Journey To a Better Way part one

This is a four-part series of the four aspects of the human body. Why because I would like to take you on my journey.

Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual, because this is how I see my journey, and the things I encountered along this path. My understanding that there are four parts of the body that will bring you into a better healthier life with balance.


The physical is how I started and it takes in the greater part of my writing. Each and every one of us is unique and different.  To understand this there is a lot of back reading. There is not one person that is the same. We each have our way of persevering a truth.

Along this path, if there is something that will help another to find their way then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. One thing that we all have in common and I think you will agree with me. We all learn by experience.

Experience, some might find it earlier on in life and some later on in life. Depending on the road that you have taken. Some might have gone down into the depth of despair before we take matters into our own hands. No matter how your journey has played out there is always a better way and we tend to find it one way or another. It doesn’t matter it only matters that you are here and now reading my story.

Everybody has a story to tell and I have come across some amazing people and amazing stories to the point that I found my story a bit ordinary but in writing, I found answers to a multitude of questions. I have had to piece the puzzle together at each turn. Some of this knowledge has come through researching.   I have had Spiritual guidance at every turn and when I come across a truth it will be confirmed to me through the Spirit.

But I will go into more depth of this on the last part of this four-part series because it is the most important of the four.

Most of us are physical and tend to get lost in this because of all the pain and suffering that we feel, and we get stuck, I know I have also. But we can get unstuck and that is the beauty of life and creation.

The Physical body has many parts to it I will only name the most important parts. Moving from the head on down. Brain, sight, smell, taste and hearing.

Then there are the vital organs that make our body perform. Heart, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Intestinal tract, Gallbladder and Kidneys. Our skeleton, bones and what holds us all together with our muscles and skin. What feeds this wonderful system are our artery’s and lymphatic system, and blood vessels. They are all interconnected so really sickness is a word that is connected to your whole system. Finding the root cause. So where do we start?

To keep all our body working we need to feed it and if we are not putting the right kind of things into our system then there is sickness. Parts of the body will break down and the Medical world has a name for each and every part of the body that breaks down.

Knowing this isn’t the most important part. All these components of the human body are all interconnected. That being said there really isn’t one condition that is not interconnected to the other and therefor sickness will attack the most vulnerable parts of the body. No matter what part it may be in and this is the saddest part. Medical work is only placing a bandaid on the symptom not finding and treating the root cause.

This is not the Doctors fault we are at fault at some point because for every little aches and pain we go running to the doctor and bogging up the waiting rooms. I have come to understand that our Medics do not have training in nutritional values for that you are referred to a nutritionist if you are that lucky but even at that it is old school.

In the animal world, the only species that has the capacity for understanding the human condition are us, humans, there is not another. The human body is the most complex system and we are only on the tip of the Iceberg. There are new findings coming out on a daily bases. But the most incredible is that our ower bodies have the capacity to heal itself and is continually doing so 24 -7.

When we are in sink with our body there is a mechanism called pain that tells you there is something wrong. Most people think that masking the pain the problem will go away but in reality, we are only calming the pain for a little while then it eventually comes back. By using what is available on the market we are causing a much larger problem in the long run. Because it has become known that things like Tylenol, Benadryl, Aspirin and cold remedy’s are harmful to the body.

For example, when there is muscle pain we are aware that these muscles are being worked and we know that using a methylate will relax the muscle to ease the pain. The same as the menstrual period in women called the women curse. We know that ovulation taking place. There are some very good Essential oils that will help and are not detrimental to health, like Frankincense or Lavender. Muscle cramps or commonly called a charley horse is a sign that you are low in Magnesium.

We used to call them Old wive tails but we knew that these natural remedies worked, otherwise they would not have come down from generation to generation. In today’s world, we are so brainwashed with the Modern-day Pharmaceuticals, because let’s face it, “who”, likes pain, it is much easier to go to the pharmacy and pick up something off the shelf or has the doctor tell us what is the matter and come home with an armload of pharmaceuticals.

I remember that Vicks vapour rubs our mothers used on us for viruses like the common cold and flu it would be rubbed into the back, chest and feet and off to bed. I remember the Doctors orders, best remedy “take a couple of aspirin, bed rest and lots of liquid”. Back then aspirin was a natural culture until Bayer made the synthetic version of aspirin because it was a lot more economical to manufacture on a  larger scale


There are several steps that I have taken that I have already written about this has not been overnight.

First and foremost I  stoped all fast foods and cut out all soda Pops. Sugar is our worst enemy.

Upped my vitamin levels especially in magnesium, that most of us are deficient in.

Added Nutritional smoothies to my everyday meal planning especially taking care that these smoothies have a detox effect.  I also add Trace minerals to the Smoothies as these are what brake our food down so that it can flow into the bloodstream and feed the body in the form of electrolytes.

You can download this particular smoothie right here on the right side of the page. , it is a free download.

I also filter all the water that I use for drinking and cooking. I keep on hand 25 gallons of filtered water at all times.

All our food is home-cooked and I try to be as creative when possible. I have eliminated as many plastic-wrapped foods as possible from my shopping list. Because of the Petrochemicals that leach into our food line from the plastic.

I always buy fresh bananas every three days. I get them a wee bit green so that they don’t turn black and if they look like they are turning I will freeze them.

I have tried to add greens to my meal planning but nobody will eat them but they go into the smoothie once a day.  I show you how to do this in the download. That way we are getting the leafy greens every day and they taste yummy.  No more worrying  about “are they getting enough leafy greens.” I cover this subject in my everyday detox. Especially for young Mothers on the go.

There is another very important step that I do in our drinking and cooking water. I add 29% food-grade oxygen peroxide to Filtered water.

On the internet there are a lot of filters you can find, it is your choice. Mine is Alexapure it has the capacity to filter in two hours two gallons of water at a time. I keep on hand 25 gallons of filtered water at all times and am continually rotating them.

I put in our three-gallon filtered water jugs using 8 drops of HP per gallon X 3, that I use for the water dispenser.  Your water always tastes like fresh clear spring water.  It also ups your Oxygen levels in your water. This is used for cooking and drinking

With the good weather also comes fresh fruits and veggies. I use a lot of onions bell peppers spices in my foods.  Spices are a nice way to cut back on salt in your food. Black bean is a must-have in my home because black beans are the highest form of protein in the bean family and we have  Rice and beans every other day for breakfast.

A note on rice, we buy rice with added Jasim because Jasmin is a natural component that repels weasel in the rice.  It can be stored for long periods of time,  it is known that Jasim has health benefits.

I have tried to stay away from bread as much as possible especially white bread. Wheat is known to produce higher levels of insulin in the bloodstream. Two of the most detrimental foods are sugar and wheat.

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances and the food industry knows this everything is laced with sugar. It seems illogical but in today’s world, we tend to eat too much of these foods.

Why because we are addicted sugar, we are only feeding a craving not because we are hungry. It is now a known fact that sugar is even more addictive than alcohol or drugs. It is said that it is a lot easier to get off of alcohol and drugs then it is to get off of sugar. But that is a whole subject in itself.

Just a small note about potatoes. Some people say that potatoes have no value in them they are only starchy foods. But I have found out that on the contrary potatoes are very nutritional and especially with there skins on. Most of the benefits that come from potatoes are just under the skins of the potatoes and the sweet potatoes.

We use very little salt and minimal processed white sugar. Instead, we use stevia. I have tried to stay away from meats as much as posable and processed meats. I do that for myself but this family was brought up on meats of all kinds.

Their minds set about protein intake is very strong as this has been planted into their minds from a very young age and find it very hard to understand GMO’s or the way our cattle and chicken are known to be treated and feed.

I know I did also. But since I have found out many alarming facts, Grass-fed beef would be the best way to go if you still want meats in your meals and free-run chicken. I know that you are thinking well what can we eat.  As you go and learn to add more veggies to your meals it does get easier.

I can’t stress enough to make sure that the smoothie is in place every day twice a day. This helps to eliminate toxins in your everyday rutin. I feel that our bodies and minds are a lot sharper. You will see and feel the results because there will be a lot of weight loss. I went from a size 14 down to a size 6 or 8 depending on the mark. Yes, losing weight is that easy and I am not dieting or starving myself. The way to weight loss is eating but also eating the right way.

I am not one that gets out and does a lot of exercises but I have my Lejin board that I use on a daily bases which are stretching movements that keep my body toned and mowing the lawn and gardening, just keep moving.

Like I said before this hasn’t been all at once as I go I am learning and teaching my small family.

I would like to mention the only antibiotics that are used is Colloidal silver because you are in a lot better health it isn’t likely that you pick up the cold germ very often. The most I will get is a bit of a runny nose but that evens itself out very quickly by itself.

We also do regular treatments with Hydrogen Peroxide, make sure it is food grade. In most places, you get 35% food-grade but here in Canada, you can only get 29% food grade peroxide. In an 8oz glass of distilled or filtered water, don’t use tap water as it has chlorine, add 3 drops of peroxide to the glass of water three times a day.

Every day add another drop more until you reach 24 drops then you start to reduce the amount one drops a day until you are back to 3 drops. Let rest for 15 days then repeat. What you are doing is eliminating heavy metals from the body and adding oxygen to your bloodstream. You will find that you don’t get winded quite so easily. This is also a great detox.

You will find that you have a lot more energy because of the abundance of oxygen you are adding to your body. This will also eliminate unwanted parasites because they can’t live in an oxidizing environment. But doesn’t hurt or harm the good bacteria. This is what I do, but each of us is different, I do recommend that you educate yourself.

There is a lot of information on the internet. Not very long ago there wasn’t very much information to be had. A lot more people are joining the line because they have been forced to look for alternatives also.

Just do yourself the favour and look around you there are a lot more people, not just the Elderly that are using motor chairs and are caring oxygen tanks.   Obesity is a norm why just ask yourself that and take stock of your own condition if you want to change you will. It doesn’t take a whole lot of dieting just common sense. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight just eat better and healthier.

The point here is not to tell you what to do nor what to eat that is a personal matter. I can only make suggestions. Food values are all over the internet. Making changes in what you put into your body at some point you will find the good foods that will make the difference. It takes time and re-educating yourself, in the long hall you will find it makes a difference.

Take care of your physical-self step one, step two is your mental-self so stay tuned.

always a better way

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