Journey To a Better way part two

 As I travel down this road on my journey, there have been times that I have had to take a break. It can become very confusing with all the medical terms. At times it can become mind-boggling to the point that I would have to step back and let the information absorb. Then there were times that I would make a breakthrough and couldn’t stop writing and the mind would run a mile a minute.

The Mind Part Two of This Series:

The mind goes hand in hand with the physical self also a very large part of the emotional and spiritual self. You have heard of the saying mind over matter. The mind which is housed in the brain (sometimes including the central nervous system). the components within the brain are what makes everything work, every action we have comes from the mind.

The memories we have thought out our life span, start from birth. Every word we speak, every image we see,  every step of the way the mind has devoured it and transported it to the body. Hence the saying a picture says a thousand words.

There is a positive reaction and there is also a negative reaction. This part is the emotional side of you when you feel fear or confusion, So here you will see how the nervous system interacts with the mind and the emotional side of you. The mind is the rational side of you that can make the changes, changes that are needed for wellness.

The mind will store memory’s in the body. Your mind interacts with all your vital organs and can cause blockage to occur within your organs. It is being documented now that each organ in our body has its own memory bank.

Behind every sickness of the body,  whether it is the food we eat or and all the chemical eruptions that take place within the body it is a wonder that we are still here.

Don’t confuse the mind with the brain, the brain is where the mind lives.

The Brain sends out signals to all parts of the body, consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory, its what makes you tick. The mind is what produces these thoughts and is the creator of our personalized being, our own behaviour patterns if you will, without the mind you become disabled.

So how does the mind play a vital roll in your health? Let’s just use one example Alzheimers. Not a very nice word, a condition that is the loss of memory. This is when the brain organ is under attract this starts at a very early age in our lives.

From the way, we think, the introduction to the use of drugs or alcohol, I don’t like to use these words because they are man-made words that describe a condition but can’t name the root cause.

The scientific world knows about it but it is just recently that it is getting out into the mainstream because people want answers. Find why you will find the cure. You lose your ability to remember, you, lose your “life”!

In reality, this condition has to do with how we have treated out physical-self over a very long period of time and it is not all your fault.

Medical science has played a huge roll in debilitating our mental capacity with there drugs and putting us at risk but we still go to thees Doctors like sheep to the slotter because we don’t know any better.

Mental Health:

I don’t like to point a finger because I am also my own worst enemy I was there with the rest of you, thinking that the Medical world has all the answers but in reality, they don’t.

I am not here to treat or give medical advice because I do not have that capacity, but to bring to attention that our society is in grave danger. Mental health issues are on the rise. beginning from the womb, all because of our food line, chemicals, heavy metals, petrochemicals, pesticides, additives that keep the food in our supermarkets on the shelves without refrigeration.

All substances that are not meant for the body, we are adding them into the body on a daily bases, very slowly building up in our system and poisoning us.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, creams, lotions, soaps, air fresheners deodorants, shampoos, cleaning products and yes toothpaste. Now we can add radiation to the long list from our smartphone and electronic gidget, gadgets that we seem to think we need.

All these are detrimental to our mental health. “Can you not see why so many of us are talking about having Brain fog where we feel like we are losing our capacity to think in our senor years. Creating things like dementia and Alzheimer’s?” And we are told that this is normal it’s only old age creeping in.

When we lose our mind we lose the capacity to think straight, to remember, we get confused we become paranoid, schizophrenic, negativity sets in. There is a whole world of names that the medical world has used to identify mental health issues I could add to this but you get what I am saying!

Story of a Youngman

I will tell you a story of a Youngman that wanted to quit smoking. Went to the doctor and that doctor prescribed a drug which caused Schizophrenia as that drug went straight to the brain.

The Schizophrenia was the chemical reaction of that drug that caused Schizophrenia, and nothing was real anymore.



This young man was only 18 teen at the time. Today he is 38 and has gone through hell. He is on a drug that keeps him stable but is unable to leave the house, he is housebound. The trauma that he went through and still going through was lodged into his brain causing eruptions or you might say electrical short circuits pushing the brain to its limits that only a Schizophrenia person experiences. He can tell you horror stories.

He is the cutest and the sweetest young man but is unable to live a normal life. He is tied to the medical world because of the drug he is on and that has to be regulated from time to time.

When depression sets in, he will disappear for long stretches at a time.

He has also lost his intestines and lives with a bag inside his gut that is attached to a small piece of the small intestine. (That is another story but it all ties into his condition)The large intestine is none existent He can’t have food high in fibre because it will run right through him.

The Doctor told him that he could live a normal life with this intervention. There is nothing normal about his life. He still believes in his Doctors and believes they are doing everything possible for him. I believe the Dr’s think so also but in reality, they won’t admit that it is the pharmaceutical’s that caused this condition in the first place.

It is heartbreaking because he is my nephew and this was provoked through medication that cut a young mans life from under him. He is my nephew and we love him dearly and support him in his trials.

There are many stories I could tell about malpractice’s within the Medical world, and within my family members, this isn’t my purpose here. It has become a norm, the Medical world is broken.

There are MD’s that are coming forward and are making it known, they are still a minority. There is a lot more information that is being uncovered and there is a change taking place. It will be a very long time before we see big changes.


There is very good news. Lately, we are discovering more and more about the power of the brain, as well as the power of the mind. The brain can easily be changed. We can change what we believe.

We have dominion over our brains the mind creates this dominion. We are more than our bodies; we are more than our brains. We are conscious, have the ability to create and think and we are continually doing so.

Our limitations are in fact self-imposed. They come from our own minds as thoughts, that we keep having and producing, that end up creating deeply anchored neural networks in our brain. Once a thought is accepted as a belief, a specific part of the brain lights up.

Then from there, the brain does whatever it can to keep you thinking that this thought is true. It will be working 24/7 to make sure you experience what you believe.

We get stuck in this circle and find it very hard to break away. The belief that science and the medical world have the answers but in reality, they don’t.

It will get a lot worse before it gets better, sad but true. To be able to combat this we need to educate ourselves. This is a long hard road believe me I know.

I have been writing now for the last three years but it didn’t start there it started from the birth of my daughter. She is now 37 years old and will never be a normal child she is mentally disabled.

She was a cesarian birth, she was deprived of oxygen in the birth canal before the Dr’s discided to bring her into the world by cesarian. I wrote her story it is all documented on this site.

I know from my own experiences what it is like to live with a disability.

And what the mind is capable of doing, I am living proof of that. I have my own story to tell. How I was disabled from birth and my grandson from a freak accident was mentally disabled at the age of 4 and what I have done to bring him back to the world of the living.

So I am not just writing without experience. It has taken me a long time to tie all the knots so that this will make sense to me and maybe along this road help others.



There is always a better way. Only by doing have I been able to get this far. I don’t have all the answers, but within my own reality, I do.

In the last post, I gave all the steps I have been taking as I said before our body is all interconnected. It all comes down to food what Mother Nature has already provided for us. Whole foods and detox your system every single day. I can’t stress this enough.


A healthy body will produce healthy thoughts one of the most detrimental aspects of our lives is Oxygen deficiency.

We are all deficient in Oxygen and I have found the perfect solution with Hydrogen Peroxide that will help to add more Oxygen flow throughout your body and search out and destroy heavy metals in the brain and in vital organs.

Because Hydrogen Peroxide is not food there is a lot of controversy about what it is capable of doing within the body on all levels. (short of amazing) Oxygen is vital to the bodies well being and is what keeps us alive without oxygen we die.


Is Your Brain Inflamed?



The Mind Is the driver of the Brain

Whereas we are talking about the mind as the driver of the brain but when the brain becomes damaged you will experience many health issues and the mind can’t function as well.

This is where  Hydrogen Peroxide could become a solution. Driving Oxygen to the brain and cleaning out toxins that are disrupting and short circuit our electrical system. I will talk more on our electrical system in the later segment of this four-point series in Spirituality.

I cannot diagnose nor prescribe a solution. I do use this for my family and I know of many others that use it also with no side effects.

Here is a free download

The mind has the capability to make these changes and we can apply the saying, mind over matter. Have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from? The mind is connected to all parts of our being and I can safely say that it comes from our inner Spiritual being that was created even before we were born into the world. We will make all the connections in the final episode in this series.


2 Replies to “Journey To a Better way part two”

  1. Thank you for a very interesting read on an incredible topic Linda. I do believe we can do so much more for our daily ‘aches & pains’ rather than clogging the medical system up. I see more and more people every day becoming more aware and making the changes necessary to improve their own health. Every little change we make is one step closer to a better future for all.

    1. Hello, Merry, Thank you ever so much for your comment. Really what I am trying to portray here is that we do have to take into account that we have four parts of the body that need to be taken care of each part is so very important as the physical side of the body and if we can come to understand this we become much more balanced.

      That takes an understanding of how we, see, hear and feel. The only way we can do that is by understanding that we have that power in how we were created. The physical side is very complicated and has even the Medical world baffled they come up with answers using the capability of the mind. But many times that is not good enough and has set the world in the hands of Man, meaning that they leave out of the equation the emotional and spiritual side.

      Yes, there has been much good done, wasn’t it Albert Einstein that said that we use only 10% of our capacity in the Brain and there have been many studies on this subject to the point in even studying his brain. The brain of Albert Einstein has been a subject of much research and speculation. Einstein’s brain was removed within seven and a half hours of his death. There is a whole page on google that will take many hours of reading and many contradictories and still don’t come up with answers. Because others have their own way of interpretation so on and so forth.

      So where does that lead us to? The mind and each and every one of us has the same capability but a curious thing happens we tend to pick one part of the subject and dissect it this isn’t the brain working it is the mind. The brain has all the tools but the mind is what makes it work. But where does the mind come from? Why do we have so many thoughts? Why did Robert Einstein have this capability much higher than the ordinary man?

      I use Robert Einstein because it is the most documented person in the study of the human brain but it is my mind that is processing this information because this is the subject at hand. Being a four-part series I will bring this all together in the most important part the Spiritual side of us.

      Some times it is very hard because being a blog my work gets pushed down not like a book that has a start to finish so I hope you return to see the next two parts. Thanks again Merry for your well-intended comment.

      Always a better way sending blessings your way Linda

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