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Hi, I would like to introduce myself and to tell you a bit about me. My name is Linda Frankson born and raised in Canada, I was the second oldest of 6 siblings of Canadian descent.

My learning curve in alternative holistic venture started way back in the early 1980s. At the time I was living in Costa Rica Central America.   I met a Latin American of Costa Rica and moved to San Jose Costa Rica, in 1973 we were married.

My youngest sibling came to Costa Rica in 1975 to finish his education and move on to a higher level of education, as it was a much easier highway to follow in Costa Rica than in Canada. Between 1975 and 1980 there were ups and downs in his Education.

In the early 1980’s he met a very prominent Acupuncturist and became very interest in the art of Acupuncture. This professional took him under his wing and became his prodigy. Thought out his learning period I became very involved helping him and learned much. I learned the art of acupuncture and became very good at finger-puncture which uses the same meridian points instead of needles.

We all go through learning curves that are to do with life’s experiences, these are tools that we learn how to cope with things around us but we also learn skills that we can share with others.

For 10 years I was able to help people Spiritually, as I have always been very close to the Spirit all my life. Though my own trials and tribulations I found and I was better able to implement into my life to find balance and help others do also. Which I found was very fulfilling for me.

When I moved back to Canada I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the use of taping on the same meridians as Acupuncture.

Then later on in life, I found Kinesiology commonalty known as muscle testing. Through understanding the body and the marvellous wonders of how the body has the capacity of healing itself far beyond that of Western Medicine.

There is always a Better Way

The holistic approach is not evasive nor addictive. Though all my many years and as a housewife, mother, hairdresser by trade, getting divorced remarrying and becoming a widow.

Then moving back to Canada and becoming a mother again to my grandson because my daughter is mentally handy capped from birth and also through her pregnancy acquired Type 2 diabetes, this put me on the road to finding holistic alternatives, to help her.  In doing so… I found much much more than that.

First with my daughter Melissa. Then there came along period of time working with her going through special learning disability so that she would be able to look after she self later on in life.

Then though my grandson how was born in 2003, in Canada his first four years were a dream come true I became a mother again, then the accident happened.

Jessy had an accident at the age of 4, extreme trauma to the head from a fall that placed him with a learning disability.  I was forever looking for solutions I would not rest.

Yes, it was very tragic but if there was a way I was bound and determined to find it.

Always looking for the solution, always trying to find a better way.

In all that I was going through in my life, I always believed that if there was a will there was away.

I came across Muscle Testing,  this was God sent because knowing Acupuncture and the knowledge of EFT.   Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) was walking in the park.

For the next   7 years, I was able to work with Jessy my grandson and take him from just about 300 lb to 170 lb. So bear with me as I tell my story.

An update

My whole life has been around helping others, not paying attention to my own health. Back in 2001, I returned to Canada after 31 years in Central America, I had gone through a marriage of 25 years with my daughter and my stepdaughter that lived with us on her Holidays.

We had a very good relationship and love her as if she was my own. After! the divorce we are still very close to this day. I met and married my second husband and we have a very good 3 1/2 years until he passed away very suddenly. Shortly after that, I decided to return to Canada. I left my daughter with her Dad until I was able to have her come to Canada so I could establish myself and find us a place to live.

My health issues over a period of time.

Let me give you a rundown on my health issues over a period of time. I have never been one to run to the doctors about everything I usually dealt with them myself not that they have been big issues or so I thought.

Back in 1980, I was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic back in those days I still thought doctors had all the answers after all they had the Education. I didn’t take much heed to what I was told. I had other pressing matters to take care of. There is a tendency to deal with them myself.

I have seen an overall health decline in the world so mine was not a big dealing. With health problems within my family unit, it has taken a tow on me. The most notable was my blood pressure has been about 180 over 75 and the only reason I found out about my blood pressure because I went to the Doctor for a different problem I had I broken a toe on the right foot and was given medication for high blood pressure.

I went back three times because the medication was making me ill. I was down to taking 1/4 of a pill and for those of you that are taking this kind of medication you know how small the pill is and it was still affecting me, the doctor told me that it was all in my head. So if it was all in my head then let it be that way and I stopped taking them. So I lived with high blood pressure.

Then my legs started to bother me whereas I was getting pain in my caffs as if I had run a marathon. At first, I thought it was that I wasn’t getting very much exercise. But it kept persisting and then I was having trouble breathing, walking was becoming a chore and I would have to stop and inhale several times before I could move on. And I was keeping all this to myself because I was having more pressing matters. Like keeping up with the job that I needed very much to take care of my small family.

The pain was shooting up into my thighs and my lower back I couldn’t stand in one place for any given amount of time. To top it all off my feet were starting to get numb mostly on the right foot I acquired neuropathy in the right foot then it went on to the left. I was walking slower and slower every day every step was painful. I developed a leaky bladder whereas if I urgency to go to the bathroom I needed to be close to a bathroom, I had several episodes with losing my bladder in public because there wasn’t a bathroom close at hand.

So I took retirement to look after my health began losing weight because I had no appetite I wasn’t eating because I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t sleeping good I would wake up about twice a night to go to the bathroom if I got a cold with coughing and sneezing I had to us nappies to keep dry. I had to stay close to a bathroom or make sure I knew where the bathroom was when I had to leave the house.

Muscle spasms where the worst I would wake up at night with a clarity horse so bad in my legs I had to get up and walk it off that was the only way I got over them. Some of them were so bad I would cry from the pain. So am I making it clear the state I was in? All these symptoms didn’t come overnight they came slowly. In the back of my mind, I knew that it was diabetes.

But throw all of this I knew that it wasn’t old age setting in there was something definitely the matter with me. I knew if I went to the doctor I would be given pills then sent home till the next time. I have seen this over and over again with others.

Throw all of this, I had my obligations to take care of. I had to stop working because I wasn’t coping. My daughter with Type 2 diabetes and with a mental disability and my grandson with a mental disability I was working with them at the same time working with myself.

This is very hard to write about because I was trying to maintain a happy environment when there really wasn’t one but even through all this I knew there was a better way I only had to find it. I knew that the body had its own capacity to heal. Given the right things.

I already documented on them and all that I have been doing at the same time looking to help them I was looking to help myself. I set in place food norms in my home. Water filtration, I was finding information on foods the more I dug the worse it got, all the disease where there and I was thinking that maybe a lot of them I had the more I dug the more I found.

I tried all kinds of thing experimenting with different holistic forms I could feel that things were improving I just had to keep going. My blood pressure would drop, then go back up again. My appetite got better and I stopped losing weight but I started to put the weight back on again. The pain in my legs got better whereas I could walk longer and not feel so wiped out. My breathing got better because I was doing breathing exercises. There were small changes but I wasn’t happy with that I knew there was a better way and I was bound and determined to find it.

I documented most of this in other posts. We were not eating junk food or soda pop or sweets we cut all that wiped out of wiped out diet at home. The hardest was with my daughter because she was getting very upset with me. She felt I was depriving her of all the good stuff she liked to eat so she started buying things and bringing them home and hiding them in her room.

Stress is a large factor in healing if the stress is where you are not helping yourself nor the others in your home. So I worked on stress finding ways to minimize the stress. Stress is a biggy when there is high blood pressure breathing exercises helped a lot but I needed to do it the right way otherwise I only defeated the cause. Meditation is another I didn’t know how to meditate but I found that meditation come in many forms if I just could stop thinking for a bit and relax the mind.

What really helped was hymns from the church music humming a hymn was a way for me to take negative thoughts out of my head I had stopped writing here at my site because I was getting too stressed out. I had to leave it alone until I got myself under control again. I just took baby steps and one at a time I could feel myself recuperating but it wasn’t fast enough. There were six to 8-month laps after I quit work before I could come back to writing again. I had to write because there is so much that I had come in contact with.

In all this, I had to move from the place that I was living at because one of the stress factors was covering all my obligations month on month. I forever added work for myself running a household with three bedrooms up and there down to keep that going I had boarders One of the borders brought bed bugs into my home. With working throw my health problems and looking after too many people I wasn’t doing myself any favours.

I was lucky enough that the bed bugs had only reached two rooms in the house but do you know the work that goes into cleaning that up. I had to throw away two beds and get new ones. All the bedding had to be washed and rewashes for two weeks straight all the clothing bagged after washing, had to gone throw, wash and drying floors walls closets drawers everything had been going throw. I was a basket case. By the time I got it under control.

Then to top it off I needed to move and downsize everything I had. Downsizing the junk that one collects over time. There where mutable trips to the dump and taking the thing to the salvation army. Making sure that nothing I took there was carrying any bed bugs. I finally got that organized and to tell you the truth I have no idea how I did it just one step at a time. And I hurt like hell. And still not telling anybody what the heck was the matter with me.

Well, downsizing was not the half of it I still had to find a place to move to. All the rentals where sky-rocketed I moved from a 6 bedroom to a three-bedroom and still needed storage. From $2400.00 to $1700.00 a month. The renters in the larger house keep the food on the table but now I didn’t know where that was going to come from living by the seat of my pants is not going to cut the stress.

Al this took place in not to long of a period of time. I found a place in a basement suite it had the storage I needed and thought it was going to be a good move I just got situated when everything changed again. The people in the upper suite were not the best of Nabours and one thing led to another and I found myself thinking I would have to move again.

It happened that my niece was in a small standalone house with a fenced yard. Not a pretty house but it had all that I needed with no Nabours to contend with for the same price I was already paying. She was having difficulty and need to leave and get out of her lease. We negotiated an agreement with the landlords so she was able to get out of the lease and I was able to take over the house. So now I had other stressed added to my life. But I was bound and determined to get myself all straightened out.

So I could get myself healed it look like maybe that was going to happen except there were a few obstacles I had to get by. One of the things that I found that helped a lot was keeping myself busy and not think of all that was going on around me and work throw the pain. It was the hardest thing that I had ever done.

One of the things that were holding me back was that I was a smoker and I knew that if I didn’t give that up I wasn’t going to get better. So I had another herbal to climb over and it was a big one. We will cover that one but right now I will say I did it and I came to throw not with flying colours but I got there.

There was work to get throw at this house because it was only a two-bedroom and we needed a three-bedroom. There was a basement and it had a room down there not in good shape but with a bit of work on my part I could make it work. I did, I able it works with the materials that I had, I got busy and created a room for myself. “Ask me how”, still to this day I don’t know-how. I got paint from a friend and went to work. One step at a time working throw the pain. I think in reality the pain is what got me to throw, I will tell you why in a bit. Even laid carpet on a cement floor, won’t go into details, but I did it.

One day at church I got muscle spasms in my hands and it was too much to handle and my body went into a trauma crisis. My blood pressure dropped and you can imagine high blood pressure that drops to low it was a total shock to my system. I knew what happened but the Bishop how was a doctor had no idea because I just didn’t tell him he sent me to the hospital once my blood pressure normalized they sent me home.

This is where Always a better way was created

Always a better way as mother nature intended, was created based on my own personal life experiences. The trails and tribulations that I  have gone through over a very long period of time.

Now I find myself at a crossroad. All my life I have been helping people Spiritually, mentally and physically, so what if I could put all this experience into action with helping others. Not just on a one on one basis but on multiple levels using the Internet.

Enjoy your time with me I know I will!

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