Suffering From Low Energy? This Presentation Can Help…

Suffering from low energy?

Watch this presentation from Dr. Steven Gundry. You will be fascinated with his work as I am. One of the many Dr. that are turning to the Holistic approach. He tells how he left his practice as a Nero Surgeon after many years, to open a  Research  Laboratory in California because of one persistent client that wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Dr. Steven Gundry   was one of those Dr. that had no use for the holistic world he was already a very famous doctor under the knife, know he helps his clients to avoid surgery starting right from your home, he will tell you the three most dangerous said superfoods to stay away from at all costs and why, know he has become a world renown Dr in the Holistic approach.

He has been one of the Dr.s that I have been following to help my grandson Jessy and my daughter.  I use the berry’s he mentions in this presentation, in my Super Metabolism Booster Smoothie. In this video, he tells you about there nutrition and nutritional values and why they are classified as a superfood and why they work.  This follows my saying that there is always a better way to your health as Mother Nature Intended.


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  1. Linda,

    I just finished watching Dr. Gundry, I am going to be ordering this formula I suffer from low energy and really feel this can be beneficial for me. I am debating of going for the membership I am really considering it!

    This has been something that has bothered me for years about the foods we eat today. I mean seems like all the processed foods we eat affect us all in bad ways, when we ate things right from the farms with out going through all the processing they do today people were healthier.

    Unfortunately, as I am aging I do not put a garden in like I used to and miss those fresh vegetables and my own canning that back then saved me money from not having to purchase those a store. I did not know that this was available and am so appreciative that you have brought this to my attention. I plan on sharing this with so many of my friends and my family so many go on diets that never work.
    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi, Susan, I am so happy that you have found something you feel will help your energy. Dr. Gundry Is only one of the few Dr.’s today that have changed over to the holistic world of health. But his name and experience as a world renown Dr. have made a difference He now is one of the few Dr.’s that are all over the internet he has the money and the scientific work to back him and can make a huge difference and influence many.

      Not so much the small world of people as much as the one higher up that knows and respect his opinion. But I think he has come down to the real world and others will follow.

      There are many that are following suit but not enough to make a big bang in the way people are eating today and it mostly isn’t their fault it is so easy to get pulled into how we market in today’s world.

      I too have been canning in my day but I find that this isn’t enough for all that has been extracted from mother earth and the long term damage that it has caused us. I feel sometimes we are losing the battle to bring about awareness. But the wellness of my small family keeps me going.

      I have accomplished much with the help from above and will keep on bring about the awareness to others you have a great day and please let me know how you do with Dr. Gundry’s formula for restoring your energy. I know that it has helped me in more ways than one.

      always a better way
      sending blessings your way

  2. That video by Dr Steven Gundry is incredible! Thank you for sharing it here. I have been struggling with low energy and put it down to not having any holidays over the last 3 years and stress. When I listen to what Dr Gundry says and look at my diet, I can see the problem! Interestingly I have been craving berries, particularly the dark berries. I shall make a point of eating more of those and less of the grains.
    Again, thank you for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Hi, Louise thanks for dropping by, it is always a pleaser to think that in one way or another I can help someone out

      Dr. Steven Gundry actually helped find a way to implement these berries into your everyday lives. First, it was because of the need to finding a way to help my own family that I put this recipe to work for us. Because of health issues Type2 diabetes, Obesity, high blood pressure, detoxing the body, mental health issues, fatigue, low esteem. (My daughter and grandson). Much what Dr. Gundry talks about.

      You might find it interesting I have written extensively about this through my posts. But I put together a recipe that called Super Metabolism Booster Smoothie click on the link it will take you to the post and after there is a follow up at the end that tells you what these superfoods do and there is still another that is detoxing from home. I wish you well and if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me.
      always a better way

  3. Very interesting article, Linda. I do not know much about holistic medicines and/or healing practices, however, I lover when ‘book- doctors’ convert to this other level of healing.
    I will check out the video and see how I can improve my health choices.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Dr, Gundry is a real eye-opener for most folks that don’t know much about how the body is capable of healing itself.

      Your body is a whole computer that is working 24-7 for you but when it gets overloaded it will break down hence we have deceases like Cancer that the modern Dr’s, are trying to fight by removing that problem under the knife.

      You don’t need to watch the whole video because it is quite lengthy but just his story to see what is happening in the Medical world today.

      Thanks for your visit I am so happy when I can help others see that there is definitely a great need to make a change not only to get back there health but to maintain it.

      always a better way
      sending blessings your way

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