Review of Skinny Fiber and Patriot Power Greens

 Before I go any further with Jessy’s Story I would like to make a statement on these two products Skinny Fiber and Patriot Power Greens. My personal findings and why they worked and where to find them.

I have stated many times that each and every one of us is very unique and what works for one not necessarily means that it works the same for another. I do not claim that these products are cures, nore medications. But I do stand by them and say that there are all natural ingredients with no harmful side effects. I personally have used these and I have seen first hand the benefits that they have brought to myself and family members.

Skinny Fiber an all natural product that was introduced in the holistic world as a scientifically proven all natural Weight loss product. I think what drew me to Skinny Fiber in the first place was their take on


Digestive Enzymes:

Digestive enzymes help fight to keep your gut healthy. They are the key substances of the digestive process, working to break down our food for proper absorption. But when we don’t get enough enzymes from our food, our bodies can’t properly digest what we eat, causing users too often have weight gain and have a weaker immune system.

The digestive enzymes in Skinny Fiber give your body what it needs to get into maximum weight management mode! And the fact that a lot of people were raving about how Skinny fiber was helping them in diverse health problems one of them being Type 2 diabetes. The other was that most all the distributors of Skinny Fiber were also users of the product with testimonies of weight loss and diverse health problems.

Using Skinny Fiber:

I found that using Skinny Fiber helped the digestive system with regular bowel movements, but it is important to take in at least 8 glasses of water a day. Why? Even though the body gets rid of waste it is trying to remove old waste around the gut. And the Digestive Enzymes are working on cleaning the colon so it needs the water to help it to move softly down the intestines to get rid of it.

All your organs play a very specific part in the care of your body and all are united to make our body’s work properly. Some people have the idea that liquids are good enough not realizing that water is the only element that does not create waste. Waste is created in all that we drink and eat and the body needs to get rid of it. Water is the only eliminant that doesn’t create waste but cleanses and helps remove the waste.

Toxic waste:

I have gone over a lot about the toxins that we take in our system every single day. We can’t combat this but we can help our bodies eliminate it. Why are some slow in losing weight and other a lot quicker? It is very simple so simple that it is mind boggling. People do not eat the same, some have a higher intake of carbs, another has a low intake of carbs. Some respond better to the carbs and the body absorbs better with a high fiber intake others do not. It is a science all in it self. But skinny fiber has the capacity to regulate. Some quicker some slower others work very quickly. So don’t despair it is working.

I can’t tell you what is better for you or how much to take because I don’t know you, I don’t know how much sugar you consume, or salt intake or water you drink, or junk foods you consume or what how well your immune system is working. What are your Sensitivities? I can only tell you my experience in using Skinny Fiber. The only way you will know is by using it yourself. Your body will tell you, some people despair and give up and it is easy to say it doesn’t work. My work here has gone covered a great majority of these problems. For you to find your balance you need to read and reread it is not an easy road especially if you are just starting to understand your health problems.

My work with Jessy Melissa and myself has been a long road of understanding and I have broken a lot of it down for you. Remember that in Jessy it was a two-year prosses before he started to lose the weight. And it was a whopping 97lbs from 297 to 200 and why I didn’t I despair and give up on Skinny fiber, it is all there in my writings.

Patriot Power Greens:

Working with Skinny Fiber was the tool to finding the common denominator that was the main reason for Jessy’s Disability. In pinpointing the cause I was able to find the reason and work from there.

Inflammation. This is where I put him on the road to recovery. I had already had very good results with Skinny Fiber but for some reason, it stopped, there was no more weight gain and but there was healing taking place. I could see the results on his learning ability going from literally 0 to C’s&C+’s in two years. I don’t think it stopped working only that his body was finding it harder in combating the inflammation in his Brain. In finding The Power greens and applying the smoothies with the power greens vua-la another great improvement in his learning ability and another great boost in his social life. And that is where I will take this forward, moving into grade 8 High School.

Where to get Skinny Fiber and my disclaimer:

Skinny Fiber can only be found on an MLM (multi level marketing) program. When I found Skinny Fiber I became an associate but because of circumstances in my life, I was not able to continue. I have stayed in contact with a couple of members and we became friends over the years. I asked Micheal and Joyce if they would like to receive the benefits and receive any customers that I would send their way. They are a very dear couple with the only intent is helping others find there Ballance. Micheal has a great testimony that I have asked him to share with us as a Guest Writer so stay tuned for this guest writer you will enjoy his story as I did.

For those of you that are interested in getting Skinny Fiber, I have provided for you this link,

Skinny Body care

This will take you to their web site You can have a look around and investigate or read the information. I do not sell nor promote Skinny fiber for my own benefit. I am making a recommendation as a very beneficial product and you can become a preferred customer that buys Skinny Fiber directly from the company at the same price as a distributor. A Preferred customer will get his or her personal login page that you can use time and time again with out having to look for a distributor all the prices that are on that page are the same prices as a distributor that buys Skinny Fiber or any other product from Skinny Body Care.

Where is a button to the right of the page that says Order now that will take you to the sign-up page read the above claimer, that you would like to become a preferred customer? You can log in at any time and you can delete the account at any time you do not wish to continue on Skinny Fiber. There are pictures at the bottom of the page that will direct you to the product you wish to buy.

Why am I giving this information with out taking and revenue for myself? Because that is how strong I am that this product works and I also made an agreement with Micheal that he could use my web address for any leads that come his way. That way I am getting this information out to the multitude and sharing our story. That to me is more important than any thing else.




2 Replies to “Review of Skinny Fiber and Patriot Power Greens”

  1. Hi, Linda, I have found in your article such a great informations. I discovered something new, about Skinny Fiber, this product seems to be so powerful to help the digestive system and the explanation you give for anyone to understand how our organs play a very specific part in the care of our body. It is so truth, we definitely need to have the consciousness to help our body function properly.
    I will definitely talk to my friends about your products.
    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome article, I like the way you build your website, the presentation is clear and to the point.

    1. Hi, Jackie, thanks for your kind words, Sometimes we find products with strange names but upon investigating you might find behind them are excellent products, Skinny Fiber is one of them.
      My work has been finding things to help Jessy my grandson that had to severe trauma to the head at the age of 4 before the accident he was a very normal Kid and after he had a learning disability.
      For example, Up to grade 5 before Skinny Fiber, he was at a 3 level his learning minimal reading, minimal coordination, he had an ongoing weight gain in grade 5 he was wearing a 38 men’s pants and was weighing just under 300bls. That was very frighting because he wasn’t eating very good. It was very hard to get him to eat but what he did eat only went to body fat.

      This sounds strange but very true. His Pediatrician and MD would not believe me so I had to look elsewhere for help. Upon investigating many products and trying them out nothing seemed to work until I found Skinny Fiber.
      I was devastated. When I can across Skinny Fiber I laughed like all get out. Such a guffy name but it intrigued me and upon investigating it more. I got a very big surprise with all the testimonials on Skinny Fiber and the things that people were experiencing not just losing weight but they were getting healthy.
      I got my first three bottles. With natural products, it is recommended three months before you see results.Not all persons are equal, some might have resulted in the first month other might take up to three months or more. In Jessy’s case, he was on Skinny Fiber for a year before we seen the weight loss. It was gradual, But I stuck with it because I saw a change in him.
      This is all in my documented work that I have done with him. I feel by telling our story might help others make a change in other lives. In all my investigations I have found it has been a marvelous work and a wonder. feel free to share this website with others that you think might benefit.

      Always a better way
      sending blessings your way

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