My Search for Self-Healing- Always a Better Way

My search in self- healing has been long and my research has been extensive. Two years ago I started this web site,   ”  Always a Better Way” to your health as Mother Nature Intended.

My daughter is Mentally handicapped from birth there were many hours of labor and she was finally delivered through cesarean birth. At the time there was no indication that she was disabled but as she grew I noticed that her development was slow and we had her evaluated at the age of two.

The conclusions were that she suffered lack of Oxygen at birth there for she was going to be a slow learner but there was no knowing how far her development would take her nor how much damage was done to the brain.

She also had a heart condition that would require surgery I put it off as much as possible hoping that science would come up with a better way. But that wasn’t to be at the age of 12 she went through open heart surgery.

Since surgery there was a tremendous amount of weight gain, that has caused multiple problems in her health. At the age of 21 she was abused and has a son my grandson and I became a mother again to a very healthy baby. Through his birth, my daughter also became a type two diabetic.

But at the age of 4, he had an accident with severe trauma to the head and was intervened from a neurosurgeon who had to stop the bleeding inside his little head. There was no telling if this was going to cause problems in the future but it was inevitable he became disabled know I had two disabilities to take care of.

I was already trained in the care of my daughter so I knew what was in store for me. This set in motion any challenges, I didn’t want him to go through life as a disability case.

There was something that kept pulling at me and that I had to do something about it. There was also the same weight gain that my daughter had after surgery.

Jess from Kindergarten through to grade 6

My daughter’s weight gain was gradual but he was exhilarated by the time he reached grade 5 he was 300 lb and there was no help from the medical world because he was not a big eater.

Though all this I acquired hypertension. leaky bladder syndrome,  possible diabetes but I refuse to go to the doctors because I see that the medical world has become very corrupted by the big Pharm Gurus and that the drug that my daughter is on is killing her.

Why do I think I have diabetes? I have all the symptoms and nephropathy in my feet and constipation high blood pressure through all this I have to keep my own aliment undercover. I needed to take the bull by the horn and figure this out for myself. I wasn’t about to place my grandson in the hands of the medical world, nor myself for that matter.

Hence the long road in investigating and researching for myself and piece by piece it all started to come together so I created this site to share my findings.

I came to the conclusion there was a common denominator that I needed to find. My understanding started with Acupuncture then acupressure, EFT, Meridian Health and Kinesiology.  all of these had a common ground they all worked on the meridians of the body.

Through Kinesiology I was able to find the common denominator meaning that there was a connection that all of us had that I found to be inflammation but how to work with it was another matter until I came across Master Xiao Hong Chi and PaidoLajin then it hit me like a lighting bolt imbalance and blockage was all the same as inflammation “bingo” I had it.

In all the years prior I had not made the connection until I meet up with PaidoLajin. Know I am on the road to learning and healing I know I can do it because it all makes sense to me know and this has always been my path that I had been lead down on always asking always searching and we have a wonderful Heavenly Father that had been showing me the way all those years ago. But until I was ready for it the light didn’t turn on.

I have known that there is always a better way I just didn’t understand how. On my website, I take you through all my trials and tribulations ask and you shall receive knock and it shall be opened up to you-you just need patience learning and understanding

Always A Better Way

Linda Frankson

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  1. Hi, Linda.
    This is the first time I visited your site.
    Thank you for explaining why you have created this site.
    I can’t imagine how hard it has been for you to take care of your daughter and your grandson. Thank you for taking care of them, and I will keep my fingers crossed for their health.
    My dad suffered from diabetes for many years until he passed away four years ago.
    I may have a high chance of getting it. So, following proper health-guidelines will be essential for me.
    Your site contains a lot of helpful information for maintaining health, and I will check other articles on this site.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Jason, for visiting my site. It has been a while since writing here because I was in the process of taking all the information and writing it in a book I finished, and I will be posting the book here. The other two I have here are my work also, and they are free to download.
      Health is very important and I am sorry to hear about your Father. But I would like you to know with all the information now on Diabetes that it is not hereditary. Just by looking after yourself with a proper diet. It is a known fact that sugar is the culprit just by limiting your sugar intake; you will be fine. It is a hard thing to do because of everything on our shelves has added sugar

  2. Hi Linda
    Thank you for always bringing us the better way – too many of our lives are on fast forward and our diets and lifestyles are detrimental to our health – thank you for reminding us to slow down and seek the answers. Always keeping our Heavenly Father at the forefront.
    Blessings to you

    1. Thank you, Louise, for your visit and very touching comment. I hope that any information that I have in these posts will have many benefits to you and yours. There are many roadblocks on this road to health that I have sought and by sharing them with others I am well blessed.

      There is always a better way has been a life long struggle and I feel privileged to be able to bring any information that will bring help to others in there struggle with there health.

      always a better way
      sending blessings your way

  3. Dear Linda,

    Your post will be such a help for people who also walk a difficult health path. I am so sorry to hear the story of your daughter and your grandson. It is a big burden for all people involved.
    I am so happy to read you did not give up and started to investigate.
    Often in life, there will be moments when one comes across something really helpful and that again will lead you to more help. In your case, I see it as a health evolution which will help you to master all problems.
    As you said imbalance/blockage = inflammation. Inflammation is the beginning of all evil as the immune system cannot cope with it anymore.
    I am going to send you the Oxygen Protocol. You might find it worth trying.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you so much Taetske for the Oxygen Protocol, I have had experience with it from a very long time back when I first started down this road and I am totally thankful that you have brought this back to me because it was something that I have been missing and I have to ask for clarity.

      Now I can truly move on because I have put it in action already and will be posting about this experience and how it throws light on what I write about, how it all ties in. There have been amazing things happening and I have amazing friends

      Thank you, dear friend, Linda

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