#1scare factor about death and the truth about Cancer

I have you been following Journey Through ASIA by Ty& Charlene Bollinger truth about Cancer, I have taken a lot from it and has helped me in my work as it is exactly what I have been promoting. Oriental is innovative to all diseases, not just cancer but cancer is the #1scare factor about death.

The worst state of mind that you can say to people because death is an area that the normal human beings have no control over because they don’t know what happens after death or if there is a life after death.

This state of mind will actually propagate any disease known to the medical world. Or better said stop and decrease your rate of you surviving.

There are 7 videos that have just recently come out that is called Journey through Asia, the truth about Cancer. Ty & Charlene Bollinger are sharing their work with the world for free but like everything, after it is over they are on sale on their website the gold and the silver videos. For more information, you can go meet Ty & Charlene and be taken on an extraordinary journey.

These videos are a wealth of information and their promotion is that the money coming from these videos will go to there Mission to bring about the truth about cancer that is hidden from the general public.

The donations will go to research that is dedicated to finding the underlying causes of disease and find the cure. Their focus is on cancer whereas my focus is on diseases and cure of all diseases, not just one.


That is why I am so enthused with Master Xiao Hong Chi and PaidaLajin. He follows a protocol of Enchant Chines healing in the translation is Slapping and stretching. Very simple and straight forward, all diseases are interconnected to each other it only stands to reason because all our vital organs are interconnected to one another.

Ignore the label of the disease

We need to Ignore the label of the disease” is the primary concept we use to bear in mind, and it is also one of the secrets to the success of self-healing that he teaches. A person with an understanding of this concept will not bluntly ask questions like “What shall I do to heal ××× disease?” Instead, they will systematically practice these methods of self-healing.

Causes for diseases can be complex

People seldom have only one illness; there are always some number of health risks and hidden diseases related to known ones. Moreover, these diseases are interrelated, and the symptoms are just the causes and effects of each other. All known and unknown diseases and symptoms put together are called “complex diseases.” In effect, all diseases are complex. Even such common ailments as the common cold. I was told many years ago that the medical world needed to go back to the common cold germ, to be able to cure xxxx diseases because they are the same root cause of all diseases.

I believe this because I grew up in a very strong belief in Godliness. It comes from the capacity to emulate a truth when told. Know If you receive this truth through a heavenly manner would you not believe also?

Physical and Spiritual world working together

I have emerged in this weekend in the Spiritual world and the world of the arm of man. The Arm of man is the natural man taking out of the equation the spiritual aspect. The most incredible thing I found in these videos is that the Asian Doctors do includes the Spiritual side and recognize they have very high healing power. It’s true that we have free agency to follow the world of man and segregate the spiritual aspect to be used only in a congregation.

But what I have seen over this incredible weekend is Physical and Spiritual world working together to bring about the cure of disease in the human condition. To be placed in harmony with nature, family, friends, music, dance, gladness, smiles, overall, the gracias word Love and what it produces. I know this to be true but most of us tend to segregate the Physical from the Spiritual when in reality it is one and the same. We can use just one example of this called the Soul, the Physical and Spiritual together is the SoulThe physical can’t survive without the Spirit. The Soul cannot exist without the Spirit, the Physical and the Spiritual creates the Soul.

Master Xiao Hong Chi states very clearly in one of his videos that PaidaLajin is a gift from God and was placed into the world from the beginning of man and it is Free for all to be able to self-heal. Jesus was a great healer and left his Disciples with this gift and down through the ages there have been great healers placed on the earth. So how can we be scared of life after death if Jesus was placed into the world to break the bands of death to be able to return home again?

Going back to the post before this one I talked about the Lymph Nodes

As we all know, blood circulates through our heart, kidneys, lungs, spleen, etc, etc. through every blood vessel. So are our lymph fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system.

The functions of the lymphatic system are formed when the interstitial fluid (the fluid which lies in the interstices of all body tissues) there are clear signals sent out to our body that there is something wrong and we experience pain.

Nobody likes pain, but it is a perfect warning sign that something is wrong. This “pain” does not refer to the kind of pain caused by accidents, but the hurting sensation you feel in everyday life. Knees, muscles, neck, head, thighs, low back, feet, arms all indicating there is something wrong and we go running to the Doctor after all he is the specialist and should know what the matter is.

Only to find he doesn’t know sad but true they spend 7 years in Medical Schools and know nothing about nutrition and the value of nutrition holds for the well being of the human organism.

But they are good at diagnoses but not the cure. In a lot of cases, these pains are called chronic illnesses, in other words, it is in your head because they can’t find out what is the matter all your vital signs are in good working order “OR ARE THEY”.

Know after all the tests you are put through you finally get a call from the Doctors Office with the bad “news.” To find that there is no immediate cure “but oh ya don’t give up hope”. This is happening every single day, there is still HOPE.

Why is this happening not just here in America but all over the world? Studies upon studies are taking place and there are simple remedy that Mother nature has that aren’t put at your disposal because a small group of Gurus have the upper hand, and can stop these remedy’s from coming on the market, and stop the production from getting to the general public because they cost next to nothing to produce and because they do not have a profitable margin. This is a very sad state that we are in.

Not all doctors are in this realm but the great majority is because it has become a very lucrative business. Those that are not, are being prosecuted yes that is a very harsh statement.

You will hear it on the internet time and time again. Not only in the medical world but also in the political world by feeding you with false information. It is amazing this kind of actions is actually taking place in America the land of the free.

I will return to healing because we have own power for self-healing.

I didn’t know quite how to put this information together because there was great confusion in my head with all that I learned over the weekend. It comes down to that I can only go by what the Spirit is telling me and take the physical self out of the equation because it can become very confusing.

What have I learned from PaidaLajin?

That is taking place in my own body and the healing effect. If you return to Master Xiao Hong Chi videos there are four places that we can find that we are sick shows through Sha a medical Asian term that shows on the body through Paida (slapping) in four places first the inner elbow of the arm, the back of your hands the knees and the feet.

If you want to know how much work you need to work with your body for the healing the effect Paida (slap ) on the inner arm for 5 minutes to see if you have sha that shows up.

First, there will show redness and if there is tenderness there is a problem that needs to be addressed. There wasn’t too much sha on my inner elbow there where three dots that showed around the heart that was very dark in colour.

I knew there were problems there but how much I didn’t the most astonished was when sha showed on my for arm not where I was slapping. And it was very dark in colour it was about two inches in diameter wide and 11/2 long. In an oval shape.

Then I did the back of my hands both hands showed dark coloured sha but the most was on my right hand. Very little showed on my inner elbow on the right but a few days later I decided to slap on my forearm like the sha that showed on the left and boy did it show then it was 6 inches long and 31/3 wide very purple in colour that was a shock.

The right hand was a shock also. Then I went o the knees. And the side of the knees. Another shock the right knee on the inner leg was a purple as all get out and the same on the left. The top of the knee was dark and round in shape only on the right knee but the outer side of the leg on the left was radish purple in colour and very wide in diameter.

But the day I was working on my legs I felt pain in my upper leg so I went to work on it as I slapped it was very painful, but I kept going for about 10 minutes and simultaneously I worked on the upper leg on the left, there was some pain there but not as painful as the right. My whole side of the leg was black and purple in colour the left was mostly blue and red in colour.

But the most incredible happened the pain was gone and there was this most incredible heat that generated from both legs hot heat that I felt for over an hour. I never felt that on my arms nor on my hands. I still need to do the back of my legs which are very hard to do alone.

Then I went to my feet the upper part of the feet on both legs. There was sha there and I was amazed that it wasn’t that much because both feet have very little sensitivity and are cold most of the time but I do have now heat in both feet but the numbness still persists.

I do the Lajin (stretching) every day for 8 minute on both legs the pain is minimal and I have done up to 15 minutes on each leg, but I find that 8 minute is good enough for me. Because I have the muscle testing tool that will help me indicate where I need to work the most and Paida ( slapping) seems to be the most indicated areas to work on but both are essential for healing.

What I have found is that my problems are irradiated in my urinal track and my Kidneys the liver doesn’t seem to have very much problems as this indicated on my left leg but there was still detox coming from the Liver. On my arms, it seems to be the spleen that is affected.

And my intestines both small and large intestine, the heart seems to be in a lot better shape which is incredible because I had a heart mere as a child. I always thought that that is where I would have most of my problems.

The lungs there also something that I was worried about because I have been a smoker from the time I was 11 years old till just recently.

I learned to do deep breathing as a Kid because I wanted to swim underwater for as long as I could hold my breath, I just recently found out that holding your breath was a good way to strengthen the lungs and turn you acidity back to an alkaline base in the body.

When you are on this road of healing your understanding intensifies because you are working with your body and you are more conscientiously aware of what is going on. It is a learning path.

When you are in tune with your body

Your body has the capacity to tell where the problems lie. This is the case for me. As I have been on this road for a very long time I seem to have an awareness that is not common for most people. And as you emerge more and more into it, it becomes part of you.

I am just as anybody else just ask anybody, that has been on this quest for healing will tell you the same. Everybody has a story to tell amazing things will happen when you want to know the answers for yourself. The world is full of this that and the other but if you want real answers just ask and you will be amazed at the answers you receive.

All the answers I found were shown to me through the Spirit but I also had confirmation through other sources. The searching and forever asking are the sources that I have had not through science nor though man. But there is truth on the earth today all we have to do is look and you will find each and every person is different what works for one might not work the same for another but there is always a way.

One of the takeaways I found through Ty & Charlene Bollinger is that personal revaluation excites all we have to do is ask and we shall receive. Miraculous healing is taking place and it is through faith that it is happening. Miracles are not from yesteryear’s they are taking place every single day.

Always a Better Way

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  1. Thank you, Linda, for your very inspiring post!
    I did the slapping twice and the stretching one time. Now, I want to build an appropriate bench and do the stretching three times a week.
    The slapping I will do today again!
    The first time I did the slapping my skin was so sensitive that I barely could stand it.
    The second time, several days later, I did the slapping for about two minutes on my elbows, my hands and my knees.
    Only some redness occurred. I felt very energized!

    Will keep you posted! And thanks again!
    Sending Love and Light!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Jenna, you are amazing you not only read but you apply, this is exactly what PaidaLejin does it makes you want to try it for yourself.

      When I found this technique it was this incredible energy that drew me in, because of my experience with Acupuncture and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping is another word for this, tapping on the Meridians. Tapping is emotional healing and Acupuncture physical healing.

      Not many people understand the Meridians and how they work. Everything is energy. With PaidaLejin I was knowable to work on the Meridians on a much larger scale and achieve healing, so I was able to relate to how this technique would work and only by applying would be able to understand.

      There are five things that I am working on at simultaneously, slapping, stretching, deep breathing, Oxegen Peroxide and healthy eating, all are related to healing on a much higher scale.

      I hope to achieve my own healing in a record amount of time but even at that I will follow the will of the Spirit because without that I am nothing, this implies Meditation, his will not mine. So stay tuned to my next post I will be writing about this.

      Yes, Jenna keep me posted I would love to hear your personal healing experiences and your testimony would be of great value.

      Always a better way
      Your friend Linda

  2. Hello Linda,

    Yes, I have watched the series by Ty and Charlene Bollinger. It was truly amazing information shared. It confirmed what I have learned by a few peoples stories I have read about how they have been able to fight cancer and get fully recovered.

    The importance of the lifestyle choices we make is neglected by the medical doctors. Never a single word about the importance of proper nutrition, only a couple of words that exercise may help, and no help whatsoever when it comes to stress-relieving support.

    Since I started to educate myself about nutrition and how the body works I have learned that the best protection for diseases is to help your body to heal itself and not by just treating the symptoms by eating a pill. Now I am attending a nutrition course and once again it is confirmed that if we strengthen our immune system by giving the body the essential nutrients and enough sleep, by avoiding stress and doing exercises regularly, it can fight the body invaders and help the body heal itself. Yes, that’s truly miraculous!

    Thank you, Linda, for sharing your insights and knowledge to the world. Keep going, and many more will join the mission to change the treatment system of diseases.


    1. Thank you so much, my friend, for this comment, there will come a time that it will help others stand up and take notice of there own condition.

      I know what you are trying to accomplish is a whole new world there is so much to learn and it is ideal that you are exposed to the values in Europe that is much more advanced than in America, sad reality but true.

      By watching the food revolution summit and there is so much work being done on the science of nutrition. But there is still a long way to go so that Dr’s come full circle and add nutrition to there practice.

      Most of these Dr’s on the summit have experienced their own health problems and that made them really take notice and they are working to get the system to change which is a huge step in the right direction but it will still take a lot of work on their part. There have been a few breakthroughs but not enough as of yet. That is why we need to keep going we will and can make a difference Pernilla.

      I wish you well on your journey
      always a better way

      I am so glad you have taken this road there is an awakening that is taking place in the common folk but there has to come a time that this will be a household way of life.

  3. Hi, Linda, thank you for sharing this amazing information and your own experience with self-healing.

    I am too a very strong believer when it comes to the fact that our bodymind is absolutely capable of healing itself. There are also more and more people, like Ty and Charlene, and medical professionals who are questioning the sole method of allopathic medicine and therefore are on a quest of the “real” truth when it comes to healing and the methods of healing.

    I am too, a seeker and I don’t just believe but also do know, due to my own experience, that the body can really heal itself. Also, our mindset toward a health condition, actually, any condition what can occur in life, can either elevate the healing process or can sabotaging it. The ball of the outcome is always in our court.

    I am certainly very intrigued to learn more about the self-healing method of Master Xiao Hong Chi since I feel it makes so much sense what he says in the video and it seems an easy method to do on your own as well.

    Thank you, Linda, for showing me that there is always a better way. I do appreciate it very much. 🙂


    1. Hi Sylvia, Nice to see you again and participate on this road of self-healing and for your comments helping others to attain self-healing. The more people see that this can be accomplished and that we can rely on ower own power that has been given to us from the beginning of time instead of relying on a broken system.

      Science and technology have come a long way there are brilliant minds that have been able to break down and understand better the human condition. We live in an age of turmoil and confusion with the common folk that depend on knowledge of others to heal our body when in reality it has been with us from the beginning but has been suppressed and still is being suppressed.

      Not that I know better than others only that we do have the capacity to understand for ower selves and apply. I often wonder why I have been placed on this road when there are others that have the means to bring to light knowledge that we already have. By following people like Ty and Charlene through Asia, that have taken upon themselves a worldwide search for truth in healing has opened up my mind the work that is taking place.

      There are many more that are doing this work from the 27 of April to the 5th of May there is a series called 2019 8th anniversal Food Revolution Summit. What caught my attention, was the, # 8 because this family has been working on food values for a good many years. John Robbins #1 bestseller in food values which I had no idea that existed.

      For me, everybody has a story to tell on how they arrived at there healing within, we are all different but at the same time have the same organs in the interior and exterior, arms, legs, head, hands and feet yet we are different in our colour size, shape and blood type, which determines our tolerances.

      The African continent has a much higher tolerance to heat than the Nordic culture, this also has to do with energy flow and different vibrations that we feel.

      This also stands to reason why some will have a much higher tolerance for pain than others. But we all come to the conclusion that food that we take into our system has a direct impact on our bodies for healing itself.

      Thanks again Sylvia for your return visit.
      always a better way
      sending blessings your way

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