I Was Told That I Had Type II Diabetes

My Story And How Skinny Fiber Has Helped My Diabetes, by Michael Pelle

On my 39th birthday, I was told that I had type II diabetes. Today [2017] I am 58 years old and for the past 19 years, I have been struggling with this disease. I could not control my weight or HA1C. I also have become severely permanently disabled as you will find out when you read my story.

Let’s go back to 2012…

Because I am disabled due to diabetes. I have a series of blood work done every three months which is followed up by an office visit to my endocrinologist. On my visit in July of 2012, I had received some great news. My 3 month HA1C went down to 6.2. Prior to July, it was 8.5 and before taking skinny fiber it was usually 9.0 and above. As of 05/21/2013, I have lost a total of 53.6 pounds and I am off of 3 diabetic medications. Prior to July my kidney protein was very high, and doctors were worried about complications due to my diabetes. Since July my kidneys are still NORMAL. Prior to July 2012, I had bleeding behind both eyes which required me to get a special laser x-ray of my eyes every 6 months.

Fast forward to today…

I actually have lost a few more pounds. I have been maintaining my weight. I only take the all natural nighttime sleep aid and fat burner, HiBurn8 before bed. Not only do I get a great nights sleep, but I am burning calories while I sleep. The best part is that it’s a delicious berry flavor liquid supplement. I just take the 1 Tablespoon before going to bed. Unfortunately, my peripheral neuropathy has gotten worse. I have 5 doctors that I go to and they all tell me that I have to move to live, that they can give me prescriptions but if I don’t move I will eventually die. It hurts so bad to walk. I am in pain every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day.

This is why I share my story with you and the message that I want to understand, that if you do not control your weight, you will never control your diabetes. Are you a pre-diabetic, or diabetic you need to invest in your health. Do not wait until one day you wake up and you start to feel the tingly sensations in your feet which eventually will get more advanced and the pains become worse and vary from minute to minute.

Does skinny fiber help with diabetes? Yes, it does!

I take 3 capsules before breakfast, 1 before a small lunch and 3 before dinner. My endocrinologist was very happy because like myself, he was worried about my kidneys and the fact that my HA1C kept going up with each visit. The 6.2 HA1C, is the lowest its been in 5 years! As stated above my eyes were posing a great concern to myself and my ophthalmologist. In May 2011 while having my yearly eye exam, it was discovered that I had bleeding behind both of my eyes due to my diabetes. I was scheduled for a six-month re-exam and when I returned in November the blood was visible but not as much as the previous visit. As of this date, all bleeding has subsided. I started taking skinny fiber in September 2011. Was this the reason that the blood is now under control? I’ll leave that for you to decide. All I can say is that I am finally getting a handle on controlling this dreaded disease. I will never get the nerves and muscles to work again in both my feet and my right hand, but as long as I can control my blood glucose levels I am on the right path. Because there is no muscle function in my feet, the blood pools in my veins and my feet tend to swell. I have to sit in a recliner and raise my feet so that the blood goes back to my heart.

I wish I would have known about Skinny Fiber before I became disabled with diabetes mellitus. The pain from the Peripheral Neuropathy is so bad that sometimes I cannot think straight. The pain is often very intense and is never the same. The sensations vary between burning, tingling, numbness, pin pricking, extreme pressure, sometimes it’s like someone is sticking a knife in me. Sometimes it feels like someone is pulling my toes off, sometimes its like there is a truck parked on my feet. I with a cane to keep my balance, and I also have to wear Braces on both my feet because I have fallen many times in past years. I am a high fall risk. It is still very hard for me to accept.

My right hand is such that I cannot button a shirt. I have to use velcro on the cuffs and have my wife help me with the buttons or take about 30 minutes to completely finish buttoning it. Unlike the medicine for my diabetes which I already have gotten off of 1, the medicine for my neuropathy has increased to 800mg 3 times a day and I take an anti-depressant 225mg at bedtime to ease the pain. I am now getting the sensation in my left hand that it is in the early stages of neuropathy.

I have developed a High Tolerance for pain, but most times it’s unbearable. When I sit or recline, my feet shake uncontrollably. I learned how to drive using the heels of my feet. In the past, I’ve had such a challenge to lose weight due to all my medications. Now with skinny fiber, I have my blood glucose [sugar] under control and I am maintaining a healthy weight. Skinny fiber has gotten my body to where it is now able to lose weight and inches and I feel that it most definitely is saving my eye sight and my kidneys.

I am so passionate about skinny fiber and how it has helped me control my diabetes that I know in my heart if you have diabetes and you DO NOT have neuropathy. Please get on this product before it’s too late. If you would have told me when I first got diabetes that I was going to get neuropathy, I would not have believed you. Now I am paying the price. Don’t end up like me. I am telling you this product works in more ways than you could imagine. Unfortunately, nerve damage is not reversible.

The key to Skinny Fiber’s success is the 7 digestive enzymes in addition to its 3 main ingredients, which has been proven to get and keep your body healthy!

I Thank God every day for Skinny Body Care and Skinny Fiber!

This what I live with every minute of every hour of every day. http://www.dlife.com/diabetes/complications/neuropathy/diabetic-peripheral-neuropathy

This is why I am shouting it out to the world, how a product that was intended as a weight loss supplement called “skinny fiber” has finally allowed me to get control, of an uncontrollable HA1C and has reversed possible kidney problems and has allowed the bleeding behind my eyes to slow down and has finally allowed me to lose weight and inches when I could not before.

Yes I tried other diets, I even distributed weigh loss shakes and supplements before finding Skinny Fiber. None of the other products helped me.

I am on most of the drugs listed in the article and I know first hand how they can effect you.

Thanks to the fiber contained in the skinny fiber capsule, I have gotten OFF of two diabetic medications. I know that someday I will get off of the rest.

I will never get the muscle and nerve function back in both of my feet and my right hand, but at least I can keep my diabetes from progressing.

If you are a diabetic, If you know a diabetic, If you know someone who knows a diabetic. Get them on skinny fiber today. If they do not need to lose weight, have them eat first and take the capsules later, but have them take the capsules.

Lets save someone from this silent killer. I would not wish the pain that I endure on anyone.

If you or anyone you know has diabetes, please invite them to this group so that we can help them beat this disease. If you are or know anyone who is a pre-diabetic please invite them also to join us. We have an All Natural Solution to get control of diabetes and I am living proof that skinny fiber is that solution. What started out as a weight loss supplement has now been found to be so much more. The Health benefits from this nutritional supplement is changing lives around the world.

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