Always Searching Always Looking for A Better Way

Always searching for always looking for a better way!



A couple of weeks have passed and I can honestly give a good review of what has happened with my own health problems. First I need to make it clear that all this work I have been doing I honestly thought it was about helping my daughter and grandson not taking in account my own health issues but somewhere in the back of my mind I was working for three of us. Always searching for always looking for a better way.

I highly recommend you watch His videos before you continue.

Why because if you haven’t seen any of my other posts, this will give you a very good picture on PaidaLajin and why I am so excited about my own healing and that of my Family.

Finding PaidaLajin by Master Xiao Hong Chi in self-healing has been a great blessing for me. Though this method I have come to understand that the oriental healing isn’t so complex when we find the method in terminology meridians of the human body as being any of the pathways along which the body’s vital energy flows we think of a channel that is not visible that it is an invisible mechanism put that is the farthest from the truth.

I would like you to know that this is my own understanding and as we explore these things you will see why.


Let’s have a closer look at these words “any of the pathways” along which the body’s vital energy flows. What are the pathways?  Is it not all the channels that carry oxygen to out vital organs which would be arteries and blood vessels. That carries all the electrolyte through our system, think of just that word electrolytes. What are electrolytes are they not all the vitamins and minerals that have been broken down in such a form that they can be carried throughout our system over the highways of our arteries and blood vessels. Or in other words “the body’s vital energy flow or pathways”.

Granted there is energy that we can’t see but we know that they are there that come from the sun. That we put names to them like Aura and Chacras and we can define them in categories as per there colours. Some people have the capacity to be able to see them. I know I have at a given moment. Sometimes we capture them in pictures. These are very special moments, energy flows all around and through us continuously.

Now let us think about bodies vital energy, is it not all these working together to create the energy that the body needs to survive?

Know we need to look at Meridians System and look at another word Lymphatic System can we not put these two words together and see that they are one and the same? One being the eastern world and the other being the western world.

I don’t think the Heavenly Creator has meant for us to have two different systems they are the same just with different names.

Now let us look at two other words one used in the oriental translation Blockage and the other in the western world inflammation, could they not mean the same? If we have blockages in the meridian system, are we not talking about inflammation in the Lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is the system of vessels, cells, and organs that carry excess fluids to the bloodstream and filters pathogens from the blood.

Does this not sound like “body’s vital energy flow”

Now let us look at Lymph nodes: The swelling of lymph nodes during infection and the transport of lymphocytes via the lymphatic vessels, are but two examples of the many connections between these critical organ systems.

If we look closely at the Lymph Nodes in the Lymphatic System, there are 12 indicated in this image which includes the spleen.

You will see a similarity in the next image of the Meridian System. Note on the knee of the lower limb in meridians and the Lymphatic of the lower the limb,  in both images.


Note the lymphatic of upper limb, then down to the meridians on the upper limb in the inner part of the elbow. Compare the cervical lymph nodes, to the neck with the one on the neck of the meridians, it is in red. I wish I could have gotten a clearer image, but you can see the similarity in the positions of the meridians and lymph nodes. This is not a scientific study only my personal observations. You can make your own conclusions.


Principal Meridians are divided into Yin and Yang groups. The Yin meridians of the arm are Lung, Heart, and Pericardium. The Yang meridians of the arm are Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Triple Burner. The Yin Meridians of the leg are Spleen, Kidney, and Liver.

Meaning of Yin and Yang:

Yin and Yang are the underlying principles of Chinese philosophy and medicine. Good health is believed to come from a balance of Yin (negative, dark, and feminine) and Yang (positive, bright, and masculine). … A brief outline of Chinese medical history with particular reference to acupuncture.

There is the negative and the positive in all things, here is the negative and the positive but we see only the words, Yin and Yang. We could look at it a bit different, do not magnets work in the same way, how about the north and the south poles. If we put the two positives together they will reject one another but if we put the positive with the negative they attract one another the same as magnets. Male and Female attract one another and work together for the greater good.

These are just using words that mean the same in both cultures. Yin and Yang, negative and positive.

There is a huge amount of information on Lymph nodes and there is much debate on the removal of these to stop the growth of cancer. It would fill up many pages but if we look closely at these two diagrams of the human body we will find great similarity between the two.

We tend to understand the western world of medician better because that is our language and the language of the medical doctors in the western world and if we look closely at the oriental structure we find great similarities.

Who is right and who is wrong can become a huge debate. That is not my intent. Bring together all the knowledge in healing into one place can and will make a better world for all of us. But for the time being the oldest known world of medicine was given to all mankind from one source we cannot debate that. “Can we?”

Know that I have given my own understanding of our energy fields I would like to share with you a bit of what I have experienced so far with my healing that is taking place.

Lajin meaning Stretching

We can create the same position as the Lejin (stretching) in our home, with just two chairs you can see this in the second image. In the first image, she is strapped to the board with a velcro tie and has a weight on the foot that is on the floor. your arms are stretched out over the head. It is very important to get in this position to make the stretch affective. It looks very easy but it isn’t. Getting into this position can be very painful. You need to have your leg stretched “knee flat to the wall” and the other leg bent to the floor if you can foot on the floor.

That said I will tell you my experience with this method

My experience with PaidaLajin. Paida meaning slapping and Lajin meaning stretching all oriental healing work on the same principal blockage imbalance, through meditation, correct breathing methods, movement, all are working on the meridian or Lymph Nodes, blockage or inflammation is all the same. Getting to know and understand that all diseases are connected one with the other. That is why it is called self-healing because you are working on yourself.

My greatest problem has been in my feet, lower calves, thighs, hips, lower back and centers back pain. With Lajin stretching just in the first day there was a great improvement. There is also a problem with a leaky bladder most women can relate to this problem when you get to over 60s. (Just to let you know that there is a solution.)

Paida is recommended for starters in the inner elbow hands knees and feet. What I have done for the last 15 days has been working on Lajin or stretching and the inner elbow, “Paida.” Because slapping can be very aggressive can give a lot of pain but some people can’t take the pain, so it is recommended to move into the stretching and slapping one step at a time.

There are many forms of stretching up the most effective is the one illustrated in the pictures. You don’t need a lajin board to do this at home, you only need two chairs and a wall. The picture illustrates the correct position.

The lajin board has a strap to hold your leg in position but you can acquire this position on your own. It might take you a couple of days or a week depending on the work you put into it. Like anything the more you do it the better you get at it. Your best results will be working up to  15 minutes on each leg.

Heres where the going gets tuff. My first attempt was only 1/2 a minute, and boy did it hurt it looks very easy but not so you are stretching four ways. Both legs one up the other down and both arms over your head. It took all the will power I could muster, to get my legs and arms in that position. And you need to do both legs. So I did it for 1/2 a minute rest, then again rest, then again until I could hold for one minute. That is the hardest thing that I had ever done, hurt like all get out. The pain was unbearable.

The next day 1 minute on each leg that is all I could do. Then I got to 2 minutes the next day only 2 minutes the following day 3 minutes. And hurting like all get out, but I could feel that it was working. I am still working on form and I can now do 8 minutes on each leg, I hope to reach 15 minutes on each leg this week, today is Wednesday.

So what happened pain is gone I am walking, climbing stairs dancing yes “dancing” I haven’t done that in a very long time. The pain in my lower back legs, hips and calves, are getting better every single day. I am walking longer stretches at a time, I can feel myself healing. I had results with holistic methods that I have been doing but it was very slow.

There are other things that I am doing to help the healing, and I will go into that in more detail in my next post. I am so excited that I am beside myself, I have no idea how I lived with the pain until it is gone. I can feel the limbs and the lower back but there is no pain. I can do squats with no effort. My feet are warm again because the circulation has returned. The best, through it all,  I sleep through the night without waking up.  No peeing episodes during the night. I can go grocery shopping and walk without pain. I haven’t had a muscle cramp in days.

Paida on each arm has been a biggy because with Lajin I have reduced inflammation in both feet. I also do breathing exercises at night before sleeping and sleep like a baby.

I don’t wake up at night with cramps in my feet and or lower legs, nor do I need to pee. Before I was waking up at least twice a night, know sleep straight thru the night at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. No more pain in my lower back, hips, thighs or calves. My feet are warm again the circulation has returned.

My high blood pressure has reduced I was just about 180 over 75 know I am at 135 over 45 the lowest it has been in 15 years. I also had neuropathy in my two feet know it is in just one foot the right foot. Ya, I was a basket case.

Why am I healing so quickly? Because I have never taken pharmaceuticals only when there was a great need for an antibiotic. I have also been doing holistic treatments that are contributing to my healing. And good healthy meals. I have a long way to go as of yet, but I am on the road to total recovery, I am optimistic that I will regain my health.

I am also doing other things that are contributing to my healing, and I will go into more detail in my next post. I am also working with my grandson and my daughter more on that also in more detail.

I have finally found the better way there is always a better way. Recommended to go back to my post on Master Xiao Hong Chi in self-healing and watch his videos it is really fascinating.

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  1. Linda, This was a fascinating post as are all your posts and I am so grateful, to have been led to it.

    It is my understanding that our bodies work sort of like a car battery in respect to the flow of electricity, which involves the electrolytes, or minerals we ingest. Studying electronics I learned that anytime you have electricity flowing along a path a magnetic field is produced around that path.

    Could this be the explanation for the aura? Also, this magnetic field has bands and the more energy that flows through the path, the more bands it has. Could these bands be the meridians? Any kind of movement increases the flow of everything that flows into our bodies.

    Just walking will lower your blood pressure and swinging your arms when you walk activates the lymph glands in our armpits. It also gives us more energy and makes us feel better to be physically active.

    The problem with some activity though is that it is too stressful on the body. Running on pavement, for example; it is hard on the joints I believe and may even jar the heart. This is just my theory, not science.

    About 20 years ago a friend gave me a book on stretching exercises. Many of them were ballet moves. I was doing them, eating a very small breakfast because I worked nights; drank a lot of water and ate only one big meal a day right before I went to work. Now, what I was doing intuitively, I am reading about.

    I honestly believe that if we listen to our bodies they will tell us what they need.

    See, the Holy Spirit, brought me here today knowing that I need to seek out this man. Thank you, Linda, for reminding me because I have been spending too much time in front of this computer, putting too much pressure on my lower spine. I need to get up and move! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Hi, Teri, I do believe that this is something that would benefit you very much. Especially the Lajin exercise, it can be a bit aggressive in the beginning, as it was for me. Ya! it hurts like hell!

      It is working on all your lower major organ. As it is just one position that you are doing, stretching in a four-way pattern and no aggressive movements. You will find yourself feeling better every day. For me, this has been a lifesaver, I now am doing this once a day, 10 minutes on each leg. It still is a bit hard to do for 10 minutes but do only what you are able to accomplish one small step at a time.

      You are right about ower electrical system this is what the Orients call the energy flow. it doesn’t matter what name we call it, that was the whole point of my post. Let’s stop putting names on something that we know exists but don’t understand how. Only be aware that though this the Lord was able to heal the sick. If you remember your scriptures he healed the blind, Lepers, any ailment that you can think of, even rose the dead. So if we look at it that way, all our energy works on all parts of the body regardless of the so-called diseases. Then is it not posable we can do this, are not our bodies created in his image!

      Master Xiao Hong Chi says that this is God gift to all humanity and should be treated as such. By all means, look him up, PaidaLajen. he has a website and gives you free lessons. If you want to continue, he only charges $12.00 a month. But gives much information at the beginning that won’t cost a dime. He believes that as it is a gift from God then it should be treated as a gift. But does recommend going to a workshop and has a workshop online. Why because you are working with all types of people from all walks of life working for one common good, to heal the body of all ailments. It like anything else you only get out what you put in, and it is as easy as one two three.

      You are so right when we listen to the body it will tell you and that is what Muscle testing is all about. With this very simple method, your body will answer you. did you download that book? I will be putting another post on Oxygen and how another simple home remedy will enhance your healing along with PaidaLajen. There is another book that is a free download just follow this link you will find it at the end of the post. Please download I will be talking about its healing effects in my next post.

      As I have experience in acupuncture I find it very easy to understand therefore I am able to work on my own and I am healing, isn’t that wonderful!

      always a better way

  2. Good Morning Linda,

    I am very happy to read that your investigation into healing methods have come up with a solution to your health.

    I agree that arteries are the pathways over which the nutrients are carried throughout our body.
    Our arteries should be unblocked so the blood can flow without obstruction. The food we eat is so important as that will determine if our pathways stay unblocked.

    Modern food is awful as it is not natural anymore. You are what you eat. Man-made foods do not make or keep us healthy.

    Well said, same system but different words. Our scientists are discovering things which have been known for thousands of years in Eastern cultures.

    So good to hear that the exercises you are doing are such a help and you are feeling better every day.
    Your blood pressure has gone from 180-75 to 135-45. I think the 135 is very good but is the 45 seems low. Should it not be 135-70 to 80?

    Anyhow, the path you are walking seems to be the right one for you. I am happy you found it.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you, Taetske, for coming over and reading my post, much appreciated. Your observation on 45 was a bit low but I was very happy that overall that my blood pressure did come down. It is now running between 150-75 to 139-80 I do believe it is the food grade Peroxide more on that in my next post.

      There still is a belief that the Meridian System has its own pathways. There was a scientific experiment made with a liquid that was injected into a Meridian and they were able to follow the pathway that showed every pathway in the human body. But it wasn’t conducive, about what pathways it did follow only that it ran parallel to the Nerves system.

      Which indicates to me that all our lymphatic system is interconnected, it’s uncanny how the Meridian acupuncture points are in the same place as the Lymph nodes.

      I can’t prove this but I will stand by my knowledge that I received from a much higher source then Science. After all, how would know better than the Creator himself?

      Nobuddy can dispute this with me because I have made it very clear that I leave the conclusion to the readers. I make no claim to it because it is not scientificity proven. But there again we tend to forget where we come from in the first place, in the end, all will be revealed, then there will be no more disputes.

      as always- always a better way

  3. Dear Linda
    Thank you for sharing interesting research into different pathways in a human’s body and personal findings of similarities in western and oriental medicines. Not being an expert either in the oriental medicine or in their meridian system it is not easy to judge or estimate how such comparisons are valid. In my understanding, the lymphatic system, as well as the circulatory system, are independent systems of our body with their very specific functions and pathways and have nothing to do with the meridian system. We can isolate lymphatic vessels the same way as blood vessels, but no one can isolate or see meridians, we just feel a healing effect of acupuncture points and believe that the system somehow works. And if it really works why not attribute it some understandable properties, like “energy”, “bioactive points” and so on. It’s just my personal point of view. From the other hand, I can not disagree that the terms “blockage” and “inflammation” have the same meaning as you said just different words. But, do these word spelling differences matter in the essence of western and oriental medicine disagreements? I think, no. In my understanding, western medicine is oriented mainly to the design and production of new drugs, chemicals, vaccines, whereas oriental medicine- to holistic healing of the body. In western medicine, we try to heal the disease with drugs, in oriental medicine we just help the body to cure itself since our body already has the self-healing system.
    And what is the most amazing I read in your post, it’s your own testimony that the self-healing system really works. That’s what people need really to know. Millions of people are spending tons of money seeking pain relief, whereas the solution is so close, free and always available.
    I wish you every success in the propagation of these holistic methods and everyone who’ll follow your recommendations will definitely grateful to you his whole life.


    1. Hi Max, thank you for your personal point a view, that is what is so intriguing about the human body. I just seem a study that was done on the Meridian system. By injecting a liquid into a Meridian acupuncture point they were able to trace the Meridian pathways and they run parallel to our Nervous System. I think there is a lot of studies out there that have been held back. But it is my belief that at some point in time they will be made known to use.

      You can’t hide a light under a pillow for too long eventually the light will shine through. There is so much that isn’t known to the medical world about the capacity we have to heal ourselves. It is a God-given gift that is there to be found. The most incredible part is it was given into the world and was hidden away for Centuries.

      You have brought up some very good arguments about the difference between the healing of the Western World versus the healing of the Eastern world. We know that there are changes to be made and how is better to do this if not the masses. Eventually, the world will all come together in one but how long will that take to happen.

      So uniting people that have the same mindset is a very interesting pathway to follow “don’t you think”? enough people stand up and say “he!” this isn’t right and the more people start to search for themselves the better chance we have to make these Gurus change.

      There is still much to learn about our physical structure. My understanding comes from a much higher source and until the day comes that all is revealed to us I can’t hold back my understandings. The same as how Kinesiology works. We tend to put on the arm of man’s understanding and forget about the Spiritual understanding because it is much easier to do so.

      I have advanced very quickly in my healing and I am amazed. There again it was there for me but I didn’t see it until I was ready to receive it. I guess there is a reason for all that I have had to go through to come full circle because this understanding started back in 1980 and not until I started to work with it have I been able to understand.

      So thank you, my dear friend, for helping me get onto the true path that, I’m now on.

      always a better way
      Much regards Linda

  4. Hi, Linda,
    What an amazing article and a testament about your own healing process.

    I have read your comparison, in words, about the eastern and western world of understanding of the energy pathways and I honestly believe it can’t be said any better.

    I do love the fact that you are writing for the layperson, so it can be understood much better. I am not so familiar with each meridian, although I have studied a bit the “Meridian Chinese clock” since I had some issues in the past, waking me up, each night, at a certain time.

    I do work with the chakras and they are also “unseen” energy pathways which are so important too, to support our whole body system to keep us healthy/function.

    Your personal testimony of your own healing with the Lajin has me really intrigued to try it as well. I do have a lot of issues in my lower back, hips, and legs and I certainly want to improve it to be at a much better health level.

    I had an epiphany a few weeks back where I finally realized that I can wait to get better by doing nothing or just hoping, or I can become proactive and do something about it.

    That been said, I only had to find the easiest or, as you describe it, the better way. I always have the “inner” knowledge that healing doesn’t have to be hard, if at all. There are ways which we still don’t know off at this point.

    However, the mass-consciousness is changing and people do question what is going on in the world, in their counties, in their communities. The time of change is now!

    I have only a couple of questions about the Lajin method. You might laugh, but in our house, we don’t have any walls free or open enough to do the stretch exercise.

    However, I have two options I thought which I can try out. 1) I have a huge exercise ball which I can put on our Chesterfield and I can lay down in front of it stretching my leg against it which is giving me good firm support; by also stretching the other leg sideways, also giving a good stretch.
    2) We do have a very sturdy coffee table which also has the same hight as our Chesterfield’s sitting area. Again, using the big gym ball as a wall substitute.
    I am just not sure if I can do it from the floor or is it required to be done laying on a bench or two chairs?

    I also have seen the video very informative and makes the process so much clearer.

    I am looking forward, Linda, to read more about your own healing journey. 🙂


    1. Dearest Sylvia, first and foremost thank you for your feedback because I truly needed to know if my way of seeing things would be easier for everybody to understand. There are many myths about unseen energy that flows throughout our body and people find it hard to understand that our body was made perfect in the beginning and everything is connected. We can’t just fix one part we have to look at it as a whole before we can become whole again.

      That means everything from the nervous system and thought out our organs including meditation is a very important part of the healing. We don’t need to know how they work only that they do and only by putting them into action for oneself we will know for certain. How do we know for certain that they are working? Any lab test will give you that answer!

      I am just studying this for myself but I have knowledge of acupuncture, so it is much easier for me to know for a certainty that it does work. EFT works on the nervous system we just need to know where to tap to get results but they all work on the lymphatic system or said meridians.

      That is what is so fascinating about this method you don’t need to be an acupuncturist we can do it ourselves without needing the knowledge of nether terminologies.

      The stretch is very important to do in the way it was designed because if you think about it our bodies are in one continuous line, up and down. The leg that is hanging down is as important as the leg that is up, arms stretched out over the head are also working on the stretch, it’s a four-way stretch. It would be very difficult to keep your leg on a curved ball or letting your other leg stretches in another direction. The stretch itself is very painful, to begin with, you need to be in a position where you feel safe.

      In my house, I found it very difficult to find a space where I could stretch the leg up and still have the other leg down. I found two door jams that I could work with just so there is enough space to fit the length of my leg and move the chair out into the door were as my other leg could hang down. Then to do the other leg I need to move the chairs to the other door jam because I need the right and left the position. Where there is a will there is a way.

      As I said before the stretch is very painful but very effective. I am now able to do 10 minutes on each leg. The beginning was a true trail but if I want to get better I need to stretch myself to my utmost capacity. I am not only doing the PaidaLajin I am also doing the Hydrogen peroxide. I believe you downloaded the book so I don’t need to go into how it works but I do need to tell you that you will get a lot faster results working with oxygen as you know the importance of oxygen in our body. If we can produce more oxygen in our system we can and will heal a much quicker.

      I hope I answered your question. You can also go state to the online courses that are available right from the Video You can sign up for the free course and if you are interested there is only a $12 a month charge for the full course. It is unheard of taking a course like this online at such a low price. But as Master Xiao Hong Chi says this is a gift that we are all born with and we need to share it.
      always a better way

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