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Hi, I would like to introduce myself and to tell you a bit about me. My name is Linda Frankson born and raised in Canada, I was the second oldest of 6 siblings of Canadian decent.

My learning curve in  alternative holistic   venture started way back in the early 1980’s. At the time I was living in Costa Rica Central America.   I met a Latin American of Costa Rica and moved to San Jose Costa Rica, in 1973 we were married.

My youngest sibling came to Costa Rica in 1975 to finish his education and move on to a higher level of education, as it was a much easier highway to follow in Costa Rica then in Canada. Between 1975 and 1980 there were ups and downs in his Education.

In the early 1980’s he met a very prominent Acupuncturist and became very interest in the art of Acupuncture. This professional took him under his wing and became  his prodigy. Thought out his learning period I became very involved helping him and learned much. I learned the art of acupuncture and  became very good at finger-puncture which uses the same meridian points instead of needles.

We all go through learning curves that are to do with life’s experiences, these are tools that we learn how to cope with things around us but we also learn skills that we can share with others.

For 10 years I was able to help people Spiritually, as I have always been very close to the Spirit all my life. Though my own trails and tribulations I found and I was better able to implement into my life to find balance and help others do also. Which I found was very fulfilling for me.

When I moved back to Canada I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the use of taping on the same meridians as Acupuncture.

Then later on in life, I found Kinesiology commonalty known as muscle testing. Through understanding the body and the marvelous wonders of how the body has the capacity of healing itself far beyond that of Western Medicine.

There is always a Better way

The holistic approach is not evasive nor addictive. Though all my many years and as a housewife, mother, hairdresser by trade, getting divorced remarrying and becoming a widow.

Then moving back to Canada and becoming a mother again to my grandson because my daughter is mentally handy capped from birth and also through her pregnancy acquired Type 2 diabetes, this put me on the road to finding holistic alternatives, to help her.  In doing so… I found much much more than that.

First with my daughter Melissa.Then there came a long piriod of time working with her  going through special learning disability so that she would beable to look after she self later on in life.

Then though my grandson how  was born in 2003, in Canada his first four years were a dream come true I became a mother again, then the accident happened .

Jessy had an accident at the age of 4, extrem trama to the head from a fall that placed him with a learning disablity.  I was for ever looking for solutions I would not rest.

Yes it was very tragic but if there was a way I was bound and determined to find it.

Always looking for the solution, always trying to find a better way.

In all that I was going through in my life I always believed that if there was a will there was a way.

I came across Muscle Testing,  this was God sent because knowing Acupunture and the knowledge of EFT.   Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) was walk in the park.

For the next   7 years I was able to work with Jessy my grandson and take him from just about 300 lb to 170 lb. So bare with me as I tell my story.

This is where Always a better way was created

Always a better way as mother nature intended, was created based on my own personal lifes experiences. The trails and tribulations that I  have gone through over a very long period of time.

Now I find myself at a cross road. All my life I have been helping people Spiritually, mentally and physically, so what if I could put all this experience into action with helping others. Not just on a one on one  basis but on multable levels using  the Internet.

Enjoy your time with me I know I will!

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If you have any questions feel free to email me at   alwaysabetterways@gmail.com and I will answer to the best of my ability.