“I Can and Will Help Her?”

In my search for helping Melissa, I have come across many sites that are working on weight loss, number one industry on the market today. There is always someone coming up with a better way. The most recent are the Smoothies.  There are literately hundreds of smoothie recipes on the market. I have tried many forms of weight loss imaginable with limited results.

1. I am working with a learning disability.

2. Dieting doesn’t work because of disorder in her eating habits

3. Dietary supplements  worked for a short time then stopped working

4. Protein shakes didn’t work.

5. Smoothies were working to a degree but not on the scale that was needed.

I can and will help her!” I am on that road. Know after several years my grandson was moving in the same direction, I am at my wit’s end. And Meli is now on Insulin, and her condition is worsening. From the prolonged use of Western Medicine, metformin and insulin injections.

I covered insulin in another post Targeting Diabetes.

Metformin is a very evasive medicine and it imposable to cover all the effects and damage that it produces in the body. It is beyond my understanding how the Medical world could us just an aggressive Medicine and gets away with it.

I have been working in Caregiving for the past 7 years. Being a mother and grandmother trying to make ends meet on a very limited budget because I can’t work a full-time job. Not because of Meli’s condition. I have been successful with her to a degree with giving her the independence that she needed to progress through this world and be auto sufficient in her own personal care.

She now navigates through shops, and takes the public transport, with the limited English that she has been able to learn to buy her own clothing and personal body Hygiene products, even grocery shopping. Giving her the independence of taking her own medications, with my guidance she has become independent. But that doesn’t exclude the fact that her condition is worsening.

Meet Jessy My Grandson:

2016-2017 grade 8

Through all this, my worst nightmare came true. Jessy my grandson will he inherit same disability of his Mother. I was very skeptical that that would happen because hers was brought about my the loss of oxygen at birth “OR WAS IT” was always in the background. Jess was born a beautiful healthy 10 lb baby and very active. Jess progressed through his babyhood very normally and showed all the signs of a normal healthy baby boy.

Though Meli’s traumas and baby Jess I still work as a night auditor at a Hotel. My sister and nephew came to live with us she was going though she own personal crises and need support. So we pooled together and there for we were better able to meet expenses.

Jess was going on 4 years old when the crises happened. We had this very nice living room sofa and it was very bouncy. Jess loved jumping on it, no matter what I did I couldn’t get him to stop jumping. The worse happened, I was in the Kitchen chatting with my sister when I heard the boom.

Went to see what happened, he was holding his head crying, saying mommy, mommy my head hurts. “Meli, what happened?” She was on her computer, said, that he had been jumping on the sofa and fell off the end onto his head. I scooped him up and cuddled him until he was able to com down, then I took him into his room to settle him for bed. He couldn’t stop crying my head my head then he went into shock and lost continuousness.

I lost it”! I am usually a very com person in a crisis but this was different, this was my baby. As I write this I am crying, I can see and feel and am living through this all over again. Janet my sister “get him to the living room and onto the floor and called 911.” We gave his vital signs to the operate “Oh my God he is not breathing” and she gave instructions to us how to lift his head to free his windpipe so that he could breathe properly and keep him in that position until the paramedics could get to him.

The paramedics arrived in record time and he was stabilized and rushed to the hospital. The Doctors on shift were waiting at the door for him it was touch and go. Taking ex-rays they found internal blooding and it was bad it was sucking the life out of him. They needed a Neurosurgeon and there trying to locate one, his life was on the line

They found one in a nearby town that was on call and he was transported by ambulance and rush into surgery. The worst 5 hours of my life. As I live and breath I do not want to go through that ever again, and I feel for every mother that has gone through this type of crises or any crises for that matter with their child. “It’s the worst feeling ever!”

As I look back I was able to see the hand of the Lord working on Jessy’s behalf. The quickness upon arrival of the ambulance. One of the paramedics told me that they were not normally from this area, they got the call for any ambulance that was in the vicinity and it just happened that they were returning to their home station and were only a couple blocks from us, so they took the call.

One of the Doctors that was on call said he was a very lucky little guy because if they didn’t locate a neurosurgeon close by there would have been no way that he would have survived.

Yet another comment was that the surgeon that was on call was one of the best in his line of surgery and Jess was a very lucky little guy. He was just arriving at the hospital when the call came in. They were able to get the surgical room and the body of assistance that were necessary to perform this delicate intervention before the ambiance arrived.  We were only 30-minute drive to that hospital. These were all small miracles in succession and if they were not in place Jess would not have survived. Anyone that works  Emergencies know what I am talking about.

Yet another I was preparing Meli for her trip to Costa Rica when the accident happened. When Jess’s grandfather received news of the accident, we decided that it was better that Meli didn’t postpone she trip, so that I could dedicate all my efforts in Jessy’s recuperation.

 I have had many experiences with the Lord being there for me or better said taking the rains where I have been incapable of doing so for myself. Even though we don’t know why they happen. I am able to see the work done on our behalf from the other side and I count my blessings and give thanks continuously. It’s a very humbling experience. I feel that these two special soles have been placed in my care for a purpose and I think I will not find that purpose till after I pass from this world into the next.

As in Meli’s story, I will have to continue this in another post. I am recommending these smoothies and it will become very evident why in further along.

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There’s always a better way.

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  1. Hello Linda

    I love your theme because there always is a better way
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    Adaptation is the key!

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    1. Hi Paul nice of you to visit me here and I am so glad you like my theme your feedback is always welcome.

      always a better way
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