Free. But it is a great idea to put together workshops to teach people how to heal themselves. I will be working on that aspect maybe with my brother that is an acupuncturist and has the knowledge and with myself, we would make such a great team. If this is to be it will happen. But I need to be an example to others and have my testimony.

      I am working with my grandson with both methods we are working together every night. So there will be some great material to cover in my up and coming posts and I look forward to hearing your results also. You can never go wrong with testimonials.

      You see how these thing work you didn’t remember you had the book until you read my post and tried to load it yourself amazing how these thing work and it confirms to you that it is a very important healing method I will be cover this also. I have already put it into action as I stated in the letter to Taetske. It was such an amazing letter I knew I had to share it.

      Love and Light
      always a better way

  3. Linda,
    what an amazing read and, especially, the part about Hong Chi Xiao and his healing method, which is totally up my alley.

    I always believed that we can heal ourselves without buying any equipment or tools. However, our mindset is still an important part of all this.

    Unfortunately, we are so conditioned with how things have to be and to work. Even in my family people are, sometimes, so afraid to follow their intuition, instead, they follow the mainstream running to the doctor or ER for every little thing.

    After all, it is their journey and experience there is not much I can do, just giving my personal view and knowledge if being asked 🙂

    I also know a bit about Hydrogen Peroxide and its usefulness in so many ways. I will re-inform myself a bit more about it.

    Thank you for the free book downloads, so appreciated.


    1. Hi, Sylvia, you are a dear and thank you for that beautiful compliment.

      We have been in ER each of us and down through time it has shown that the after effects have stayed with each of us for many years. How Inflammation stays in the body and creates problems, in the long run, it has been a very interesting road to follow know I have to bring it all together.

      There is a three generation gap. I just know writing about my own tribulations on my health problems and it has been very hard to write because I have had to go over it with a fine tooth comb. My first intention was to work with my two dear ones but finding Hong Chi Xiao has thrown a wrench in my wheels because Know I am on the right path, but it has to start with me.

      This has sent me in a whole new direction, coming back to my original roots on the path to self-healing. it is funny how these things work. it all has not been in vain because all that I did learn has been a big bonus. To tye in Western medicine and Holistic to Oriental Mythology is going to be a big challenge.

      I hope you come back and see my work that is in progress it will be interesting to watch from the bandstand.

      You are very welcome for the book I hope it becomes useful. I will be writing my experiences with it and that of my family because I have already put it to work and there have been amazing results in the short time that I have been using it I will be writing about it shortly.

      always a better way
      sending blessings your way

    1. Hi there Jess thank you for the comment even though it is short but if I can have people read my work I am very inspired to keep going. There is a lot on this site to do with health and keeping healthy.

      I was inspired to write this web site because of my trials and tribulations with my own family and how this road of research has bought me back to the real reason for writing the information that I have obtained. If this can help others then my work has not been in vain.

      Know the real work here begins in how I will apply this not so recent knowledge to myself and family. All the other work has not been in vain because it only makes more sense and had tried everything together in such a way I will be able to bring the Western world of medician And oriental mythology together to have it make more sense to the Western World. So please stay tuned and thank again.

      always a better way
      sending blessings your way

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