The Human Body and Its Capacity to Heal Itself

I have come down this incredible road of understanding the human body and its capacity to heal itself. As I have said before I was placed in this road many years ago with the arts of healing through acupuncture, presser puncture and EFT ( emotional healing technique).

When I came across Kinesiology commonly know as Muscle testing. I began to realize that I could take my own health issue into my hands and help my family. This was a slow procedure, it all started back in Nov of 2007 when my grandson who was only just going on 4 years old had an accident with serious trauma to the head and was intervened by a Neurosurgeon to stop the internal bleed that could have taken his life.

There were many trails and tribulations that we had to go through. But thankfully I got help from a church member how was to become a very dear and close friend. Through her, I learned the technique of Muscle testing and I was able to catch on very quickly. She is a retired RN, she retired at an early age because of her own health issues and became very interested in the art of healing through holistic methods.

It never ceases to amaze me how we are all connected to the universe. I would venture to say that we were meant to meet and in so doing we have been able to learn and understand together many marvelous things both physical and spiritual and how divine interventions have always been with us from the time of the beginning of man.

The Holy Spirit,

We just have to reach out and ask and in so doing we will learn through the Holy Spirit. I have always felt this connection but never share it with many until I meet this fantastic human being.

Through her, I came in contact with Sensitivities and up until then I had no understanding of the difference between sensitivities and allergies. Sensitivities are not well known in Western Medicine and there just beginning to understand it in the Holistic Medicine. This is where I have been able to use Muscle Testing. Breaking down and finding the actual causes of the afflictions that my family is passing through.


Let’s have a look at a few examples of allergies. Not long ago peanuts were common household items . Today there is an epidemic towards peanuts and the western Medicine has placed it in the category as allergies. But not finding the cause of that allergy just using peanuts as the factor. In reality what we are looking at are sensitivities in the pesticides that are used to produce the plant on a very large scale.

The plant is grown in the earth and receive its nutrients through its root system and the pesticides that are used to combat peanut fungicides are absorbed it to the peanut. These pesticides are the main cause of the allergy, not the peanut itself. This allergy can become life threatening. To my way of thinking, pesticides are the main cause of allergies. There is a large verity of produce that people have become allergic to. We will see it time and time again.

Lactose Tolerance;

Lactose tolerance we will see the epidemic on the rise. Not long ago all children were razed on milk with no side effects. Know we see this rise in our children. Why?

Crop-dusting the wind carries the crop-dusting to the fields where the cows are and the cows eat the grass this, in turn, is processed through their organs into the milk.

In my brother’s family, there are 5 children and only one is Lactose sensitive why? This is where we see that all of us are different and have higher or lower tolerances to different products that are carried to the human organs.

Gluten sensitive;

Another family I know with 4 little ones only one is gluten sensitive. I have a niece that is gluten sensitive but on a very low level. But until she took her nutritional values into her own hands she found by cutting out gluten in her diet she began to feel better.

There again we can follow the wheat back to the genetic changed that people like Monsanto have created to combat Mother nature. So our wheat is compromised as are our other grains. And crop-dusting is a very well known practice. It’s in all our grains, rice, and Corn.

Hipper Sensitive to Perfumes;

Creams, perfumes, laundry soaps hand soaps that absorb through the skin have become a very high sensitivity to the different chemicals that are used in the industry to produce these products. One young lady is hipper sensitive to Perfumes and any products that have a perfumed base she can not use. It’s the process used to create the perfume, not the perfume itself.

Why do some to have a much higher sensitivity than others. I don’t have the answer to this. But there are ways we can combat this without going into debt. It always comes back to we are not all made out of the same cloth. The medical world is changing, There are more and more Dr.’s finding out that there is a better way. Big pharma Gurus have had their day and more and more people are taking into their own hands with their health and wellbeing. There will be a time when all of us will return to what mother nature has provided and this will be a norm in every household. But it has to start with one’s self. We need to make these changes.

It might seem that I am getting farther and farther away from my initial quest but not so because I needed to cover all their health issues so that you will have a better understanding of how to take this in into your own hands and help your own family members.

Muscle Testing has been around for a very long time.

As time advances there are is more and more information on how it works. Not long ago Acupuncture was a mystery, know it is a worldwide practice most Acupuncturists use this method in their practice. The Holistic world also uses this practice, but here are some that dedicate their lives teaching the everyday people like you and me to use it and in doing so can thrive.

It is a God-given tool that has been given to us from the time we are born into this marvels world . .. Not long ago in the human history there were persecutions for witch craft, for using herbs and natural curses. Granted it is something so simple that it is unbelievable that it actually works. Our own metabolism has been created from the earth so it is only logical that we are connected to all creation.

We can go deeper into this wondrous creation. There are chakras, meridians, our halo colors, that are used in Yoga, EFT, Acupuncture, pressure puncture, Holistic world, Meditation only to name a fell, that others have found and are using in different practices. But all told they are all connected to being about this wonderful healing that takes place within the human body. The most wondrous of them all are muscle testing and I was able to adapt to this method very quickly because of other techniques and understandings of our own electrical system that I have found along my incredible journey through this world.

How have I used this tool to merit the changes in my daughter, my grandson and myself? In my search I have come across Dr,s like Dr. Mark Stengler and Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld. Both are M.D.s. that have stopped their practice to follow the holistic approach. You can see their profiles on the net just by writing in there names in your search engines. But my search doesn’t stop there. There are many holistic Dr out here but these two are the ones that stand out to me the most. Why? Because they and there research teams has been in this practice for many years and through my muscle testing I have been able to weed out the one that are on the rises but not quite there yet. I will be writing more about them in later posts.

Then there is Partriot Power greens that I came across in my other searches on self reliance another project I have been involver in for many years.

Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is a licensed medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. He specializes in using holistic anti-aging therapies and also serves as board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

The first and foremost was the discovery of Skinny Fiber. This is where I will continue with Jessy’s Journey.

Each one of these I have used Muscle testing method to determine if they are good for me and my family the method is on my front page on the Menu bar.

Don’t hesitate to make a comment in the box below this post, I would be more then pleased to answer on a timely bases.

Author of Aways a better way,

Linda Frankson

Sending blessings your way.







12 Replies to “The Human Body and Its Capacity to Heal Itself”

  1. Hi Linda

    What an interesting site. My wife and I are passionate about well-being and are always exploring ways that we can naturally avoid or reverse many of the prevant health problems of today. Diet, lifestyle and mental well being all play such a huge part as do many of the external man made influences. However what we have learnt is that we also have an inherant abilty to effect our wellbeing if only we could learn to harness its potential. I was aware of muscle testing but not in any real detail so find your article very interesting. Looking at this in reverse I have had an experience of a very close friend (a professional athlete) who went through a traumatic experience with both parents passing away suddenly, and within a week he was bed ridden with a degenartive illness. To me this was trigged by the experience. We also then look through the history of man. I have been exploring the power of the pineal gland and if we look back through history we see lots of reference to mans “3rd eye” I am pretty sure this was in reference to the pineal gland and this is something we have inhibited massivley over the past centurys and even more so now with chemicals all around us (things like flourides in toothapste) Anyway, apologies for such a long comment, you post has raised many new questions for me, particulaly that of muscle testing. I will be bookmarking and coming back to explore more. Thank you so much Kevin

    1. Hello, Kevin, so nice of you to visit here at my site, As per your friend, stress plays a huge part of our well being I have free download books that you might find very interesting that shed a bit of light on your friends condition, and on muscle testing and you are more than welcome to have. You will find my ebook on the home page. All the PDF files that are mine I have no email addresses connected to them I find that these tools are heavenly gifts and they are not mine to use for gain.

      Over the years I have come to know and understand that we are energy and we have an electoral system that runs throughout our body each and every organ is connected in one way or another to make a one perfect organ called the Human Body that gives us intelligence, use of hands arms legs and feet like no other animal on the earth . My understanding is that God gave us dominion over all living thing both above the ground and below and all was created for our use. But we have overstepped our domain and take everything for granted. Being able to share this knowledge is a privilege.

      You might find it easier to understand the third eye as being the seventh cents. Most of us know that we have the six cents but what we don’t know is there is a seventh called the third eye, that is in the center of our forehead this is better understood as being connected to the Spiritual side of man. Of late there is a great interest in the oriental cultures of healing. since coming down this road of knowledge I have had the privilege of being in contact with this mystical culture. And just recently I have come full circle. Know I have a better understanding of the human condition.

      No matter how well we look after our health we are exposed to the elements. From the beginning, there was knowledge given to help ward off these elements but some were along the road it was lost to the great majority of humankind but was preserved in the eastern hemisphere through monks and very enlightened men. Handed down from generation to generation and has stood the test of time.

      With the technology we have today it is becoming widely known and better understood. Youtube has taken a great part in this because most people are visual. Through this knowledge, it has become known that the body has its own power for self-healing. Granted there are other elements that are very important also like a good healthy diet and physical activity. Returning to Mother Nature for her healing both mind and soul. All the elements are important Spiritual, Physical and mental.

      Thank you, Kevin, for permitting me to babble on and on as you can see I am very passionate at what I am going, have a great weekend
      always a better way

  2. Hi Linda

    Love this article because it is right up my street.

    I am a great believer that the body can heal itself given the right conditions.

    I am constantly researching and love using herbal teas because of all the wonderful benefits they provide.

    I have not tried muscle testing yet but it sounds really interesting.

    Thank you for helping to build awareness.


    1. Sorry, Jennifer somehow your comment got shuffled and I am just now seeing it. Thank you for commenting, it is of utmost importance that we build awareness to all that will listen because it is like the ripple effect. when you drop a pebble into the water the ripple will go on and on.

      Most of us want to know but don’t know where to look but once the knowledge is shared then it will move like a ripple and go far and wide. At least that is my hope.

      I hope that people that find me will share this information with there families and Loved ones. thank you very much for your visit and your comment.

      always a better way

  3. Yes, Jasmin, this is an unusual website I talk about my trials and tribulations and all that I have found over a very long period of time and how this has helped me find my way and help my family.

    My learning goes back even when I was very young. But I have covered only from the 1980s.

    I think you will find the Muscle testing tool very interesting and if you apply it in your life it can help you find answers because it is a very simple yes or no.

    When I found it I had a lot of knowledge but after that, I could understand how our electrical system works, how it all ties together to make the body a whole. Everything is connected, we should never stop learning. Always leave your mind open to new things but after using the muscle testing method it will help you to determine a true

    Have a wonderful day.
    always a better way

  4. Hi, Linda, your journey is somewhat unusual to me. But I must say that it is very interesting and I want to learn more. Especially about Muscel Testing. I will be reading your article.
    Conventional medicine is the cause of many illnesses.
    Recently, a friend of mine developed kidney failure due to wrong medications.
    I agree, there is a better way.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Linda, I sure can relate to a lot of this information!

    I agree with our bodies having the capacity to heal itself. I have had injuries that changed my body physically and had to deal with this alone. I have a high tolerance for pain which benefits me. I don’t like taking prescriptions with all those chemicals and side effects.

    Over time I eventually healed with proper eating, rest and my Spiritual life being of huge help.

    Through many experiences I too believe we are all connected through collective energy to the Universe. Also that Divine interventions are still among us.

    You have a wealth of information on how our bodies can heal itself, and I enjoyed reading your article very much.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Patsy, for the visit I find it very important that I receive comments that will help others take the steps to their own health and eating habits and in doing so they will start to feel a lot better.

      We all need to be conscientiously a where and know that it is not our fault that we are in a crisis that is affecting our society.That our health problems are out of control and the great need to come back to Mother earth.

      With a great difference a better understanding of the uniqueness of our bodies how it functions.

      There has never been so much information out in the world as there is today where as we can take steps to a better way of living. As each of us does this we are creating a better world for our children and children’s children to follow.

      I am not the only person writing about health and well being but I think that I am the only one that is taking this to a whole different level. We can not get away from the contamination that has taken away our health but we can live with it and help our bodies eliminate the toxic mess that we are living in, we can turn this around and defeat it by starting to make a few small changes.

      There are many out there right now that have miracles happen for them. My work here is to point the way. and there is always a better way


  6. Hi, what a fascinating post! I am familiar with EFT and muscle testing. I use it from time to time but I always get doubt in my head. Is this actually working? It’s amazing how much our bodies know if we take the time to listen to it!

    1. Hi, Dawn, Thank you for stopping by yes they actually work, don’t doubt yourself as we become more and more sensitive to muscle testing you will find your body will actually respond to you naturally you will feel the swaying motion taking place without asking. We rely on intuition and in actuality, it is your body responding to a truth given. and you are correct in saying when we take the time to listen to our body we will receive the answer.

      There are three different forms of testing the arm, the swaying motion, and the fingers. I have another post that is in pages that give you direction in the three Techniques.

      always a better way

  7. Hi Linda, reading your article I was totally amazed of how much of the information that you shared I was familiar with. I do have food sensitivities and I also went through a long and though road before I started to feel well. It can be done, anyone can help themselves if they choose too do it ….EFT, Muscle Test, eliminations…I went through it all, and all of them together helped. It is truly amazing to know that there are ways to get better without pharmaceutical “helpful” ways. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Hi, Grace, I am so pleased that you are familiar with my work. I find that comments like your are essential for others that are searching will help others to find a way that is less evasive. It helps them take the steps to a better and healthier life style.

      I don’t know if you have used the muscle testing for yourself. I find the swaying motion is the easiest for to use and it not only helps with medications but it also can be used in finding answers for just about anything. I use it in my shopping it helps me choose better producers that I am not familiar with or name brand that I am choosing. What is a better fit for you personally.
      Always a better way

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