Skinny Fiber Scientifically Formulated

The Beginning with Jessy and Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber   Scientifically formulated with some of the world’s best ingredients, Skinny Fiber is WAY more than just another weight management pill. Packed with our proprietary blend of ingredients, Skinny Fiber is not only designed to help support your weight management goals but also to support other healthy functions in your body. My daughter and My grandson are Obese.

I had been to the doctors to address Jessy’s Obesity. Still in the mindset that The world of medication is a lot better equipped to finding the problem. The University of Florida IFAS  has extensive documentation on food allergies, but through my experience with the medical world, I did not find the help that I needed. I was forced to look for the solutions myself.

  1. Jessy was not a heavy eater
  2. He didn’t like pasta, yes you heard me correctly. So what kid doesn’t like pasta.
  3. He wasn’t a fan of bread either
  4. cereal another thing that he had no taste for.
  5. fast food is not in my health line of nutrition
  6. Chines food he had a sensitivity to additives that are found in these foods and to egg shells.
  7. but he loved his veggies and meats, Chicken, fish, beef, pork. all types of salads, so why is he gaining so much weight.
  8. most kids like candy and sweets Jessy didn’t he would go out to Halloween and still have his candies from the previous year.
  9. His beverage was water sometimes a juice or a pop but mostly water. To date, he is a water drinker.
Jess from Kindergarten through to Grade 6

The doctor looked at me as if I was crazy. And said right to my face. He is obese because he is overeating.  He would not believe me and said right to my face, I can see with my own eyes that he is overeating. . He wanted to place him on a nutritional diet with a nutrition specialist. I asked what for if he has a very nutritional diet already.

No kid could gain that much weight with just a minimum of food intake. That was the pediatrician. So I took him over to his general practitioner. What for? He said basically the same and implied that I was feeding him to much. I was ferrous when I left that office.

It was a continuous weight gain. His jeans went from a 14 Child to 38 men’s pants.

Sweat was another,   without exploiting himself he was sweating like a stuck pig.  Literally, he looked like he just came out of the shower all the time. Just drenched in sweat. This was a huge concern. Because he was not retaining water but still gaining weight. He had to take extra clothing to school every day. He had to have a water bottle with him everywhere he when.

Jess in grade 7

You can see it in these pictures his face is shining from sweat, his school pictures were taken in the morning and you can see how wet he is already.  His teachers were also concerned.

I was at my wit’s end, I read up on everything to find the reason behind this.

That is when I started looking for the common denominator. His MD said something that kind of struck me dumb. He said it is in his gene makeup because of his Latin ancestors, his mother was the same way. This set of bells in my head. I couldn’t believe what he was saying.   How could an MD make such a statement without any testing what so ever?  Ok, so mother and son were obese WHY?. I always told people that his mother was not a heavy eater also. So why?

This is where my muscle testing started to kick into gear. I needed answers and I wasn’t getting them, so I started testing everything myself. I muscle tested his foods and Melissa’s also. Melissa Medications. Jessy wasn’t on any medications so there were no common denominators there.

His activities. So is it his disability I got a definite Yes. The same with his mother. Is it in their genes make up NO. Is there something that they have in common YES. Food nutritional values NO.   There eating habits No. As they getting good nutrition YES. The toxin in their bloodstream Yes. From where, water YES, Foods YES. medications YES. Mineral deficiency YES. Vitamin deficiency Yes. Iron deficiency YES, Magnesium deficiency YES. iodine deficiency, YES.YES. Thyroid YES, slow Thyroid YES, heavy metals YES. Is it a build up over YES. These question kept popping up and I was getting answers. even if they were getting good nutritional food there was this deficiency in everything they eat it turned to fat.

I kept researching  I was devastated. How do I combat this? I can’t run out and get a good water filter my budget wouldn’t permit. or buy organically grown foods, or grass feed animals or free run chickens and eggs. Everywhere I looked there were obstacles. I kept looking for this common denominator. I kept getting the answer yes there is a common denominator. I keep getting answers in Plastics Yes, petrochemicals Yes, fungicides Yes, pesticides yes arsenic poisoning Yes, aspartame poisoning Yes Too much salt in our diets YES to much sugar intake YES do we need salt intake Yes, So we need sugar intake YES. In the air we breath YES, In the Water we drink Yes,

OK, so do I have the same denominator YES. What is it?

In my search, I came across a very interest product called Skinny Fiber. At first, it struck me as a very dumb name to put on a product. But I was intrigued and investigated more on the product. There are many products on the market to do with weight loss and this sounded to me to be just one more of these products.

The other was that it was an MLM business (Multi-Level Marketing). I wasn’t into this because I had tried to work in this market on other Platforms and I found that I did not have what it takes to make it in this type of a business. There were two factors that drew me in.

One was there were a lot of reports that it was helping a lot of people with Type 2 diabetes and many other ailments. The other was the weight loss and fantastic results that these people were having with the program.  Then the most intriguing were that these where the sales representatives and I got to meet a lot of them and their testimonies. Two of them are very good friends still today and I appreciate them very much.

By the end of grade 5, he was a whopping 297lb

At this point, I was ready for anything and everything that was thrown at me. So I muscle tested and the answer was yes so I signed up. Jessy was in grade5 at the height of this obesity. 297lbs  and at the size of 38 men’s pants. That is the picture of him by the pool. I had to find something quick. This is before Skinny Fiber picture. and the next one is the after.

Jess in grade 7

the third picture there is more to follow. In my next post.

Through all this, I was working from 11 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. In these 7 seven years, I learned many different tactics to fight my home problems. Working with two disabilities that were far worse than Melissa and Jessy.

That summer at the end of grade 5 Skinny Fiber arrived for the next two months Jessy was on  Skinny Fiber. By the time he was back to school we were able to stop the weight gain.

YES, Skinny Fiber stopped the weight gain in its tracks. But throughout all of grade 6, there was no weight loss. There was a considerable difference in Melissa and her for the first time her blood sugars were responding and dropping and had lost 10 lbs I will go more into detail about this in her story.

With Jessy, I started noticing differences in his Schooling. He became active in sports he liked Soccer and like to drop kick he practiced drop kicking throughout the whole year.

This might seem a silly thing but not if you new Jessy. From the  Kindergarten to Grade 5 Jessy held no interest at all in his work at school. I worked with the Teachers and there was a bit of progress. His retention was minimal. You could ask him what he did at school that day his answer was “I don’t know”. His report cards were reaching expectations. He was on a one on one program because he couldn’t be with his class roommates. He hated School. It was a fight to get him out the door every day. He was tremendously shy.

When I asked at school what was Jessy’s attitude and interaction with the other kids. They had nothing but nice things to say about Jessy. It was a pleasure to have him in their classroom. On the playground, he was always perfective of the smaller children. He made a couple of friends but not too many.

He would not participate in sports. He never showed interest in things around him.  He never wanted to go to any activities that were held at the school. His only interest was gaming. I got him all the Disney movies that were out the for kids. All the games that were available for his age.

He would spend hours gaming and you know what I let him do it because it was given in the thing that he didn’t learn at school. Like coordination. retention, problem-solving, He was good at them too, he was a problem solver. if he wasn’t gaming he was watching a Disney Move if there was a move that he like he played it over and over again. He liked hanging around with his family.

When I told the school how much he hated it they couldn’t believe me.

To be continued 

















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  1. Hello Linda!

    Your journey towards health for your family and yourself is remarkable. I admire your fighting spirit and your aim to help your loved ones. To share your endeavours with other people is very courageous and something you may be proud of.

    I like your nice-looking website and your articles are very authentic and easy to follow.

    This article about your grandson Jesse shows your engagement to do everything possible to find a cure for your grandson. Your persistence has finally brought a way to help Jesse to lose weight and regain joy in life. Skinny Fiber seems to be an effective medication and together with your holistic view of health, many people having the same health issue will be grateful to get this knowledge. Linda, please keep on sharing this with the world.

    It was very captivating to read this real story so I had to go on reading the continuation.

    All the best,

    1. Dearest Pernilla, Thank you very much for your visit and your encouraging words to keep going.I so emerge in this quest that I sometimes lose track of where I am.

      I don’t know if you were able to see the video of DR. Daniel Amen because I added it yesterday. The one and only thing that I have found in my search for the truth comes through from him and his work.The brain and brain damage that acquires through the usage of substances, drugs, alcohol, traumas to the head. I was so excited to find him and to have confirmation of my personal work.

      For me, it is the scientifically proven proof that I am on the right track and that my muscle testing is an effective tool. I know this to be true but to have such a renowned doctor to confirm this is nothing short of a miracle.

      If you have the chance to look up DR Daniel Amen on youtube. He will provide for you that your work in health and welfare for the body is essential and give you the push to keep doing also.
      keep in touch.

      always a better way
      sending blessing your way

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