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Welcome to Betterways-SelfReliance. I have used always a better way in the past because there is always a better way of doing things no matter what it is.

Hi, my name is Linda Frankson, I have had ten years in preparedness in the physical sense, not in the Spiritual sense in that case, I can say I have been prepared spiritually for many years. What do I mean by that? Well, we have been told for many years this time was coming and I don’t mean the end of the world but the end of this dispensation, to a whole new world order.

There is a growing need for Self -Reliance

I will not add glum and doom to this website. I think we need to look at it as a new beginning, although the world will go through some devastating upheavals. If I can help some of you to see this in a good way, it will be hard to digest for those of you that haven’t had spiritual preparation, but this is essential for our survival. In this, I mean self-reliance to get you and your families into a safe place.

Self-reliance is your main focus; for a time, I worked on self-healing, and I believe I was being prepared to follow up into self-sufficiency. On this site, I will share with you the tree ebooks that took three years to write on self-healing. Why, because you will see that I am just an ordinary person searching for the truth of all things. In going so, I have had many spiritual blessings, and my understanding has grown, and I can’t help sharing it with; however has an ear, to hear. Seek and you will find ask, and you shall receive.

The world is going through turmoil at present.

Simplicity is the Lord’s way. If we listen to him, he will show you the way in your way of understanding. He will talk to you as I am talking to you. You don’t need to have complete knowledge, but as you go, you will find precept upon precept, and when you understand one doctrine, you will be given another, and your understanding will grow.

Always a better way, no one correct way, you will need to know your family’s needs and prepare accordingly, but there are the bare necessities that you need to have in place.

I will help you and guide into these areas:

  • water filtration,
  • energy
  • foods
  • essential items
  • clothing

Along the way, I will make references to scriptures and scripture study, I hope to cover all your needs so that you and your family can stay safe and survive in a world that is falling apart.

Stay safe,


Founder of Betterways-Selfreliance.


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