The Frequency of Understanding


A Different Frequency

Sometimes being on a different Frequency, to someone means some people just can’t hear you. That goes for the animal kingdom. We can’t hear the animals because they are on a different frequency. As humans sometimes there is a block that impairs our hearing or you get the message that is meant in a different level or only part of the message you will resonate with. Whatever the means maybe this saying can become very true.

Following the Food Revelation Summit

I have been on the internet following the Food revelation summit and there were a lot of things that didn’t resonate with me but there where a lot that did because had already received that answer to be a truth. With the difference being there is a lot of scientific documentation to back them up while I had only the Lord to back me up.

Most if not all the Medics that were on the summit are Physicians, that have had their own health problems and couldn’t get the answers from there own Physicians and when took it upon themselves to research for themselves. With the knowledge and mindset of medical doctors, they were able to find information that is not visible to the rest of us because we do not have the knowledge where to look nor the understanding.

There is not much difference in what I am doing, the difference is I am not a Dr nor a Scientist. I didn’t have the means nor the knowledge where to look, therefore it took me a lot of researching on my own, but even if I did have the knowledge I probably wouldn’t have understood it anyhow “Ha! ha!”. But even overlooking that, I have received answers to health problems on many levels.


Frequency of Understanding

My level of understanding is much like the first sentence I started with the frequency of understanding is on a much lower level but even at that, I was able to get to the answers and understanding with the help of the Lord. Therefore I can break it down so that common folk like you and me will be able to understand. I believe that this is my purpose here.

When I come across things that resonate with me there will be a great joy that I will feel and there is an inner sense of understanding that takes place. Where my understanding has taken place has been on very simple matters because “the word of the Lord is very simple, to begin with”. That is why he used parables in his teaching because he knew even then, that his word would go down many centuries before his return to the earth. Even in today’s language, we use parables like the one I started with.

“Why Me.”

There is also the matter that there are health reasons that made me start on this journey in the first place. Some times I look back, to be able to understand  “why me.” Why do I have these challenges the same as these Dr’s? That is from various ramifications of  Doctor’s that had to stop in mid-center to follow other holistic means of supporting their bodies health.

Mother Nature

I have stated many time thought out my writings about Mother Nature and all that we have been placed on the earth from the beginning of time for just that reason so that we could live on this planet earth in harmony with nature and all that she provides for us. These doctors concur that there has been a purpose for this turnabout and most all have come to the understanding that there is a higher purpose in life. They also concur that we are just on the tip of the Iceberg and there is a very long road to haul before the Medical will make a turnaround.

There is a lot on the internet about healing and different methods to take action. They are all good to a point because they are all looking for the better good. There are also holistic plants and herbs that have been tested and proven to better our health. One in particular that is has been misunderstood is the CBD/Hemp that has had the most scientific studies done ever on any plant-based herb in “history” on its medicinal benefits. Literally, thousands of studies have taken place.

I do admit I have been one of the Sceptics because of family history. I would go into that because it is a very painful family history. But what I will say that I have friends that are in this line of work have turned me around. I still hold strong about the Marjana plant but that is very different from his cousin CBD /Hemp.

“Sorry Folks”

There is a lot to learn we can’t just rely on these plants to do a miracle “sorry folks” it just doesn’t work that way we still need to make radical changes in our diets. For any of these plants to make a difference in our health or for any treatment to take an effect being energy treatments or plant-based diets.

For instance, most of us are Oxygen deficient because of the unhealthy environment that we live in today’s world. The other is water and where that water comes from even if it is so-called spring water but you are drinking from plastic you have already defeated your purpose of using spring water. Earth, with the depletion of our earth there are not enough minerals left in the earth that support our food line. So where do we start?

Very Good Question

Very good question, these are all excellent questions to ask yourself and only you can answer them. With me, was one step at a time,   I had to get rid of a lot of things that this society has and is brainwashing us to believe what is healthy and what isn’t. Even our medical world has to be questioned to be able to move forward. There are too many people sick in the world today to not sit up and take notice.

You don’t have to get sick to start on this road, isn’t it better to prevent, than have to live with a Dr’s diagnoses and think that this is the only way you can go just because they have their Doctor-ado degree and think that that is the only way.

Look out you will have the same things happen too, as happened to me and these Dr’s on the food revolution summit had to make the change. You know that there are not enough of these Dr’s in the world today and you are left out there on your own. But they do have their websites and you can get a lot of information for free on their sites. And there are those that work in Homeopathy you can rely on them to get you some answers there are more Homeopathic Dr’s then there are holistic and you can find them close to your place of residences that is a good start” but just start.”

My work here is to send out the warnings and share with you my story and what I have done but the saying is we are not created all the same. I will keep on writing even if I don’t get recognition for my work but I believe that I have valid things to share with you and at least to get you on your road.

Always A Better Way

sending blessings your way


10 Replies to “The Frequency of Understanding”

  1. Aloha Linda!
    Feels good to be on your site again reading your thoughtful blog.

    Why you? Why me?
    Those are our journeys. We are looking for teachings. For certain teachings.

    Sometimes I thought I’m walking in circles in my life. And yes, I somehow do, but on the other side, I do not.
    My experiences in the last three years deepened a lot. In the first year in Hawaii, I made a lot of mistakes with cooking food, with not taking care of myself very well.

    But then I changed many things. I see the results. Especially in the last eight months, I created a super boost on all levels, body, mind, emotions, my spiritual path.
    You, Linda, have inspired me to at least four life-changing decisions:
    to use the Muscle Testing Sway Method,
    to do the Oxygen detox and healing-energizing cure with Hydrogen Peroxide,
    to use the PaidaLajin,
    to read the book by Colette Streicher “Abundance On Demand.”

    You inspired me to so much healing!! I’m deeply grateful for it!!
    And as you do the healing for yourself you will gain more and more freedom in every area of your life!
    I think the hardest thing to do is to free from the illusion. Once you did it, things start to go smoother and smoother. And your health gets better and better.

    And when you see your own creation, you will be amazed!
    That’s you!
    Thank you very much for all your help, your suggestings, your hints.
    My life changed a lot through you!
    Sending much Love and Light!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Hi, there my friend, it has been a privilege and an honour working with you. What you have accomplished over this these few months has been certainly astonishing.

      All that you have learned is a very well planned self-healing technic that I have been putting together everything that has come into my path indicates a clear path to self-healing.

      There has been the physical aspect, PaidaLejin, Oxygen treatment, and nutrition. In your own personal healing, your spiritual side is very well balanced. and on the level of your mental and emotional, your work in Reiki. And you have the Muscle testing tool to keep you on track.

      I also sent you a book that we both are very excited about. We will see what the future holds for us! That is my up and coming post so stay tuned I look forward always hearing your feedback.

      always a better way
      HIG’s Linda

  2. Very interesting observation Linda…actually, more lovely! This whole ‘energy’ thing/phenomenon is really astounding. I am firm believer that we are all connected and if we work on ourselves, the we will see a clarity in the connection with others – especially those who are also ‘working ‘ on themselves.
    Thanks for the gentle reminder and keep up the great job, Linda.
    And I just love when Mother Nature gets involved in the equation of life and health – her way.

    1. Hi Michelle, So nice to hear your friendly regards. There is a lot happening and I find it intriguing, There is so much to write but I have a window that has opened up and I will be taking full advantage of it. Life is funny that way getting rid of false information that has been stored in our energy field and understanding why is a great blessing. To help others we need to help ourselves first.

      There is a very good proverb that states ” to be able to help others we need to clean the inner vessel fist before we can look out from within and to help others”. First, remove the log in your own eye before you try to remove the splinter from another’s. I guess those aren’t the exact words but still means the same.

      You are so right about Mother Nature our earth is an incredible instrument placed here for us, we just have to be open to it and wonders will start to happen. Bless you on your road, Love and many regards Linda
      always a better way

  3. I am into Energy Linda and often think about a friend only to have them call me a few seconds later. Also, People, I think about will turn up at my place.

    I live off my land mostly and it is organic so a healthy me and my water comes from a spring filled into glass bottles for me so I am getting all the benefits from this as well as Yes, plastic takes away a lot of the goodness, however there are some good containers without the chemicals in the manufacture now that more people are using

    Yes, The Lord is the provider of all knowledge and everything else we need – thank you, Linda,

    1. Hello Vicki, nice to have you here and read some of my work. Energy is fascinating frequencies are even more so you are very lucky to live off of your land and live a very healthy life style.

      There is a great need to come back to Mother Nature. When we speak of frequencies there are all type that come from the plant life to water.  There is so much that we a as humans do not understand but at some point in the future we will have this knowledge and it will be a house hold norm.

      This is my hope my dream for all of man kind thank you for sharing  with us

      always a better way

      sending blessings your way


  4. Dear Linda,
    I have found your article about the frequency of understanding very inspirational.
    I personally think and actually do know that each person has their individual frequency and is also capable of changing this frequency, meaning, raising it to the next level.
    When we have done so, and this is actually an ongoing thing, we also can’t go back to the previous level of a frequency. However, if we try we will feel “sick”, “uneasy” etc. and therefore will go back to the new reached frequency we, for now, are vibrating from.
    Doing any form of energy work will help us along the way, like you, demonstrating it so clearly in your personal journey to better health.
    Some people are born with a gift where they can tune in into a higher, or lower frequency and can receive messages from elemental beings, spirit guides even angels.
    Vibrating on such a frequency can make you feel to be “detached” from so-called “regular” people because they can’t follow you, yet, and you won’t stay with them for too long either. This is the exact reason why we sometimes can’t understand each other and there is no exception to any person, no matter what their cultural, religious, social or educational status might be.
    I do thank you, Linda, for writing this article since it also helped me to understand the frequency I am at and even though I knew about it already it is always great to get a reminder once in a while.
    Namaste and lots of Higs

    1. Dearest, Sylvia, I love and admire you for your strength of character, your internal understanding and I send out to Joy, abundance and happiness.

      We have but one life to live and to arrive at the highest understanding of this creating is a gift. You are one of these people that come into one’s life and stay there. I have found in you a great friendship that even if we are not close in land space we are well connected in the spirit.

      I am happy to be a part of that part of you, my friend, God speed, in all that you do and want to acquire in this life.

      Always a Better Way
      Namaste and HIG’s Linda

  5. It’s hard to disagree with what you are saying, Linda, about understanding frequencies: “Different frequencies- different understanding”. We all know there are some things that come to our life with age or as they say with life experience. Those things or thoughts were around us all the time, but we were not ready to accept them, or we were vibrating on other frequencies. A nice analogy with the understanding of animals language. Though, some people are capable to understand even animals language.

    We all have our individual vibration frequencies, like a unique DNA pattern, that is changing individually for everyone during his life.

    But I cannot agree that your understanding of essence is somewhat of lower grade than Dr’s one, just because he or she can explain things the understandable to others way. Why do you think thousands of doctors still cannot embrace these seemingly obvious things, only a few did? Did you pay attention that neither educational degrees nor medical practices did help them to become consciously changed, but only by self-life challenges?

    My understanding is that only real-life challenges are capable of changing our frequencies making some people more conscious, the others – unconscious.

    And here I’m pleased to hear your voice calling to changes before it is not too late. Thank you.

    1. Max, my dear friend it is so nice to receive such positive energy from you and always a pleaser to receive your visits.

      I used animal frequency for a very good reason. My mother had the capacity to reach different animal life and this always intrigued me, she explained it this way. The frequency of the animal kingdom is much lower than ours, for this reason, we can’t communicate with them. The reason she could was that she was able to come down to there frequency and she was able to do this only when there was a reason for the communication. This didn’t take place always, only on special occasions. The human frequency is the highest but not all of us will communicate on the same level.

      I agree with you that only real-life experiences are capable of making these changes.

      Intellectually speaking sometimes it may seem that I degrade myself but as I immerse myself into this world I find that there is a much higher understanding, is word upon word, precept upon precept, here a little there a little, therefore knowledge and understanding grows. I am truly honoured that you have respect for my work and I value that very much.

      always your friend Linda

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