Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritually always a better way

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritually There is always a better way



It’s 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep there are so many things going on in my mind so I thought I would write some of it down

I have been on this road of learning trying to understand why all this information is flowing to me. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, how it has affected me. The minds power to heal itself.

First I found PaidaLejin which is slapping and stretching. Then there was a book sent to me by a very dear friend on the power of Oxygen peroxide the power of Oxygen. Then there was The Ice Man which has to do with the power of Oxygen and it’s the power to go far beyond that of healing. Then there was a 7-day journey through Asia all to do with methods of Asian Healing, the truth about Cancer, then there was the Food Revolution Summit and coming up there is connected all to do with how our organism is all interconnected. That in itself says a lot to me because this for me is my total belief system.


Tonight I came across Colette From MAP C.I (Coaching Institute) groundbreaking information on how to break away from limiting beliefs that we create in our minds from the time we are born. That is installed in our minds from information that we process.


A lot of these beliefs are faults perceptions, that are handed down from generation to generation and what we were taught from the time we were being born.

All these have had an impact on my world of always a better way. I have been on a quest of healing for my family not knowing that in all of this there is a higher reason.

When I started Alway A Better Way it was to share with anybody that had an ear to listen and by doing so help others in any way that the common mind could prosses the information.

Down this road, it has turned into a journey that has taken me far and wide. To the point of confusion trying to understand stand why this was happening.

Before I started on this journey there had been other information that I had prior to the above. Acupuncture, Acupressures,   EFT, Kinesiology the art of Muscle testing,

Healing by means of herbs and wholesome home cooked foods, finding two important products that set my grandson on the road to healing. An injury from childhood that caused disability to his learning ability. All this was the beginning to Always A Better Way because this was my mindset. There is a better way of doing things all I had to do is find it and “boy was I right there!”

I thought I could keep myself out of the equation and I was so wrong. I wanted to believe that it was all to do with finding healing for My daughter and grandson and in doing so it would also help me. But to be able to help others I found that I had to help myself first. You never start on the outside in, always from the inside to be able to turn outwardly.

Tonight I found the !why! of all of this with Colette, that is how she introduces her self a very simple heartwarming person that I resonated with from the very beginning.

She is the piece of the puzzle that was missing. I will tell you more about why in a little bit. For now, I needed to write this down. In all of these interventions, there are four aspects that are very important to me. That they had to be very simple, that anybody can do it, and it had to be accessible to all with no strings attached.

I have been working on my own and the only help I have has been Spiritual help every step of the way. I have been guided into finding these answers and this is the key that I needed in finding the correct answers plus the fact that when I did come across the correct answers there is an overwhelming feeling of joy.

I know this feeling very well it comes from the Spiritual world because they are also rejoicing with me when they make the connection and I am able to understand. This Joy penetrates through the whole being and there is a lift that says

YES THIS IS IT.” sometime I will even get up and dance with joy.

This is why I can’t sleep the energy is too great and my mind is working a mile a minute. I am able to see where this is taking me and I am no longer frightened of it. Because I know that along this road I will find the better way and I will always have the help I need to obtain it.

                                           LIMITED BELIEFS

The limiting beliefs that we gain as we grow will be unblocked and I will be able to work and help as many people that have an ear to hear and eyes to see.

I know this is from the Scriptures but it is so true. Look and you shall find ask and the door will open up to you. Those that are looking will find and those that are asking will hear because truth can not be suppressed.

That is the first step called Faith. Faith isn’t something that you can touch it comes from within we are all born with it. We just need to open up those doors to understanding and you will find what you are looking for. The joy bubbles up within and you just know that what you are receiving is true.

The law of attraction is world re-known Colette takes it to a whole new level called    MAP this is where I am so excited. This was a totally new brack though, I will get into this tomorrow for know I need to rest. I have written all I can for tonight.

This was written on the 18th of May before I had a one on one phone call from Colette. I received a book from her after I attended a free seminar and we set up an interview to take place on Tuesday at 2:30 on the 21st of May. This is where everything came together.

But it didn’t stop there I read the book that very same night and this is when I wrote the first part of this Blog. I was totally blown away you can tell by the way I was writing.

I put the MAP to work for me clearing blockage on myself on my own personal limiting beliefs that had accumulated throughout my life. Then I went to work on my grandson which I will tell you about in another blog post the results where amazing.

Don’t skip over this video because it is the key. An insight into how the brain works and it is LIFE CHANGING


I Can’t go into detail because this would become so long. I am a great believer in all creation has its purpose. Even that of astrology, my birth date is the 27th of May and I just had a birthday. I believe that astrology is an energy source. Each and every one of us is different there are not two people exactly the same but there are traits that we do have in common.

Gemini the twins very dynamical sign. You might have heard of the age of Aquarius there was even a song about it. Very powerful time in the age of Aquarius but right now the sun has risen in Gemini for the first time I am in line with the Universe.

Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. WOW! I am not an advocate of reading or following astrologist’s but every once in a while I like to read a bit on what is happening with Gemini.

I do believe that everything has a season and a reason. It just happened after I had received and read The Map I can across an astrologist on Facebook that was giving a reading online for Gemini and she was very excited she gave a very clear understanding about the sun rising in Gemini this happened the after the interview with Colette which to me was extraordinary. The one on one with Colette in itself was extraordinary how I was able to work and clear blockage with myself and my grandson Just with her book


All the information that I have received has a pattern I like to think that I receive information from on High in a very specific way. This is for my understanding, precept upon precept here a little there a little and each time I had been given clear understanding I was given more.

The Physical Body

At first, my work had to do with the world and all that is happening to humanity. The big Parma Gurus, GMO’s, air pollution, food toxication, pesticides, petrol contamination, and the list goes on. Finding the root cause of all our health concerns. Which I believe to be chronic Inflammation due to all manner of contamination.

Research has taken me far and wide and the work has been slow. Food plays a very large part of healing but I was getting many conflicting procedures through my research. Vegan, plant-based diets, kino-genic, Paleo only to name a few.

It can become very confusing and at times I have had to stop. Then there takes place another wave of information that comes in. For two years I worked on this part of my blogging then there came another breakthrough.

Energy, I am a total believer that the body has its own capacity to heal itself the information was there all along I just didn’t recognize it but that for me is no problem because went I get a brainstorm it is because I am ready to receive it.

Acupuncture, acupressure, EFT, Muscle testing all these techniques are pure energy fields. All working in Harmony with the bodies own source of energy that we receive from the Sun taking on the ability to heal the body through the meridians…

Which brought me to PaidaLejin (Slapping and Stretching) I give a clear picture of this procedure in another post. (you will find it here if you haven’t seen the post.) Self-Healing Techniques Simple and Free

How this healing technique brought me full cycle on the physical body. And also what I had to do for myself and not keep hiding behind my daughter and my grandson’s afflictions. To be able to help other I needed to help myself first.

Emotional and mental go hand in hand but each has there place in healing.  Heart and brain

This part is very very important in our healing to be able to heal many of our afflictions come from mental and emotional traumas that we go throughout our life span and they get loges in our brain and nerves system and can cause catastrophic events on our health, different type of diseases, including chronic pain, hypertension, diabetes, cancer.

This is where I became very excited, the brain is the most complex organ that we have there are many parts of the brain that science is still looking at. But here my understanding goes to the structure of the conscious and subconscious mind and what I believe to be the cortex the Superconscious mind. This is where the MAP takes on a whole different meaning.

Colette explains it this way………We also now know where the conscious mind and the unconscious mind is located in the brain. The unconscious mind is present in the limbic area which is located in the middle of the brain and the conscious mind has been connected to the prefrontal cortex just behind your forehead. Both the conscious and unconscious minds share in man ageing active memories that create all of our behaviours and limited beliefs

The question is, what if, instead of counting on the limited capacity of the conscious mind, we used our Superconscious to handle the healing? It is aware of all the active memories both in the conscious and unconscious areas of the brain. (This is the foundation of the MAP) a very appropriate name meaning Manifesting All Possibilities. like a Map, it shows you the way.

Here is the most important part that I would like to share with you. Your mind has the capacity to rewire itself once you have eliminated your limited beliefs. You will notice that your mind has astonishing power. It has the ability to repair itself on demand. There is so much more to this but at this time I will cover this in a future post.

A quote from Colette’s book: However, a new revolution is going on in the world of belief management. New tools, more powerful than ever before, are coming to the planet now and they will facilitate the shift of consciousness. They allow, for the first time in history, a very easy, fast, and painless way to change and upgrade our unconscious beliefs and emotions. With these new techniques, everyone, individually, will be able to change their own mental capacity and beliefs and manage their own fears and emotions.


For a balanced mindset, we need Spirituality not matter how you might think spiritually looks like, it is a pure form of reality it is all things that are good. Positivity, humility, kindness, honour, faith, hope and charity and charity suffereth long and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoices in the truth, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

Charity is the pure love of Christ and endureth forever.

Without this, there is no way I would have been able to write, I don’t write for myself, I write from imprecations that I have been given. I make no claim nor do I retract. I am not a writer but I am the author and if there are mistakes it is of human error.

Spiritually plays a very large part of the unconscious mind I believe that we have all the knowledge of the Spirit world locked in our unconscientiousness from the day we were born and there was a vale that came between us and the unconscious mind.

For example, have you ever felt like a light came on and you experience a truth that you cannot deny? You know it to be true but you can’t explain I. Ask and you shall receive knock and it will open unto you.

Have you ever wondered how people like the Right brother got their information or how the light was invented had it not occurred to you that these special spirits worked on this invention even before they were born and brought this knowledge with them?

People like Henry Ford or Martin Luther King Locked into there unconscious mind and brought forward at a given time. It’s kind of mind-boggling, isn’t it? Anyways however it is done all has a purpose and everything in its own time.

To me abundance is the abundance of knowledge to be shared. I have created a donation Button for sole  purpose of keeping this website going, any donation of any demonination is wellcome. Many God bless and keep you healthy.

Always a better way Linda

2 Replies to “Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritually always a better way”

  1. Dear Linda,

    You are on an exciting journey in your life. All those things you encountered, one after the other. They show you a path which you can walk, probably which you should walk but you always have the choice.

    I am happy to see you are so open minded that is also one of the reasons why you come across these unusual things.

    I agree with you, it can become very confusing when reading about the different possibilities when wanting to find the right diet. Personally, I think it comes down to trial and error. Over time you get more fine-tuned to the messages your bodies sends you. It will tell you, this is beneficial to you and that you better do not eat.

    When one is on a purely man-made diet your fine antenna cannot function well anymore. One normally stuffs oneself with bad food over many years but then you cannot read the signals your body sends you. The cleaner you eat the better you can hear and see those signals.

    Body, Mind, and Soul, it all belongs and forms part of us. The video you put on your post is so good and positive and shows us we can do it.

    I am looking forward to reading more about your findings as reading it makes me participate a little too.

    Your friend from the south of Spain, Taetske

    1. Hi, Taetske, thanks for the feedback it is very important to what I have been doing and it helps a lot when you find readers that have an understanding and can see beyond.

      It is so true what you said about the pathways we are shown to walk and it is also very true about having and making the right chooses.

      I have already formulated the idea of where this is taking me. It is very clear that The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual has an effect on our bodies and should be treated accordingly. Balance in all thing is very necessary for the health and wellness of the body you can’t just treat the one you need to treat all of them.

      You use Body mind and soul but there is a greater meaning when we add emotional to the equation. The emotional part of us, we might say is the creator of all our health issues. Science can now prove that emotion like sadness, anger, hipper tension, tribulations of all kinds can cause us to become ill.

      I will go more into this as my mind materializes more on these subjects but within the 7-day videos into Asia there was a lot of miracles that took place just with a happier attitude and the Spiritual side also.people were transformed. Change your mind changer you emotions an getting in touch with your spiritual self your physical-self changed and your body heals but there was also the food values which is Physical.

      There is much more to this because I was shown these four aspects of ones-self. On my own health issues, I can see where I have gone wrong and how to rewire my brain. Which I already have put into action. This is where the Video That I have shown come into play.

      Always a better way, my friend, HIG’s Love Linda

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