Journey To a Better way part two

 As I travel down this road on my journey, there have been times that I have had to take a break. It can become very confusing with all the medical terms. At times it can become mind-boggling to the point that I would have to step back and let the information absorb. Then there were times that I would make a breakthrough and couldn’t stop writing and the mind would run a mile a minute.

The Mind Part Two of This Series:

The mind goes hand in hand with the physical self also a very large part of the emotional and spiritual self. You have heard of the saying mind over matter. The mind which is housed in the brain (sometimes including the central nervous system). the components within the brain are what makes everything work, every action we have comes from the mind.

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Journey To a Better Way part one

This is a four-part series of the four aspects of the human body. Why because I would like to take you on my journey.

Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual, because this is how I see my journey, and the things I encountered along this path. My understanding that there are four parts of the body that will bring you into a better healthier life with balance.


The physical is how I started and it takes in the greater part of my writing. Each and every one of us is unique and different.  To understand this there is a lot of back reading. There is not one person that is the same. We each have our way of persevering a truth.

Along this path, if there is something that will help another to find their way then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. One thing that we all have in common and I think you will agree with me. We all learn by experience.

Experience, some might find it earlier on in life and some later on in life. Depending on the road that you have taken. Some might have gone down into the depth of despair before we take matters into our own hands. No matter how your journey has played out there is always a better way and we tend to find it one way or another. It doesn’t matter it only matters that you are here and now reading my story.

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