Fast Foods are they Good for You

There is “always a better way” and I have always tried to find and follow up with finding a better way. I have talked about my daughter Melissa and her type 2 Diabetes and wrote a bit about Jessy, my grandson. I wish there was an easier way to explain my own personal findings. “But there isn’t!” I am going through a cycle of giving up my cause and retreating back into my wee small world.

Today I have a newly renewed vigor to keep going. I had a very sinking feeling this weekend about how I was going to keep going with all the stress of everyday living. And especially that I am out of work at this time and I am living on credit!

You see this is not about me, it’s about three dependents that I have, all with diverse health problems. There is so much out here on the subject of Health and health care but for me, I need to find the common denominator that will target “all of us”. That seems to be a task that I would not be able to accomplish. Or so it “!seems!”

 I know that the common denominator exists but I have been bogged down all the does and don’t about each one of us. You see we are living in a world of contaminating and pollution.

How do we eat a healthy diet if you are on a very limited budget? It’s easy for those that can afford to change their lifestyle by adding an enormous amount of organic foods to your everyday diets. Or stop eating fast foods that are much easier to obtain and much less expensive.

 This is what McDonald’s, Burger King, A&W, Pizza Hut ex ex are marketing to us. You can feed a family on this stuff for pennies on the dollar. And the bigger the better. I see it every day. How do we go back to the healthy way we learned to eat in our Mothers time or for that matter Grandparents time.

Back then is was much more economical to eat at home, going out to dinner was a treat. Today it’s a lot cheaper to go to the fast foods places. If a mother has to feed 4 or five little ones going and having a Happy meal is very economical to do.

We all have heard by know that these foods are very unhealthy for us. But if you have a screaming child that is hungry you will do everything in your power to stop the screaming and if that means McDonald’s then so be it.

I know because I have been there and done that. My grandson was in the Hospital for a very long period of time and would not eat the hospital food. I was close to my wits ends. I was not close to my home to run and get him foods that he would eat.

I was not economically solvent to by from a good restaurant. The “Doctor” gave me permission to buy McDonald’s for him. Knowing what I know now I would never have don it. Because down the road, it caused a humongous problem in his Health.

 Our food chain has become very expensive for a family of 4 or five to live on. In to days world, both parents have to work to support a small growing family. Then you have Single parents and parenting has become the # one problem.

Many men become abusive because their work has not been insufficient to support their growing families and turn to Alcohol and abuse because they became too overwhelmed and impotent, they can’t cope and turn to balance. I see this all the time

 I am not a Doctor or a health practitioner, I am only a Mother and Grandmother and have had to work all my life to support my small family. On a very limited budget, So do I keep going on this quest or do I stop and fall between the cracks of to days society? What are your thoughts on the matter?

Fast food may be an important source of exposure to phthalates and BPA,

because it is highly processed, packaged, and handled. A recent study of children 1–5 years old found that those who ate one or more fast food meals a week had greater DiNP and butylbenzyl phthalate exposures than did those who ate less than one meal a week;

Fast food may be an important source of exposure to phthalates and BPA because it is highly processed, packaged, and handled. A recent study of children 1–5 years old found that those who ate one or more fast food meals a week had greater DiNP and butylbenzyl phthalate exposures than did those who ate less than one meal a week;

However, that study was limited by the small age range of participants and the imprecise measure of fast food consumption. In this study, was investigating the association between recent fast food consumption (derived from 24-hr dietary recall data) and exposure to high-molecular-weight phthalates (DEHP and DiNP) and BPA in the U.S.

 Population using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The focus was on DEHP and DiNP because previous work shows that estimated dietary exposures to these phthalates are higher than other commonly studied phthalates. The hypothesized that increased consumption of fast food will be associated with higher urinary levels of BPA and the metabolites of these two phthalates.

 By Dr. Mercola

If you value your health, you would be wise to avoid fast food restaurants at all costs.

Not only does the fast food diet promote high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes;

Such foods are also laden with added chemicals, and virtually all animal based food comes from factory farms.

The latter issue is highlighted in a recent announcement that McDonald’s and Target will no longer purchase their eggs from Sparboe Farms.

The egg producer was recently ‘outed’ by an ABC News “20/20” investigation into potentially unhealthy conditions at their egg-laying facilities.

The company has been cited for at least 13 violations of rules meant to prevent dangerous salmonella outbreaks.

I’ve previously discussed the many sad realities inherent with confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s).

Lack of sanitation is a pervasive problem, and foodborne illnesses such as salmonella are primarily restricted to such operations.

According to a recent report by ABC News:

The Mercy for Animals activist who went undercover to record the video inside Sparboe told ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross, “I saw workers do horrendous things to birds, they were thrown, grabbed by the neck, they’re slammed in and out of cages.

Runkle said the video shows how health hazards can be linked to large scale, low-cost egg producers, so-called “factory farms.” … Sparboe executives told Ross the employees seen on the tape abusing the chickens were all fired.”

Unfortunately, most restaurant chains get their food from CAFO farms; be it eggs, beef, or chicken. This is in part what makes fast food so inferior, no matter what restaurant chain you’re frequenting.

“ I think you are getting a pretty good picture.”

There is no way I can cover all my findings that are on the net and bring them to you. Or make a true analogy. All I can do is bring you my story of how this has impacted me and the direct health of my Family.

How long it has taken me to uncover the common denominator and what I have been able to to do about it.

I don’t want to get side tracked with all the bad news. What I can do is help bring you a solution that will eliminate the Toxins in our body. And place you on a road to better Health.

  leave a comment I would love to hear your opinion

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4 Replies to “Fast Foods are they Good for You”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I agree as well in everything. When I first moved to Canada it was easier to live off of McDonalds than making my own at home. I believe sooner or later your body stops performing at its best. I felt more and more depressed, lazy and unmotivated. I felt like goals were impossible to achieve and I found my self being more and more negative. It definitely is hard to live on a budget and eat healthy when you don’t have a plan. This should be taught in schools so kids grow up healthy. As a health practitioner I see people with a lot of issues and the common denominator is diet most of the time.

    1. Hi Justin, thanks you for sharing your own experiences this will help motivate others, coming from a Health Practitioner it makes a statement.

      The common denominators that most folks have in the our fast running society that we are living in todays world.

      In the up coming blog I will be talking about Jess my grandson and his fight that with obesity and the common denominator that provoked his Obesity and how we combated it.

      Thanks again Justin sending blessings your way
      There’s always a better way.

  2. Great post. I completely agree with you on so many levels. One thing I would add too from my own experience is the lack of time we all seem to have to prepare foods, let alone sit down and actually eat a meal together in our homes. I know my family has spent many meals eating in the car on the way to our next destination. It totally messed up our health until my husband and I finally put a stop to it. The key is definitely getting educated on it. You did the right thing and sharing what you have learned is awesome. I know you will help others too.

    1. Hi Bernadette thank for you valuable input. You are so right about eating a healthy meal together with in our homes. We all know that that meal is breakfast and I have targeted this in my section. Always a better way with little effort we can accomplish this. One thing about fast foods it has opened up a learning curb that we can emulate at home and give our families what they need for the fast run society that we live in today if you like you can follow this link.

      sending blessings your way
      Always a better way Linda

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