Targeting Diabetes

“There’s always a better way. “

In the anterior post I gave an example on the fears of another person. in my search for understanding there are many people sharing their heartfelt stories, this helped me coop with my own. This put me on the road to There’s   always a better way. I am a “why” person always looking for an answer, no matter how long it takes me, I usually find the answers I seek. If I can help get these Scientifically proven remedies out in the mainstream. I am going to put all my efforts into doing so. Im targeting diabetes because it is the starting gate to many other ailments that our society is living in this day and age.

Meet Melissa:

born 20 sept 1980 taken on her birthday 2016

I will share with you, our story,   I would like to introduce you to Melissa my daughter. 

Meli was born in Costa Rica Central America in  1980, everything seemed to be normal but as she developed, I noticed that she was not developing on a normal scale for children of her age. I had a very hard time convincing my husband of my fears. At two years old I was able to get her into seeing a specialist. He went through many tests with her, testing her motor skills. After several visits, he gave me his diagnosis. She was diagnosed as Developmentally Challenged.


Developmental disability is a diverse group of chronic conditions that are due to mental or physical impairments. Developmental disabilities cause individuals living with them many difficulties in certain areas of life, especially in “language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living”.

Lack Of Oxygen To The Brain:

Meli’s impairment was caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain at birth.   The Doctor explained that the medical world could not give me the diagnosis of how far she would able to develop. He gave me a bit of hope, explaining that it was like ping-pong balls jumping around in her head trying to find pathways to make proper connections. I could relate to that and this sent me down a long road of helping her develop these pathways.

She was a very loving child always smiling, people took to her because of her loving nature. She had many friends adults and children alike. Although she was in special classes her friendship grew to a very large circle of lifelong friendships. We had many trials and tribulations along the way with “language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living”, these were all my goals to help her develop and be able to cope in the world when we won’t be there for her anymore.

On the downside, she developed Jealousy,  stubbornness,  frustrations as she moved into teens. Understanding a simple concept took a lot of patience on my part. At the age of twelve, she went through open heart surgery. She was a real trooper coming through it with flying colors.

Her Father loves her very much but he but he was in many ways a hindrance in her development. It was a constant struggle to get him to let go. In some ways, he treated her like an invalid. Don’t do that you will hurt yourself, don’t go near the stove you will burn yourself. watch out watch out.  He showed her with everything that she wanted. Her nutritional level was like if she doesn’t like it don’t eat it. It was a constant battle, If she wanted a birthday Party with a disco-tec she got it. On and on it went.

At the age of 15, her father and I separated. The only way I was permitted to leave was to leave her with him. I took three years for him to let go. She had become very difficult for him to handle and decided that it was better for her to be with me,  only with the stipulation, she could visit him whenever she wanted.

Manipulation came into the equation. I love Mommy better than Daddy when she was with him and when she was with me the same. Normal kids do the same things with their divorced parents. But with developmentally challenged, it is much much more intense. What I accomplished in 15 years was totally destroyed in three years.

Return to Canada:

I decided that I would return to Canada, I wasn’t able to take Meli with me, I needed to establish myself before I could bring her up here. It was much quicker than I expected. When I left she started to roam the streets of San Jose. I was just getting on my feet when I received a phone call. Meli was pregnant she was in early stages of her pregnancy, we decided that we would wait till the seven month period to ensure she would be able to make the trip safely.

Receiving Meli at the airport was heartbreaking when she came down from the platform to meet me she was crying. She had no English skills and was total disorientated, the chaperone that brought her through Imaginations had no skills what so every in human relations. She was calling me and Meli wasn’t anywhere in site. This set-off bells ringing in my head. Where is Melissa,? oh! she is coming, when she finally showed up she had no idea where she was or where she was going. I called to her and ran to meet her I was not supposed to pass the ropes, I didn’t  care I only knew she needed me, I pushed past this insensitive female and cradled Meli in my arms. There was some awing from the crowd and other applauded my action.

I was told by her father that she had gained a lot of weight. Meli is only five three and she was as wide as she was tall a complete rolly polly. I got her into the Doctor as soon as it was possible. I gave the Doctor all my concerns and a complete rundown on her health issues. He sent her out to the lab to get blood and urinal samples. We were back in his office two days later. with the diagnoses of borderline “diabetes”. Bells and whistles when off in my head, “Oh boy!” know how am I going to cope with this, with Meli in the state she was in.          

At this stage of my life, I had no Internet or I phone to help me investigate. I was totally dependent on Western Medicine. Follow the Doctor orders, take your medication. With Meli and her long-term eating disorders, this was going to be a “huge challenge”. I was like most people out there, the Doctor knows best. I made the best of what I had to work with. There were many things that I was not in agreement with the Doctor but how am I they say. They have the diploma in Medicine. But I know my gut feelings and most of the time I followed them. We are not in a society that one size fits all. What I knew was she needed to work on was losing some weight and try to help her understand and look after the baby she was carrying.

We had huge hurdles to jump over, one of the things she always came up with “What do you want me to do starve myself to death?”. She did loose a bit of weight but I think it was mainly to do with the upheaval in her life. With any developmentally challenged personage, you need to keep everything simple. Come down to their level and try to understand their concepts that they are receiving and try to meet in the middle, it’s a huge learning curb.  We got through it all and Meli was able to deliver through a

Jessy born 17th Nov 2003
Born 17Nov.2003

C-section a healthy 10pd. baby boy. Nov 17th, 2003 I became a mother again(:………..

Gestational Diabetes:

 This is caused by the hormonal changes and increased metabolic demands during a women’s pregnancy. Although gestational diabetes usually disappears after childbirth, a woman who develops this temporary form of diabetes once while pregnant is more likely to develop it again in a subsequent pregnancy—- and is at an increasing risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

In the next post, we will go more into depth on Melissa diabetes and my learning curves.

The diabetes loophole  

I have used the diabetes loophole on the other post. If you are here, it’s because you are searching as I have for the solution to Diabetes. There is a cure don’t let the Western Medicine tell you different.  There’s is always a better way. click on the link I provided you. Then come back and tell me your experience with this video. Just [click on the link I have provided] Then post targeting Diabetes to your right of the browser and there is a comment button there.  We are in this together you are not alone and you are not at fault. Diabetes is a condition, not a disease. It can be reversed. There is hope it’s working for Meli and it will work for you.








2 Replies to “Targeting Diabetes”

  1. I take my hat off to you Linda, this has, and continues to be, a very long journey for you. Taking all potential avenues of healthcare into consideration is extremely important and you have done this very well. There is no love like a mother’s love and no doctor can override what we know in our hearts and our intuition.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your love and your determination with the world, this will help other parents facing similar situations.
    Blessings to you, your daughter and your grandbaby.

    1. Thank you, Louise, this means so much to me I have a testimony to share but also along this road I have found so much information related to health I can not stand by and watch the Medical world think that they have all the answers when they don’t.

      It isn’t totally their fault, there is so much sickness in the world and not enough Dr’s so we have to get in the lineup and we have only 15 minutes to explain to the doctor what is going on. When we do not have the information and we are scared we tend to take the doctors advise, as a total truth. I have come to understand we can no longer do that and the people need to wake up to this face reality. It was really hard to understand and to overcome. It is so easy to lay the blame.

      We have information at our fingertips and anything we want to know we can find it. In this post I didn’t have that internet was just coming into being for the use of the common people. Not until Windows, Microsoft came on the market. Before that, it was dos programming you had to know how to code. I knew back then that internet was going to be the way, in the next generation.

      I didn’t think that I would be part of it until spell check showed up(O: . I am glad you found this post because it was one of my earlier ones and it is getting pushed back and my storyline is getting lost. With you finding this post it tells me a lot.

      1. you investigated this site
      2. you were interested enough in what I have to say.

      My hope is that it will be enough that people will begin to share the link.
      that said Bless you, Louise.

      always a better way

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