The Most common denominator Inflammation

With the understanding of the common denominator inflammation and after finding it on, The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans by  Dr. Daniel Amens, I  become confused in how to continue. It was totally fascinating that I would find this video than from there reading about all the work that has been taking place in this area.

I began to feel that I was kind of invisible and that the work that I have been going has been taking place on a much larger scale and with people that had the ability to take it to a much high level and get this information out to the world at large. I have not been idle by all means I have been searching and reading the writing to different people answering comments that are coming in on my website making changes on my site so that it will be a lot easier to follow but at the same time wondering if I should continue.

I am not an educated person in the world of Medicine so what do I have to contribute to this world that would make a difference. This threw a wrench in my wheels and I had to pull back and take a real good look at what I am going. I don’t look at myself and think that I have to be competitive out there in the real world. I see it more like my personal testimonial that the work that is taking place is real and we need to wake up and really look at what is happening around us. The more people we get involved the better chance we have to get true information out to the masses.

With being immersed in this work it just seemed like I was this insignificant mother, Grandmother, a work a day person that know buddy will want to listen to. I was wrong on all terms, there has been of late people that have come into my life that have turned me around. Just yesterday I was commenting with a person that came over to my site and left a comment. Later on in the day, she got in touch with me and we have a bit of a chit chat I would like to share with you a comment that she made.


I found this interesting, as you mentioned the following.
“Your ability for words is what you have that draws people to you” (I was talking about her, not myself)

When I read the post on your website where I left a comment, now come to think of it, this is how your style is exactly. “You leave readers captivated to want to read more.” (end of quote)

I worry about this being a continued story and that you will not be able to follow the story. But if you really want to get a better understanding this leads up to what and how I discovered this common denominator that just shook my world. As I look back I see in my writing that it has been there all along but I couldn’t identify it. Only by writing I have been able to define and understand it better.

The medical world of holistic medicine have been writing about inflammation and a lot concur that inflammation is one of the main factors of sickness in the world if not the main factor. And it all starts in the gut. I will elaborate more on the gut in an up coming post there will be a special presentation on Dr. Amy Myers.

There are other means by a way that our bodies go through extreme inflammation and we are not seeing it for what it is. This is by way of surgical intervention “there I said it!” I can not rock the medical world with this information because they already know this that is why we are given anti-inflammatory after surgery.

What they don’t know that the chemicals stay in the body a very long time some times for years. Not because of the surgery but because the tender open tissues that are espoused to the knife become inflamed and absorb the chemicals that are used to disinfect are actually contaminating our system and the body doesn’t know what to do with them so they are stored in our fatty tissues this casing continues inflammation.

This is what I have been leading up to in the case of Jessy and his head injury. This is what has to lead me to understand Melissa’s condition and obesity also my health problems with high blood pressure leaky bladder and inflammation in my legs. This is where the change takes place in Jessy’s learning disability. All these connections I am just recently discovering. Because of the understanding of our electrical system and understanding, how our bodies work and the connections between all the major organs and the most recent being the understanding of the brain through Dr. Daniel Amens videos. Connecting the pots and crossing the t’s and being able to muscle test these theories.


By working with Skinny Fiber this started Jessy’s body functions working getting rid of the toxins that were logged in the tender tissues in his head and by getting rid of the toxins this worked on the inflammation that that was obstructing his pathways in the brain by getting rid toxins and heavy metals in the tissues this cured the inflammation and his pathways started to rebuild again hence his ability to take in information that he is receiving from the outside world.

Information was flowing in like rivers in all aspects spiking his interests, his fine motor skills reading writing arithmetic hence his constant Jibber Jabber, and physical motor skills, sports a whole new world opened up to him. What a child learns when they’re small he was just starting to learn. First, it was his fine motor skill that kicked in then his brain started to send signals to the rest of his body that is when he started to lose the weight. This took a couple of years entering grade 5 and going through grade 6 when he entered grade 7 he was down to 200lbs and stayed there through most of grade 7.

I imagine that if I was more financially solvent this healing would not have taken as long being that I was constantly watching my budget and I couldn’t buy foods that were organic and I couldn’t work with mineral supplements or vitamin supplements but it was a sacrifice that we made in getting the skinny Fiber month on month. Because it cost 90 dollars a month for just one bottle but if I bought three the cost would go down buy two and get one free. So we were slowly building a reserve.

At this point, I knew it was working but I didn’t know to what extent. I didn’t worry about him not losing the weight because the weight gain had stopped. His eating habits had not changed there was no special dietary plan just eat as healthy as possible on what we could afford.

Then his weight loss started to kick-in and I started noticing that he was losing weight so we started to weigh him more often and encourage him more in spots, illustrating on his drop kicking his soccer ball and his interest in sports we encouraged him more and more so he took up running the marathons at school.


After grade 6 through out the summer my nephew who loved Basketball got him interested in working out with basket ball and when ever he could he was out in the courts around town and at the school play ground where there was access to basket ball hoops.

We got him a cheap ball and that summer but he wears them out very quickly he went through three of them and he went through 4 pairs of cheap running shoes. Payless had a policy if the shoes didn’t stand up to wear and tear you could return them. That summer we had to take the shoes back three times they just didn’t stand up to the work he was putting into them. I wish I had kept the shoes and take pictures of them just so you could see the wear and tear. The Girls at Pay-less couldn’t understand what he was doing and I wasn’t about to tell them either.(:

Know with working out you could see a huge difference in his weight loss. Before he was back to school in September he had lost a total of 97lbs. That was through the later part of grade 6 to grade 7 My nephew couldn’t keep up with Jessy so consequently, Jessy was working out on his own. He was a going concern. That is all he did all summer long working out on the court looking up all the NBA players. He decided that that was what he was going to become an NBA player.


Between the transition from grade 6 to grade 7 we had to move from where we were living after nine years this was a big deal for him because it was the only home that he knew and this would also place him in a different school and he wasn’t too happy with that even though he wasn’t happy in the other school either but change scared him tremendously.

He was familiar with everything in the other institute and he had very good support from his teachers, he didn’t like the school he knew that things were changing for him and this is a very scary his school was much smaller than the other. His support group tried to make it a lot easier for the transition by taking him on field trips so that he could get the feel of the other institute.

Going back to school was a great pain for him because he knows new that he was different than the other children and was working on a one on one program with the school that placed him in a different learning program than his peers, he didn’t like being separated and made to feel different. It was hard to teach him this, even though his learning was improving there was still long ways to go for him to ketchup with the other students.


I added his report cards from Kindergarten to grade 7 to illustrate how his school differed starting from grade 6.

Progress report from Kindergarten to grade 4 all his report cards state Minimally meeting from his CEO learning Resource teacher on all report card for Kindergarten to grade 4 only has IEP on his REPORT CARD…... PE- Minimal participation

Grade 5- CEO REPORT……Nm- that changed to approaching, PE….C all other activities were marked the same with Nm

Grade 6-CEO REPORT…….. meeting comment on assessment meeting at 97%. PE……B in this report card there was a notable difference in the report because know he was receiving actual marks on his subjects….. C & C+on his subjects

Grade 7-CEO REPORT……..because of his nervousness and shyness in a new school through out grade 7 even at that there was progress….PE- A…..end of year comment …Jessy is fully meeting expectations in physical education this term. Keep up the great work in High School……grades for the year C’s & C+’s. on his subjects


I receive e mails on a large variety of health products because I am for every searching the way to help Melissa and keeping in-touch with the Holistic world on the biggest breaks throughout the Holistic world for the great majority of our health problems.

In beginning of grade 7 I came upon a product called Patriot Power green and as I was watching the video presentation it was the first time that I had seen an extensive write up on inflammation I became very excited and to top it all off I could get a 7 days free supply, I sent for it immediately. And I investigated the product on line and found another 7 days free supply and signed up for that one also with the free supply there also came 7 smoothies recipes that I could blend the Power Greens into. The Power green just themselves mixed with only water taste great.

This started a whole new approach to how I could help Melissa and myself at the same time as Jessy, this will take me into the next post.

to cover grade 8


trials and tribulations

Power greens and smoothies










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  1. Hi, Jimmy, nice to see you here, “yes” it is in the air we breath, the things we drink (even water), and eat, they are all around us.


    I have answers to your questions if you are willing to investigate and apply. First, let us clear up the meaning medicines classified as anti-inflammatory. This is a term used by Dr’s meaning prescription drugs or what medication Dr’s us in the Hospital after an intervention.

    That is not what we are talking about here, we are talking about the common denominator that is caused from toxins that we take in every day, that are built up over time and how to rid your body of them, so your body will take over and heal itself.

    I have three more posts on the subject Detoxing from home you will find it here:
    Super Metabolism Booster Smoothie you will find this very useful to get on the road to detox from home using superfoods that in the holistic world have the power to detox you will find it here: from there at the bottom of this post there is a continuation that will take you to the next blog that gives you the rundown of what this ingredience are and why they work and 18 recommendations most importantly eliminate all fast foods, sodas, all type of munchies.

    I hope this comment has helped
    always a better way

  2. I have cleared my mind about the term inflammation. If the term means the buildup of toxins and wastes in our bodies this is the thing we have to keep watch through our lives. How does this happen? It is through what we eat and drink. Thus we should get rid of the food and drinks that inflames our body tissues.

    I would like to raise another issue if it’s not related and it is all about medicines classified as anti-inflammatory. Do they mean they can help clean the body of toxins and wastes?

    Or they mean something else about inflammation?

  3. I am glad you are helping to wake others up to a healthy lifestyle of food and supplements. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One of the things I know I am not doing right is getting enough fiber on a daily basis. I am overweight and it causes all sorts of circulation issues as well. I know that it is the inflammation in my body that is causing problems. I will have to try out some of these products to see if they are able to help make a difference. Thanks

    1. Hi there D.W.,

      My daughter  was also A type 2 Diabetic, I say was because I have been able to take her off meds, she is know med free for 6 months know.  Yes Inflammation is a grave problem in diabetics, I have been able to reduce her inflammation and know she is loosing weight. Each and every one of us are different but I do know that diabetic is a condition not a decease and it can be reversed contrary to what the Drs lead you to believe.

      In the beginning of my post I talk about the diabetes loop hole and there is a video you can watch. I will give you the link

      You will find many answer that will help you on your journey to a better life style and you can reverse your diabetes. I am not telling you to buy the book but listen to the video it gives you a lot of insight into the the diabetic world. This put me on my quest in helping my daughter, Each and every one of us are different. what works for one might not work for another.

      Inflammation is directly caused from toxins in our system by detoxing we can reduce the toxic wast in doing so we also reduce inflammation. Go to my blog for detoxing every day… by adding  . power green to the smoothie you have a supper detox, at the end of this post there is a follow up page giving you the reasons for using the ingredients that I have added to the smoothie and follow  for eliminating toxic wast. There is another post about detoxing from home… there are 18 things that you can do in your home that are not hard to accomplish.

      The other is recommended by Dr Mark Stengler a world wide MD that has been working in the holistic remedies for well over 30 year. You can look him up on the Internet I also have his book posted on the front page. Dr Mark Stengler ‘s Natural healing encyclopedia.

      He  highly recommends Berberine 500 mg in Vegetarian Capsules. . You can get them on his site but I have been using WellBetX  Berberine 500 mg Vegetarian Capsules by natural Factors, that you can find them in your local health food stores this is all I have been doing to get My daughter off Meds like Metforman and insulin injections. take 2 in the Morning and two before you go to bed.

      If you are on meds you will have no side effects what so ever . Drinks at least 8 glasses of water through out the day and watch you sugar levels drop if they drop to much make an appointment with your doctor to ajust  your meds, with just  these steps you will loss weight. You are not on a diet your eating habit are curbed a wee bit but   you don’t feel like you are dieting . Eat your regular meals three times no more no less a day don’t skip breakfast.

      If you are working make your lunch to take with you to work, eliminate all fast foods and sodas. Munches are not good for you, they are full of additives, replace them with nuts of all kinds. If you are consistent you will be drug free in no time . If you are not don’t weary about it. Stress feeds your blood sugars levels and they will rise,  eliminate as much stress as possible. . One of the things that diabetes feeds off of is sugar if you can make a change use steavia or honey  do not use aspartame this is a very toxic substance. Steavia is a plant based sweetener, small changes big results.

      En reality I have given you only two things . Power greens and Berberine 500 mg the rest is up to you, it is home based. I hope you will follow this, you have nothing to loss only to gain.

      Always a better way



  4. Hi Linda, I think it is great that you are sharing your experiences with others.  By reading your posts others will be more aware of how inflammation is the common denominator, and is the root cause of so many problems in all of us.  There are so many toxins in our day to day lives, whether we are breathing them in or consuming them in our food, that we really must take action in our own lives to do our best to live a healthy life.  I look forward to reading your other posts and the progress with Jessy.

    1. Hi Jenny what you have said here is very evident that you are very aware of your health and what you put into you body. I have a post that talks about detoxing from home that you might like to read most all my posts are related to my work with my grandson and my daughter. This post is one that I is well into the healing of my grandson. My work with him as been the direct link to helping my daughter and myself.

      This has been a very long road, in my Bio about this site and how it got started, is on my  the right side of the page under my picture,  you might find it interesting. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see more of you. Sharing my work with you and others in hopes that you share it with your friends and family members.

      always a better way

      sending blessings your way


  5. I’m going to have to try this patriot power greens for my leg inflammation. It doesn’t look that good in a smoothy but that usually means it’s good for you lol. Anyway Ill order that stuff and give it a try. Inflamed legs and ankles can be a real hardship to walk around on all day long.

    1. Hi Cory, no worries Partriot power greens is great tasting just on it’s own but you will get a great bust with adding it to a smoothie. You can read up on it on my front page and no worries if you don’t want to us it yet you can always get a 7 day free trail. I have been using it in my home know for over 3 1/2 years and I use it in this smoothie you will get a great detox benefit also. at the bottom of the page there is also a follow up on what the benifits are in this smoothie…

      always a better way


  6. Really great post, To be honest with you, you really sound well like a practising doctor, most of the things you said here really got me thinking,You don’t need to have all the certifications before you can share great information like this, inflammation is really a bad omen and I want to sincerely appreciate all the good works of Dr Daniel Ameh.Such a rare talent. 

    1. Thank you Clement I see you have left two comments to this post I appreciate your enthusiasm and honesty I hope I am able to reach others the same way. Bless you Clement, this has been my life’s work getting my family back to heath. You have made my day and yes Dr Daniel Amens has surpassed being a great inspiration for the common good of humanity his work is one in a million. As is Dr Mark Stengler in natural healing Encyclopedia and Dr Amy Myers video on the Palo way. There is so much to share especially on the recuperation of health my grandson my daughter and myself.

      always a better way sending blessings your way


  7. Hello Linda,

    I’m very passionate about health topics like you are. Your post captivated me and I had to go on reading, just like the person you talked about in this post.

    Stories like yours have to be told. To learn about experiences people have are so important. You don’t have to be a practicing doctor or have a diploma of nutrition science or such like. Telling about your experiences and what has helped you is an important factor of credibility.

    What Daniel Amen says in his video is really revolutionary. I really hope the brain scanning will get a routine within the psychology and psychiatry so that brain damages can be healed in time and save many lives.

    Linda, please go on writing about your experiences and spread the word of health out into the world.

    Kind regards,

    1. Dearest Pernilla,

      I am so comforted by your words. Positive comments like yours are very important in the work that I am going this helps others that are in need of taking the next step to a better healthy lifestyle.

      My road has been a very long one, just today I have had a breakthrough with my daughter. I am now able to take her completely off of statin drugs. She has Type 2 Diabetes that occurred with the birth of my grandson, he is now going on 15 years old in Nov.

      The work that I have done with my grandson Jessy has not only helped him but his mother and myself, a battle that I will be sharing in up and coming posts. All the work pier to these breakthroughs have all lead up to the benefits we know are feeling. It is an uphill climb.

      There have been times that I myself have thought that it was a losing battle, it takes time and patience to undo the damage that had been done with the use of statin drugs. In finding the common denominator that affected all three of us, which is “inflammation” I was able to work with the three of us at the same time. That is where the power green and smoothies played a huge part.

      I have been to your website and like very much what you are doing, we both are working in health care but have very different approaches both as equally needed.

      We don’t need to get sick too find that we need to make changes in our lifestyle. In this day and age, it is becoming very evident that we need to make those changes. We need people like you to help us make those changes and stories like mine to wake people up.

      In this we may be able to help one another, I would like you to consider being a guest writer here on my site we can work out the details through my email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      as always there is a better way
      much regards and many thanks for visiting

  8. Good afternoon Linda,

    I am also amazed at what Dr. Amen is doing. Many people who never got an answer on why they were having a certain condition are now being informed. Often, knowing what is happening in the brain, one can find a solution to the ailment. I think his work is so important and already so many people worldwide have been helped.
    You are right stating that inflammation is the root cause of all evil. The body, by producing an inflammation tells us there is something wrong. The problem is that when the cause of this inflammation is not found and treated the inflammation because chronic and will lead to worse conditions like leaking gut, cancer etc.
    The more people know about this the better that is why websites like yours are so important informing the reader.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske, I am so pleased with your return visit it is a pleaser to have your comments I hope you will share with others because information is only information if it is not shared and applied. There is so much that we can do in the home.It is so difficult to eat good healthy food with all the contamination that is our food line. But knowing that we can control and cleanse the body and rid our selves of toxins that we consume on an everyday basis.

      There are two basic things that I have found that contributed to Jessy’s recuperation my ability for Muscle text and the understanding of the human body to find the cause and to work on the cure.

      The most amazing thing is to have found DR. Daniel Amens Video that confirmed to me that I had found what I was looking for through muscle testing. And what I set about doing about changing and bring my grandsons health back. Not just his health but his mental ability, his fine motor skills, and gross motor skills and give him a chance at life. Where he can grow to understand and be a provider a father a husband. To have the understanding that all these mental disabilities that have shown up in our society can be changed. It will take a lot of work to change the Medical profession and turn us back to mother earth for the understanding.

      The human race has come along way and there is still so much that we can accomplish by understanding this marvelous piece of machinery called the human body. Science was once with God and by returning to him we find the answers to all his mysteries.

      Take care
      always a better way

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