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                    Kinesiology/ Muscle Testing

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1. What is Kinesiology?

The most common understanding of Kinesiology is called muscle testing, uses your own energy in your electrical system and that flows throughout our body and muscles.

I will walk you through Kinesiology step by set.  My understanding goes back many years before I even came across Kinesiology as a tool to better health.

As children we thought it was magical, my mother took a sewing needle and threaded it. Placing the needle in a downward position over the palm of her hand, then she asked a question that would respond to a simple yes or no. If the question was yes this type of pendulum would make a circular motion. If the answer was no it would sway back and fourth.

We thought she was making the needle move until we tested it out for ourselves. Magically we would get answers.  As a child, we knew what the answer was. Then we would make a negative statement and guess what the pendulum would sway back and fourth we thought this to very neat.

2 What is Kinesiology used for?

If I knew what I know today that could have changed a whole lot of things for me. But alas it wasn’t to be. As I came across this technique many years later it was very easy for me to learn and apply it to my life.

In my most recent post, I covered my learning experiences in Acupuncture, Pressurepunture, and EFT. All these methods are based on our Electrical System.Through meridians that are thought out our bodies and by removing the blockage that has been caused by sickness, mentally and physically, within our nervous system, we can return to a much healthier and happier state of mind and body.

Through muscle testing, we can pinpoint where the problem lies and identify it internally and externally. Why it sounds too easy to be true? Why don’t we know about this?. It’s a very easy answer. We had no understanding of our bodies and how we are built.

The most incredible piece of machinery ever to be created is the human body and its capacity to heal itself. Then if this is true, why are we in the state health we are in today? These are questions that I have asked myself over and over again. There is no easy answer only through understanding can we make conclusions. I have come to the point in my life that through Muscle testing, my intellectual growth has grown spiritually, mentally and physically. Through muscle testing, we can ask any question and get an answer and I literally mean anything and everything!

3. How is Kinesiology used?w is

My earlier experiences with muscle testing were awkward, and it is very understandable. In the beginning to come to the conclusion that it really does work, but it takes practice. There are two techniques that will give you a better and deeper understanding to your own capacity, in learning Kinesiology.

1. The arm test;  If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor or holistic physician experienced in muscle testing, you’ve experienced kinesiology. The doctor tells you to stick out your arm and resist his pressure. It feels like he is trying to push your arm down after he has told you not to let him do it. Everything is going fine, and then all of a sudden he presses and your arm falls down like a floppy fish no matter how hard you try to keep it up. That is using Kinesiology.

Simply stated, the body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grid. If anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain or enhance your health and your body’s balance, your muscles, when having physical pressure applied, are unable to hold their strength. (Muscle power is directly linked to the balance of the electrical system.) In other words, if pressure is applied to an individual’s extended arm while his body’s electrical system is being adversely affected, the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure.

The circuits of the electrical system are overloaded or have short-circuited, causing a weakening of that system. However, if pressure is applied while his electrical system is being positively affected, the circuits remain strong, balanced and capable of fully functioning throughout the body. The muscles will remain strong, the person will easily resist and the arm will hold its position.

2 The swaying of the body; which is the easiest system to learn on your own at home, suggests that your thoughts and emotions produce a certain response in your nervous system, affecting your motor response (movement of your body).

Standing, you can us something that you know is not good for you. Tap your breastplate several times before continuing, then place an object or substance to your chest using both hands and ask “is this object or substance good for me.” Whatever you use, name the object or substance. For example, use simple table salt or the sugar bowl. And ask “is this salt or sugar good for me?” Your body will respond with a slit swaying motion backward or forwards. Backward, is a no and forwards, is a yes.

This technique is very easy to perform and on a daily base. This was the simplest form for me when I started Kinesiology. When I need a quick answer and I am in public I go naturally to this form of kinesiology. Sometimes even without thinking about it, I will get an answer. Just by listening to others. I am not constantly aware, as I follow the conversation I will be able to detect a true or a faulty statement.

As we become more and more aware of our body. You will hear things like your very intuitive or assertive. Knowing a truth when we hear it becomes a part of us again, we have this from the day we were born we are only going back and learning it all over again.

The problem in today’s world we get bogged down with precepts and concepts of the world that we learned on daily basis. “The Dr. said this, so it has to be true”! We become confused, within we already know that there is something wrong. I have heard this over and over again. You were told that this is the problem and within you feel that it isn’t, but he or she is the Dr. So it has to be true.

Kinesiology: The Tool for Testing

Kinesiology is another word for muscle testing. Kinesiology is simple. Anybody can do it because it uses your electrical system and your muscles. If you are alive, you have these two things. I know that sounds smart-mouthed of me, but I’ve learned that sometimes people refuse to believe that anything can be so simple. So they create a mental block—only “sensitive types” can do this, or only women can do it. It’s just not true. Kinesiology happens to be one of those simple things in life just waiting around to be learned and used by everyone.

This electrical/muscular relationship is a natural part of the human system. It is not mystical or magical. Kinesiology is the established method for reading the body’s balance through the balance of the electrical system at any given moment.

Kinesiology Self-Testing Steps

1. THE CIRCUIT FINGERS. If you are right-handed: Place your left-hand palm up. Connect the tip of your left thumb with the tip of the left little finger (not your index finger). If you are Circuit Fingersleft-handed: Place your right-hand palm up. Connect the tip of your right thumb with the tip of your right little finger. By connecting your thumb and little finger, you have closed an electrical circuit in your hand, and it is this circuit you will use for testing.

Before going on, look at the position you have just formed with your hand. If your thumb is touching the tip of your index or first finger, laugh at yourself for not being able to follow directions, and change the position to touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the little or fourth finger. Most likely this will not feel at all comfortable to you. If you are feeling a weird sense of awkwardness, you’ve got the first step of the test position! In time, the hand and fingers will adjust to being put in this position and it will feel fine.

Circuit fingers can touch tip to tip, finger pad to finger pad or thumb resting on top of the little finger’s nail. Women with long nails need not impale themselves.

2. THE TEST FINGERS. To test the circuit (the means by which you will apply pressure to Test Fingersyourself), place the thumb and index finger of your other hand inside the circle you have created by connecting your thumb and little finger. The thumb and index finger should be right under your thumb and your little finger, touching them. Don’t try to make a circle with your test fingers. They are just placed inside the circuit fingers that do form a circle. It will look as if the circuit fingers are resting on the test fingers.


3. POSITIVE RESPONSE. Keeping this position, ask yourself a yes/no question in which you already know the answer to be yes. (“Is my name _____?”) Once you’ve asked the Positive Responsequestion, press your circuit fingers together, keeping the tip-to-tip position. Using the same amount of pressure, try to pull apart the circuit fingers with your test fingers. Press the lower thumb against the upper thumb, and the lower index finger against the upper little finger.

The action of your test fingers will look like scissors separating as you apply pressure to your circuit fingers. The motion of the test fingers is horizontal. Don’t try to pull your test fingers vertically up through your circuit fingers. This action sometimes works but it is not as reliable as the horizontal scissors action.

The circuit position described in step 1 corresponds to the position you take when you stick your arm out for the physician. The testing position in step 2 is in place of the physician or another convenient arm pumper. After you ask the yes/no question and you press your circuit fingers tip-to-tip, that is equal to the doctor saying, “Resist my pressure.” Your circuit fingers now correspond to your outstretched, stiffened arm. Trying to pull apart those fingers with your testing fingers is equal to the doctor pressing down on your arm.

If the answer to the question is positive (if your name is what you think it is!), you will not be able to easily push apart the circuit fingers. The electrical circuit will hold, your muscles will maintain their strength, and your circuit fingers will not separate. You will feel the strength in that circuit.

IMPORTANT: Be sure the amount of pressure holding the circuit fingers together is equal to the amount of your testing fingers pressing against them. Also, don’t use a pumping action in your test fingers when applying pressure to your circuit fingers. Use an equal, steady and continuous pressure.

Play with this a bit. Ask a few more yes/no questions that have positive answers. Now, I know it is going to seem that if you already know the answer to be “yes,” you are probably “throwing” the test. That’s reasonable, but for the time being, until you get a feeling for what the positive response feels like, you’re going to need to deliberately ask yourself questions with positive answers.

While asking questions, if you are having trouble sensing the strength of the circuit, apply a little more pressure. Or consider that you may be applying too much pressure and pull back some. You don’t have to break or strain your fingers for this; just use enough pressure to make them feel alive, connected and alert.

4. NEGATIVE RESPONSE. Once you have a clear sense of the positive response, ask yourself a question that has a negative answer. Again press your circuit fingers together and, using Negative Responseequal pressure, press against the circuit fingers with the test fingers. This time the electrical circuit will break and the circuit fingers will weaken and separate. Because the electrical circuit is broken, the muscles in the circuit fingers do not have the power to easily hold the fingers together. In a positive state the electrical circuit holds, and the muscles have the power to keep the two fingers together.

How much your circuit fingers separate depends on your personal style. Some people’s fingers separate a lot. Other’s barely separate at all. Mine separate about a quarter of an inch. Some people’s fingers won’t separate at all, but they’ll definitely feel the fingers weaken when pressure is applied during a “no” answer. Give yourself time and let your personal style develop naturally.

Also, if you are having a little trouble feeling anything, do your testing with your forearms resting in your lap. This way you won’t be using your muscles to hold up your arms while trying to test.

Play with negative questions a bit, and then return to positive questions. Get a good feeling for the strength between your circuit fingers when your electrical system is balanced and the weakness when it is short-circuited or imbalanced. You can even ask yourself (your own system) for a positive response and then, after testing, ask for a negative response. (“Give me a positive response.” Test. “Give me a negative response.” Test.) You will feel a positive strength and the negative weakness. In the beginning, you may feel only a slight difference between the two. With practice, that difference will become more pronounced. For now, it is just a matter of trusting what you have learned; and practicing.

Don’t forget the overall concept behind kinesiology. What enhances our body, mind, and soul makes us strong. Together, our body, mind, and soul create an environment that, when balanced, is strong and solid. If something enters that environment and challenges the balance, the environment is weakened. That strength or weakness first registers in the electrical system, and it can be discerned through the muscle-testing technique; kinesiology.

Kinesiology Tips

If you are having trouble feeling a positive and negative response in the circuit fingers, try switching hands; the circuit fingers become the test fingers and vice versa. Most people who are right-handed have this particular electrical circuitry that is used in kinesiology in their left hand. Left-handers generally have the circuitry in their right hand. But sometimes a right-hander has the circuitry in the right hand and a left-hander has it in the left hand. You may be one of those people. If you are ambidextrous, choose the circuit hand that gives you the clearest responses.

If you’re still not getting a satisfactory “yes” and “no” after several weeks of trying, ask nature to help you learn and develop kinesiology. In fact, it can help you unjam the logs around this issue. Simply direct your focus to nature (nature intelligence) and state that you would like it to help you learn to do kinesiology testing. Also, state that you would like to feel a clear positive and negative response in your testing. Then walk away from trying to test for the rest of the day and return to it in a day or two. Read the kinesiology steps and practice the testing. This time, pay attention to any intuitive “hits” you might receive the testing and play with the information. Now you’ll have success with feeling “yes” and “no.”


Kinesiology is the singular most important tool that I have learned. Through this have been able to detect and pin- point general health problems, within my Family and the common denominator, that rules the three of us.

As we progress into my story with Melissa and Jessy it will become very evident why.








12 Replies to “Kinesiology -Muscle Testing”

  1. Hi Linda,
    I love doing muscle testing and I am very familiar with it since I have learned the healing method “Body Talk” by John Veltheim.

    However, I also have learned more about this tool, which is so handy not just for oneself but is used in practice when working with a client.

    Later one I also read the book “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins which gave me even more inside into the matter of Kiniesology.

    I really enjoyed your article and will browse a bit more through your website.

    Thank you for sharing, appreciated.


    1. Wonderful Sylvia There are not many people that I run into have the knowledge in Muscle testing. I find it is essential in the work that I have set myself. This has been a very interesting and inspiring road.

      Each and every one of us has a road to follow and when we follow it we find happiness even if it through tribulations there is a reason for everything we do and for the people we encounter along the way.

      When we reach out to others and find that pathway it is a joy that invades us. The Creator knows us better then we know ourselves and knows our capacity.

      Engaging with people is a very noble work to do. We were never left on our own there has always been a dear loving Father that created this world and everything that is in it all has one purpose to bring us back home again. I find that we have been made in his image and we all have the capacity to be like him.

      The most fascinating work of art is the Human condition and we have just come to the tip of the iceberg there is so much to learn especially how our bodies have the capacity to heal itself. The energy that is in and around us and how it works is beyond imagination. Using it wisely has been only been given to a very few.

      To be able to pass on the muscle testing tool in its simplest form is a blessing and a right for all to have.

      Thank you, Sylvia, for your participation on my site I am sure that it will be of interest to who every visits me here.

      always a better way

  2. Aloha Linda!
    Thank you so much for taking time and responding! I absolutely agree! The technique feels completely natural to me … as if I would have done it many times.
    Your article inspired me to try the muscle testing method, and I like to give you more detailed feedback about my experience.
    I used the Sway Test Technique. 🙂 Because I applied the technique from my memory (I already can see a big smile on your face, Linda.), there are some differences between the technique and what I did. I hope this is fine with you and the technique.

    First off, I established the yes-position, the no-position and I added the neutral position. I tested the answer with different questions for a while, until I got every possible answer minimum three times.

    I placed several items on the bed little more than one foot apart:
    1) a medical cream I started using recently,
    2) wrapped Kirkland Nutbar,
    3) wrapped M&Ms with peanuts,
    4) Hawaiian Fresh Water in a plastic bottle,
    5) Witch Hazel in a plastic bottle,
    6) Magnesium Spray with organic ingredients from natural plant extract resolved in purified water with the addition of organic Lavender in the glass bottle.

    I tested each item after another, warming up with testing the yes and no answers. I didn’t test the neutral position.
    Then I tested each item taking it in my hand and holding it. After I tested one item I was stepping forward to the next one.
    First off, I always asked the same question: Is this item good for me? Then, is the content good for me?
    I also asked more detailed questions as for how often would be ok to consume something without disadvantages, but I will leave the additional question out of here for now.
    Double “yes” means my body moved forward two times before it found back to the neutral position; by yes/no my body swayed forth and back, then found back to neutral position.
    My answers:
    item good for you? the content of the item good for you? Is it helping?
    1) no no yes
    2 no no
    3 no no (neutral for consumption one time in a year)
    4 no yes (I should drink more of it)
    5 no yes/no (alcohol = no; Witch Hazel = yes)
    6 neutral/yes yes/yes (I should use more of it.)

    I’m very impressed! The testing was fun! I really enjoyed it, and it also lifted up my energy after the little too long lunch break. So, very happy I have found the Sway Testing Technique! Very grateful for it!! Thank you for posting and sharing this precious information!
    Big Mahalo! This is truly a better way! What do you think about my experience, Linda?

    Love and light to you!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Wow, that is fantastic Jenna. You currently put it to the test, I am so happy for you and yes I was smiling from ear to ear. With the use of this technic, you will find answers not only for yourself but for family members also. If you are testing a family member, to get a clear answer ask their permission to do the testing and always drink a good glass of water beforehand. Your body works on your energy flow and water is your generator. Does that make sense?

      If you find you are not getting a good answer or a confusing answer there again drink water. I have a very dear friend that I learned this technic from and if I am not sure that my answer is correct I would ask her to test it for me. I never give my answer until she gives hers and just about every time we will be on the same page.

      When you are in sink with your body you will find many times that your body is answering your question without you even realizing you are asking a question. Sometimes I have to stop and because I didn’t really know I was asking a question, I have had to go back in my mind to find the question I asked. Usually, they are not an important question but your body is responding. Then you will stand there and just smile to yourself as I am doing right now

      My sensitivity is so much that I will hear the yes even before my body response. Yes, you can ask for specific amounts when testing a health product and you get a yes. then you can ask how much and how many times a day us the 1 to 10 method using your numbers one at a time when you go over and get a no you have your answer.

      If you are working with EFT you can test your feelings on the answers you get. Too much of a good thing can also be a problem. As you work with your question try to be very clear don’t ask about something with more the one denominator, as you work with this it becomes part of you.

      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me I would be tickled to death to answer.
      Always a better way
      sending blessings your way
      you have a friend in me

  3. Aloha Linda!
    I’m so excited reading your post! All these powerful and easy to learn ways to improve our life quality! This is for sure THE better way!
    I learned some Kinesiology during my NLP-Master Training (NLP = Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). The focus was on the Arm-Test and how it works. And why it works.
    Even though I found it fascinating, I never brought it into my life.
    This is what makes me so excited! Our ways crossed magically – and I can learn from you to implement what I already learned and also learn new Kinesiology methods!
    Thank you so much, Linda!
    From now on, I’m a frequenter on you wonderful website!

    Please, keep up doing that important and beautiful work! Mahalo!

    Countless blessings, love and light to you, Linda!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Dearest Jenna I am so pleased that you found this tool and that will start to apply it to your world.

      Yes, Jenna, it is very fascinating although I have much knowledge of how our electrical system works in our bodies. Kinesiology is the single most important tool that I have learned, it made all the other things that I have learned make sense. You see with this tool you can acknowledge a truth when we hear it, see it, or feel it.

      I believe that all of us have the capability to use this tool, it is a God-given gift from a loving heavenly Father, we were never left alone it was given to us before we were born into the world to know a truth when see hear or feel it, we feel it deep within us. We have a mechanism deep within us, it is a simple yes or a no. There are no other words I can use to describe this. It just is. We know it, but we become overwhelmed by the things of the world. This method will help give us the answers we seek because it is part of us.

      When I came across this tool it was very easy for we to understand it, it made sense to me. It has become part of me, I get the answers I seek. For example, you felt the truth as you read this article. This is Kinesiology, but we also have a way to test it for ourselves and we will always get the answer with just a simple yes or no, it is that easy.

      I like the swaying motion because I can use it anywhere I am. Many a time I will find myself swaying without realizing it because I have become very sensitive to the general world around me.

      If you have any question I am more then willing to answer them for you. The internet is a wonderful world of technology we have the world at our fingertips.

      Always a better way
      sending blessings your way
      you have a friend in me
      much regards Linda

      1. Aloha Linda!

        First off, thank you so much for taking time and replay in such a detailed, interesting and beautiful way! It means a lot to me!

        I just looked at your photograph on your site and can see your smile! Wonderful! I’m also smiling from ear to ear!

        Thank you very much for reminding me about the water. I always pay attention to drink enough water, especially before and after healing processes. I also did it for the testing session. However, sometimes for some reason, I fail to drink enough. Therefore, a reminder is always good!

        I see, you already anticipated my plans. Indeed, I plan to do the testing with my husband. In case, if he is not willing to apply the technique himself – he is not into any bodily or mental techniques except the breathing technique – I understand that I could ask him for his permission and do the process for him! This is great!

        It is wonderful, Linda, you shared with me the history of how the usage of the Sway Test Technique started for you. I would love to see this technique more and more naturally implemented in my daily life. I love to increase communication with my body and benefit from the answers and guidance!

        I completely agree! The answers are coming fast and easily! When I tested those six different items, I started with the wrap. We all know that plastic is not good for us. However, we drink from plastic bottles all the time. But it got more serious to eliminate the plastics after hearing my body responding “No”! I’m already planning to increase our rainwater catchment consumption. At the moment we drink it only boiled, even though we use the Big Berkey for purification.

        The answers of testing the medical cream were first off confusing to me. “Is it good for me?” “No.” “Does it help to heal?” “Yes.” I put only the question mark into my mind and found the following answer: “You need to bring your body in balance, so you don’t need the cream at all. The cream is only a crutch.”

        Also, the responses of testing Witch Hazel were confusing first. This product has only two ingredients, so I tested them. Is it the alcohol that is drying out my skin got a “yes”. Since then I put coconut oil on my hands more frequently.

        Reading your response to my comment about the increasing the sensitivity using the technique, I thought “Yes!” There is indeed a rise of sensitivity! It was noticeable already during my very first testing. My body literally shot out the answers, calling for more questions!
        It is great advice to use the 1 to 10 scale to get more detailed answers about how frequently a product could be used! Thank you!

        Yes! I agree with you, Linda. I will continue to use the Sway Test Technique plain. It is not fun doing such processes more complicated than necessary! I’m really looking forward to using the Sway Test Technique as a natural reflex of asking questions and getting responses from my body! Beautiful!

        I say thanks to my body every time I ask questions, every time I get answers, every time my body is helping me to find solutions for anything I’m looking for.

        I know about the intelligence of the body, of the intelligence of every single cell for a long time. However, it took me so many years to finally using it for mine and others best.

        Thank you very much, Linda, for opening that door for me!!

        I wish you a great healing year 2019! May many people find the right help through your work! May your light go around our planet shining!

        God bless you!
        Aloha, Jenna

        1. Hi, Jenna, it is so nice to continue receiving messages from you. You are my star student and I know that others will benefit from our conversations. Continue to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing from time to time. When I have my e-book ready on Muscle testing I will send you a copy so that you have in your own personal collection. I know that even though we an ocean away this will be a memorable experience for both of us.
          Always a better way
          sending blessings your way

          1. Aloha Linda!
            Thank you so much for your kind words!!
            I already benefited so much from the Sway Test Technique and our conversation! Big mahalo!!
            I feel honored and blessed! And, I’m looking forward to your e-book!
            Yes, it will be memorable, for sure!

            Love and light to you!
            Aloha, Jenna

          2. Dearest Jenna, This has been a great experience for both of us. I wish you well and I am just about finished with my e-book so watch for in your mailbox. With much regards
            Always a better way,
            sending blessings your way,
            you have a friend in me,

  4. Hi Linda
    This is the better way. We started seeing a chiropractor over 25 years ago. She used kinesiology to help pinpoint her patients ailments such as food sensitivities etc. She taught us the arm technique which my wife uses in her job at a natural health store.

    When our kids were very little we took them to the chiropractor as well. We never went to see a doctor and they never had health problems.

    We never have conventional cleansers in our home, we don’t use perfumed lotions, shampoos or candles. We have never eaten processed foods and recently we switched to a diet of around 80% fruit.

    What you describe in your blog is the better way. If you do some research into health you will find a better way.

    1. Hi, Luther your participation is very important for other to read and reflect, in a better way. I know that there are people in the world that have the same criteria as I do and one of my greatest hopes is to come in contact and attract you and others like you to make comments and in doing so we are fortifying and helping other in finding a better way.

      I am, just now working on documenting all that I had to learn through the trials and tribulations of my own Family Members.

      The other posts are my understandings that I had to learn, that lead up to finding a better way. This has taken years to accomplish and in sharing this life experience in hope that it will help others to make changes in their lives.

      My research has been extensive, starting back at a very young age but it wasn’t until I came in contact with Kinesiology, muscle testing and put into practice, I have been able to understand the human body and it’s marvelous healing power that goes far beyond that of modern medicine.

      In all of my research, I have come across others that have gone through tremendous health problems that have helped me along this road also. Through their trials and their findings, that are very well documented I have been able to relate and find my better way.

      Kinesiology is a God-given “gift” that was given to all man Kind from the beginning of Mankind to help us cross this world. We were not placed into this world without the tools to help us along this road is a Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

      I commend your Wife and yourself for using this tool in your own lives and that of your Children’s lives because they will carry this on to their children. In hopes of a better world without sickness.

      Your wife has the sensitivity in using the arm technic, have her look at the swaying motion technic as it is a lot easier to us as a personal tool in the home, out shopping ex-ex we can get answers to anything. The arm technic is good for helping others understand and as they feel their bodies response.

      Always a better way
      sending blessings your way

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