Power Greens And Inflammation

There is so much to cover I need to make it clear that these are my personal findings and precepts that I have found with Skinny Fiber and Patriot Power Greens. I can’t stress enough about Inflammation but I know that Patriot Power Greens has worked for the three of us and each of us have different health issues and we are three generation of health problems that I have covered in previous posts.

I know that both these have been working on inflammation otherwise, I would not have had these extraordinary results for all three of us. But I will continue with Jessy’s Journey because there is a lot on the net that targets my generation. But this is happening in our children and they will make a huge impact on their lives when they reach the middle to old age and some much sooner.

Autism, Bipolar, and ADHD are common work spoken today and are on the rise. Everything is broken down into letters like OCD, PTSD, ADHD, BPD the last letter meaning DISORDER. Broken down to disability!

Definition of Disorder: By a simple sic jubeo it posits a disorder which is an “absence of order.” To disturb the normal physical or mental health of; derange. A disturbance or derangement that affects the function of mind or body.

Definition of Disability: a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.

synonyms: Handicap, disablement, incapacity, impairment, infirmity, defect, abnormality

A few word to consider when we are dealing with these types of disorders or disabilities that people us very casually and many instances cruelly:  mental, crazy, lunacy, madness, neurotic, insane, psychopath, neurotic, retarded, retard.

What if I am right and the problem is inflammation due to our toxic intake in our everyday world. Could we actually eliminate these Disorders and Debility in our society? If this being true what would you do about it?

Trails and tribulations

There were many changes that are very relevant in these episodes that he was going through. Through out grade 7, there were changes that I was extremely traumatic but I new that it was because of the things that were taking place in Jessy’s head and this is very difficult to explain to others because they were not living my everyday encounters with Jessy. In school he protiated one thing and at home he protiated another.

But with in this, I knew that it was due to the healing that was taking place and this was very dramatic for him and I tried to keep it to myself as much as possible not that I didn’t want anybody to know about them. More to protect Jessy from feeling that he was very different from other kids. There are his attitude and his determination to dominate Sports in all aspects.

But basketball is the most extreme activity. He would get up in the morning and get out the door to get to school. At least 30 minutes before the bell rang to work out, then when the first brake came he was in the Gym working out again, there was lunch brake and he would forget to eat because he was in the Gym working out. Then after school till 5pm or longer. I was beginning to get worried.

All this was taking place and he wasn’t making to many friends because they considered him a bit strange. But they had no idea what his motivation was that make himself push past his limits.

I asked him if other kids tried to join in with him but he said: “No  they were doing their own thing.”

He was constantly drenched in sweat he had to take extra tee shirts to school with him to change into but he would still get home drenched. Then there were the times that he would start to run around the school yard. There was no track and field so he used the school grounds for his own privet track and field. Oh, how I wish I had videos of all his activities.

Jess in grade 7

Most of the kids didn’t know him when he was very over weight he didn’t want them to know about it either. I was getting very worried because he was still at 200lbs and with all this activity he wasn’t losing the weight but I tried to tell him that he was building his metabolism because he was not active throughout his first years and there was no muscle mass to speak of. I can’t get this information into his head or though I thought. He was taking it in and this made him work even harder.

Through out this, there was   THE IEP PROGRAM and meeting with his CEO learning Resource teachers and home room teachers. These were meeting that was held in a privet room to go over Jessy’s work progress though the year and where they could be working with him to move him along in his academic’s. I never look forward to these meeting because I would have to explain his activities and where I found that he was moving ahead. Being as this was his first year there was one of the orientation teachers that worked with Jessy from Kindergarten through to grade five then was transferred to this institute that he was in know.

This was helpful because he has a very good relation ship with Jessy and could orientate his CEO recourse Teacher but still it was very difficult to explain what I was doing at home and why he was working out the way he was and what was his motivation. His home room teacher said it was a pleasure having Jessy in her class and was motivated to help in any way she could. By involving Jessy in the home room activities. When I expressed my concerns in the meeting with the teacher his home room teacher became very emotional to the point of tears. Because she was watching him very closely in his activities in the Gym. They thought that his motivation was the result of being over weight because I had to communicate that he had lost over 97lb before reaching grade 7.

I thought that the school had all his records could see that it was out of the ordinary his progress in his academical advancements. What was evident they had no clue other than was his activities on the playground but still they have so many students and each and every one of them are different. Different parenting, troubled kids, poverty, nutritional levels. Different academical levels, but it was evident that he was a different kind of kid and very unique in his approach to things. It was only me that could see these learning advancements, in so many things.

How can I ever begin to write all there is around his learning advancements you got to remember he had only started to see thing around himself starting in grade 6. For the other kids they had gone through all the levels in their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. I tend to think of it as the an awakening I can’t explain it better then that. Some one that has been asleep for a very long time. Or some one that just waken up from a “comma.” You can imagine the impact of a comma, well that is how I see Jessy’s awakening, making an extreme impact on his life.

Patriot Power Greens

When I found Patriot Power Greens it was a double “WAMMY.” Along with the Power Greens came smoothies and how I applied them to our lives no just Jessy’s but for the three of us. I have already written about smoothies see Super Metabolism Booster Smoothie. The smoothies were a new door for all of us.

At one point I got the power greens that are the 200% stronger so using one scoop was equivalent to using two scoops

WHY? Because it gave me insight into another way to expand upon using all the home remedies that I have know about for many years but had not put them to good use. Why use all this when the Power Greens already have them in place “ you might ask?” very simple for those that can’t get the Power Greens because I used only a protein power to create the mix at home not to replace the power greens because it works by itself just with water. But reinforcing the power greens and using only one scoop of the 200% stronger for the three of us and we were still reaping the benefits of the Power Greens and boosting the Power greens with more supplements.

The smoothies gave me the idea to make it a total detox that could be used every day giving the body the extra tools for those to detox from home successfully for me and mine I used the power greens as my protein powder taking the power greens to a whole new level. The end results through my muscle testing I created a super detox.

That’s why I could us only one small scoop of Power green for each blender of 6 cups dividing this into three. Using the Power Greens only once a day. In the evening I would make up the smoothie with out the Power Greens and use this just before dinner helping us to cut back on the amount of food on our dinner plate. This became a practice every day and still is, end result I went from a 190lbs to 160, Jessy went from 200 to 155lbs. With out dieting only detoxing our system daily

Melissa has been a lot slower but I have been able to reduce her meds. Replacing Metformin for Berberine 500 mg first replaying it for two capsules once a day replacing one dosage of Metformin then after three months replacing the other dosage of metformin for two capsules of Berberine. That way I have totally replaced metformin hoping to take this and cut back on the insulin and hopefully introducing her to Chromium. I will talk more about these natural meds in Melissa Journey.

Doctor’s in the holistic world concur that inflammation is the secret killer to most all diseases today.

Over time, inflammation in your body can lead to troubling problems like restricted blood flow. You can neutralize the inflammation and excess acid in your body with the healing power of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables.

Inflammation has been shown to affect the health of the heart and arteries, nerve cells, the brain, I will not elaborate on middle to old age I find that this has become very common to all ages especially where there has been surgical interventions and traumas that can occur at all ages. But with the constant detoxing we can eliminate toxins daily.

Toxins that enter the body over time they build up in our bodies and become predominate and in our older ages that we call getting old causing thing like Dementia and Alzheimers in Middle age and old age. That is why we need to eliminate their toxins on a daily basis. By doing so we are eliminating inflammation on all levels of our health. Would you not consider these possibility’s and start to work with your body instead of against it?

Are there miracle foods for inflammation? You darn rights there are! Mother nature has provided for us in all things. Most all citric fruits and veggie are ani- inflammatory, Apple, kale, broccoli, spinach, carrots, parsley, beets, green cabbage, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, tomatoes, are the most noted. I use all of these in our everyday meal planing especially the fruits and leafy greens that are added to the smoothies every day twice a day.

Just one scoop that comes with the Power Greens is equivalent too. 21 organic fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains, and 6 digestive enzymes in each serving of Patriot Power Greens.

I have not even reached the tip of the ice burg this is not an end to a means, only the beginning to an end.

I still haven’t covered grade 8 so I guess this will go to my next post this will be a very lengthy subject because there was so much that happened in his first year of High school.

The Most common denominator Inflammation

With the understanding of the common denominator inflammation and after finding it on, The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans by  Dr. Daniel Amens, I  become confused in how to continue. It was totally fascinating that I would find this video than from there reading about all the work that has been taking place in this area.

I began to feel that I was kind of invisible and that the work that I have been going has been taking place on a much larger scale and with people that had the ability to take it to a much high level and get this information out to the world at large. I have not been idle by all means I have been searching and reading the writing to different people answering comments that are coming in on my website making changes on my site so that it will be a lot easier to follow but at the same time wondering if I should continue.

I am not an educated person in the world of Medicine so what do I have to contribute to this world that would make a difference. This threw a wrench in my wheels and I had to pull back and take a real good look at what I am going. I don’t look at myself and think that I have to be competitive out there in the real world. I see it more like my personal testimonial that the work that is taking place is real and we need to wake up and really look at what is happening around us. The more people we get involved the better chance we have to get true information out to the masses.

With being immersed in this work it just seemed like I was this insignificant mother, Grandmother, a work a day person that know buddy will want to listen to. I was wrong on all terms, there has been of late people that have come into my life that have turned me around. Just yesterday I was commenting with a person that came over to my site and left a comment. Later on in the day, she got in touch with me and we have a bit of a chit chat I would like to share with you a comment that she made.


I found this interesting, as you mentioned the following.
“Your ability for words is what you have that draws people to you” (I was talking about her, not myself)

When I read the post on your website where I left a comment, now come to think of it, this is how your style is exactly. “You leave readers captivated to want to read more.” (end of quote)

I worry about this being a continued story and that you will not be able to follow the story. But if you really want to get a better understanding this leads up to what and how I discovered this common denominator that just shook my world. As I look back I see in my writing that it has been there all along but I couldn’t identify it. Only by writing I have been able to define and understand it better.

The medical world of holistic medicine have been writing about inflammation and a lot concur that inflammation is one of the main factors of sickness in the world if not the main factor. And it all starts in the gut. I will elaborate more on the gut in an up coming post there will be a special presentation on Dr. Amy Myers.

There are other means by a way that our bodies go through extreme inflammation and we are not seeing it for what it is. This is by way of surgical intervention “there I said it!” I can not rock the medical world with this information because they already know this that is why we are given anti-inflammatory after surgery.

What they don’t know that the chemicals stay in the body a very long time some times for years. Not because of the surgery but because the tender open tissues that are espoused to the knife become inflamed and absorb the chemicals that are used to disinfect are actually contaminating our system and the body doesn’t know what to do with them so they are stored in our fatty tissues this casing continues inflammation.

This is what I have been leading up to in the case of Jessy and his head injury. This is what has to lead me to understand Melissa’s condition and obesity also my health problems with high blood pressure leaky bladder and inflammation in my legs. This is where the change takes place in Jessy’s learning disability. All these connections I am just recently discovering. Because of the understanding of our electrical system and understanding, how our bodies work and the connections between all the major organs and the most recent being the understanding of the brain through Dr. Daniel Amens videos. Connecting the pots and crossing the t’s and being able to muscle test these theories.


By working with Skinny Fiber this started Jessy’s body functions working getting rid of the toxins that were logged in the tender tissues in his head and by getting rid of the toxins this worked on the inflammation that that was obstructing his pathways in the brain by getting rid toxins and heavy metals in the tissues this cured the inflammation and his pathways started to rebuild again hence his ability to take in information that he is receiving from the outside world.

Information was flowing in like rivers in all aspects spiking his interests, his fine motor skills reading writing arithmetic hence his constant Jibber Jabber, and physical motor skills, sports a whole new world opened up to him. What a child learns when they’re small he was just starting to learn. First, it was his fine motor skill that kicked in then his brain started to send signals to the rest of his body that is when he started to lose the weight. This took a couple of years entering grade 5 and going through grade 6 when he entered grade 7 he was down to 200lbs and stayed there through most of grade 7.

I imagine that if I was more financially solvent this healing would not have taken as long being that I was constantly watching my budget and I couldn’t buy foods that were organic and I couldn’t work with mineral supplements or vitamin supplements but it was a sacrifice that we made in getting the skinny Fiber month on month. Because it cost 90 dollars a month for just one bottle but if I bought three the cost would go down buy two and get one free. So we were slowly building a reserve.

At this point, I knew it was working but I didn’t know to what extent. I didn’t worry about him not losing the weight because the weight gain had stopped. His eating habits had not changed there was no special dietary plan just eat as healthy as possible on what we could afford.

Then his weight loss started to kick-in and I started noticing that he was losing weight so we started to weigh him more often and encourage him more in spots, illustrating on his drop kicking his soccer ball and his interest in sports we encouraged him more and more so he took up running the marathons at school.


After grade 6 through out the summer my nephew who loved Basketball got him interested in working out with basket ball and when ever he could he was out in the courts around town and at the school play ground where there was access to basket ball hoops.

We got him a cheap ball and that summer but he wears them out very quickly he went through three of them and he went through 4 pairs of cheap running shoes. Payless had a policy if the shoes didn’t stand up to wear and tear you could return them. That summer we had to take the shoes back three times they just didn’t stand up to the work he was putting into them. I wish I had kept the shoes and take pictures of them just so you could see the wear and tear. The Girls at Pay-less couldn’t understand what he was doing and I wasn’t about to tell them either.(:

Know with working out you could see a huge difference in his weight loss. Before he was back to school in September he had lost a total of 97lbs. That was through the later part of grade 6 to grade 7 My nephew couldn’t keep up with Jessy so consequently, Jessy was working out on his own. He was a going concern. That is all he did all summer long working out on the court looking up all the NBA players. He decided that that was what he was going to become an NBA player.


Between the transition from grade 6 to grade 7 we had to move from where we were living after nine years this was a big deal for him because it was the only home that he knew and this would also place him in a different school and he wasn’t too happy with that even though he wasn’t happy in the other school either but change scared him tremendously.

He was familiar with everything in the other institute and he had very good support from his teachers, he didn’t like the school he knew that things were changing for him and this is a very scary his school was much smaller than the other. His support group tried to make it a lot easier for the transition by taking him on field trips so that he could get the feel of the other institute.

Going back to school was a great pain for him because he knows new that he was different than the other children and was working on a one on one program with the school that placed him in a different learning program than his peers, he didn’t like being separated and made to feel different. It was hard to teach him this, even though his learning was improving there was still long ways to go for him to ketchup with the other students.


I added his report cards from Kindergarten to grade 7 to illustrate how his school differed starting from grade 6.

Progress report from Kindergarten to grade 4 all his report cards state Minimally meeting from his CEO learning Resource teacher on all report card for Kindergarten to grade 4 only has IEP on his REPORT CARD…... PE- Minimal participation

Grade 5- CEO REPORT……Nm- that changed to approaching, PE….C all other activities were marked the same with Nm

Grade 6-CEO REPORT…….. meeting comment on assessment meeting at 97%. PE……B in this report card there was a notable difference in the report because know he was receiving actual marks on his subjects….. C & C+on his subjects

Grade 7-CEO REPORT……..because of his nervousness and shyness in a new school through out grade 7 even at that there was progress….PE- A…..end of year comment …Jessy is fully meeting expectations in physical education this term. Keep up the great work in High School……grades for the year C’s & C+’s. on his subjects


I receive e mails on a large variety of health products because I am for every searching the way to help Melissa and keeping in-touch with the Holistic world on the biggest breaks throughout the Holistic world for the great majority of our health problems.

In beginning of grade 7 I came upon a product called Patriot Power green and as I was watching the video presentation it was the first time that I had seen an extensive write up on inflammation I became very excited and to top it all off I could get a 7 days free supply, I sent for it immediately. And I investigated the product on line and found another 7 days free supply and signed up for that one also with the free supply there also came 7 smoothies recipes that I could blend the Power Greens into. The Power green just themselves mixed with only water taste great.

This started a whole new approach to how I could help Melissa and myself at the same time as Jessy, this will take me into the next post.

to cover grade 8


trials and tribulations

Power greens and smoothies







Jessy and Skinny Fiber continued


In grade 6 it all changed Jessy was up in the mornings. I saw progress in his work at school. Jessy’s interest perked in sports Jessy wasn’t a talker,  now you couldn’t get him to shut up. Questions about everything, and anything. What he didn’t get at school he asked at home. What was happening with Jessy and Skinny Fiber?

Why this? why that.? You know what it was like talking to a child about 2 to 4 years old a constant  jibber jabber. That was Jessy, and he was 10 years old know he was wanted to learn everything around him.

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Skinny Fiber Scientifically Formulated

The Beginning with Jessy and Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber   Scientifically formulated with some of the world’s best ingredients, Skinny Fiber is WAY more than just another weight management pill. Packed with our proprietary blend of ingredients, Skinny Fiber is not only designed to help support your weight management goals but also to support other healthy functions in your body. My daughter and My grandson are Obese.

I had been to the doctors to address Jessy’s Obesity. Still in the mindset that The world of medication is a lot better equipped to finding the problem. The University of Florida IFAS  has extensive documentation on food allergies, but through my  experience with the medical world, I did not find the help that I needed. I was forced to look for the solutions myself.

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All Natural Health Remedies

All natural health remedies for my ongoing search to bring Jessy, Melissa and myself into a common denominator to heal us from this crippled world we live in. There’s always a better way as mother nature intended.

Ok, I have been stumbling around trying to move back into Jessy’s story, there is so much to cover and I feel that I will not make it into the next page but I am going to try.

At the time of his accident, I had no idea that down the road I was going to have so many trials. His little head was split from the center of his eyes in a horseshoe like manner to his right ear. There was no other way to stop the bleeding to save his life. I am forever eternally grateful for those that stepped in and helped save his life.

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“I Can and Will Help Her?”

In my search for helping Melissa, I have come across many sites that are working on weight loss, number one industry on the market today. There is always someone coming up with a better way. The most recent are the Smoothies.  There are literately hundreds of smoothie recipes on the market. I have tried many forms of weight loss imaginable with limited results.

1. I am working with a learning disability.

2. Dieting doesn’t work because of disorder in her eating habits

3. Dietary supplements  worked for a short time then stopped working

4. Protein shakes didn’t work.

5. Smoothies were working to a degree but not on the scale that was needed.

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