Self-Healing Techniques Simple and Free

Always a Better Way to your Health as Mother Nature Intended an introductory to Master Xiao Hong Chi In self healing. I have placed it in three parts first to get to now his story. than part 1 and then part 2 of the PaidoLajin Technique.

I have always believed that the body has it’s own capacity to heal. I was introduced just recently to this  fascinating Techniques PaidoLajin and would like to share it with you and the most interesting part is that it is free for all to have.

My interest here is that I have been talking about inflammation as the common denominator of all ailments. Here  I have found the connection to inflammation in the Meridians. Called blockage in  the ancient oriental arts of healing which resonated to me in a flash”Inflammation”.

I have been in contact with varies oriental practices The first being Acupuncture because my brother is a practitioner. Then finger pressure which I became very good at.

When I moved back to Canada I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the use of taping on the same meridians as Acupuncture, to find and eliminate emotional traumas.

Then I found the muscle testing which I base most of my work on, that lead me to finding inflammation as the common denominator.

I didn’t connect Meridian Health though slapping and stretching. Until I read an  article on The prostate in men and it was presented by Master Xiao Hong Chi  then I seen it, it was like lighting flashing, it was that strong.    A simple yes or no in the muscle testing.

The muscle testing technique  has become so much apart of me I will get the answer before even testing it and I just vibrated with the answer “yesssss”.

People will say things like “I just went with my gut feeling” not realizing that this is actually something that is very much apart of us. I need to add this into my work but I also need to ponder on it for a time to know how to go about going into it, with out being very complicated.

You might think this  to be a complex  Meridian system, I don’t find it complex at all, because if you think about it it is divided up into 4 parts Arms Hands Knees and feet each part becomes a oneness through out our Electrical System something much like light that is in and around us. One simple word Electrolytes which connect us to all plant life, earth, water and air.

The use of the words unbalance and blockage resonated to me “Inflammation.”

I will leave it here for know, enjoy the videos.
always a better way

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  1. Hello Linda,

    How very interesting to learn about this oriental self-healing practices. I also believe in the body’s capacity to heal itself.

    Inflammation is for sure the cause of most chronic diseases. The better it is, if we can cure inflammation without having to eat medicine. I do believe the answer is to stop eating processed food and reduce stress with the help of relaxation exercises and meditation. The healing practice like the ones you have shown here on your site seems to be another great way to help the body heal itself.

    All the best,

    1. Hi, there I agree with you Pernilla as per maintaining a healthy lifestyle the most recommended is to eat healthily and put in practice things like meditation walking in a park where there is nature all around us or just reading a good book will help reduce everyday stress.

      In today’s world, there are so many people getting sicker and sicker even the ones that have a healthy lifestyle because there is a built up of toxic matter that doesn’t get flushed away and it stays in the body. We can’t see it or touch it and some times feel it but it is there and it builds up over time. Then before we know it we get sick and wonder why.

      Educating the general public is a huge responsibility even educating ourselves. Understanding deceases and how our body works we can prevent and cure many if not all of these decreases. We tend to put a name on them but in reality, they are only manifestations in different parts of the body that there is something wrong. “Oh it is only a head ace and if I take an Advil I will be ok”, but in reality, the head ace is telling you something and we are not paying attention. Placing a band-aid on the problem will not make it go away.

      Oriental methods have been around for decades and we just know to begin to understand them, all our electoral system is connected one to the other there is no real decrease only blockage and I have equaled this to inflammation. This blockage stops our capacity to heal. Once the blockage is released the body responds by healing itself. It is very simple in reality.

      I had to go back to be able to move forward everything that I had learned from the beginning has been around the electrical system all connecting one to the other. The human body has this wonderful system put in place and I can relate to Jesus and his ability to heal. His energy around and in him had the ability to unblock then the body did the rest of the healing. Healing the blind, deaf, lepers all illnesses and all the people did was believe and his energy did the rest. Know if we can emulate this just by believing the body will do the rest but we need to take that leap of faith and believe and it will happen.

      Just like oxygen peroxide that unblocks the meridians just by the body creating its own oxygen that will flow throughout the body and unblock and detox the body because bacteria can not live in the oxygen so very simple it’s crazy or unheard of.

      I have been needing to find something that would create this in my daughter because of her disorder, it would be very difficult for her to do PaidaLijin because she wouldn’t understand the concept. I will be able to work with my grandson with both of these methods and I have already started. My whole purpose is to help them but in doing so I also help myself I am on the road to healing and I thank my Father in heaven for this wonderful opportunity to share our journey with the world.

      always a better way

  2. Hello Linda.
    It’s great that you’ve included a post about Paida Lajin in your blog. I’ve been practicing PL for the last 7-8 months and found them very helpful to get rid of the various types of pains, especially in the back, knees, joints. Anyone can practice them for himself and they are very easy to elaborate. And I do paida of the head when I am in a drowsy state but need to work behind the computer. It helps better than any energy booster.
    Thank you for sharing these great techniques of Chinese medicine.


    1. Dear Makhsud, I am eternally grateful that you introduced me to PaidaLajin, this has placed me in a learning mode all over again. I have been very busy studying PaidaLajin and applying it to myself as Master Xiao Hong Chi says you will only understand it’s power by applying. Lajin the stretching has been a great beginning to my own healing. Because I have an understanding of the meridians I know where the healing is taking place.

      I knew that there was a common denominator for all diseases put most importantly for my family I just posted my turn around in my work on this website, because I know understand where all this information about meridians and ancient Chines healing methods is the road I need to travel down for self-healing. The understanding of meridians through other healing methods have been in my background for a very long time.

      I am truly blessed to have been guided down this road.
      Always a better way

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